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April 11, 2024
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Imagine conferences, meetups, and events as not just places to swap business cards, but as vibrant hubs where ideas flow freely. In the world of no-code and low-code citizen development, these gatherings are like family reunions for builders who prefer clicks over code. You’re not just there to learn; you’re there to be inspired, make friends, and dive into boot camps that fast-track your ideas into reality. So, think of these events not just as gatherings but as adventures where you’re surrounded by folks who get the magic of creating without code.

List of top No-code Low-code Citizen Development Events

This is a must-attend list of no-code conferences and events for 2024 if you are a no-code developer, startup founder, or have an idea.

1. Citizen Development Week: Empowering Employees to Drive Innovation & Digital Transformation

Citizen development week 2023 No-code event

Citizen Development Week is the perfect place to network, learn, and make a positive impact, regardless of whether you are an experienced citizen developer or just getting started. During our event, you can stay informed about the latest updates, trends, best practices, and innovations in citizen development.

Here are some reasons you should attend:

As a result of attending these events, you will have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise from industry leaders and subject-matter experts. By empowering citizen developers, you will be able to shape the future of digital transformation together.

Important information

  • Location: LinkedIn Live
  • Current/upcoming edition: 15-19th April
  • Cost: Check Official Website
  • Official Website: https://citizendevelopmentweek.com/

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2. No Code days

Creatio no-code citizen development conference

There will be a deep-dive conference on no-code, workflow automation, and customer engagement at No-Code Days for digital and IT leaders. Find out how no-code can change the game in your business. With the best methodologies and powerful no-code tools, you can own automation at your organization. Discover real-life digital transformation success stories from world-leading organizations. Find partnerships and expand your network with hundreds of forward-thinking business leaders & tech experts.

Important information:

  • This event is organized by Creatio
  • Current/upcoming edition: 9- 10 May 2024
  • Previous Edition: 04 – 05 May 2023
  • Cost: Check Official Website
  • Official Website: https://www.creatio.com/page/no-code-days-florida

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3. Daretable 2024

Daretable No-code Citizen development event 2023

Airtable’s unofficial user conference, expo, and awards program is known as Daretable. This no-code low-code event is for individuals who are passionate about no-code, community builders, or startup founders. Over 1,000 people registered for the first event in 2020.

Here are some reasons you should attend:

Would you like to learn more about Airtable and no-code? Interested in becoming a cyborg, a community organizer, or changing the world through your business?
This year’s event focuses on education, tools, community, and solutions. Users of Airtable can find ideas and discussions. You can share your expertise as a speaker, and the community allows you to discuss your tools if you are a toolmaker.

Important information:

  • Location: Date to be Announced
  • Airtable organizes this event
  • Current/upcoming edition: Date to be Announced
  • Previous Edition: 17 -18 May 2023
  • Cost: There will be a $350.00 Early Bird Pricing, $400.00 After March 20, 2023, $500.00 At The Door (If Available)
  • Official Website: https://daretable.com/

4. No-Code Connect

No-code Connect No-code event

A monthly meetup for no-code enthusiasts. This event is all about connecting and sharing your work; participants are expected to participate actively in small breakout rooms!

On the agenda:

  • Brief introductions
  • Breakout room for networking 1
  • Breakout room for networking 2
  • Finish

Here are some reasons you should attend:

What is your role at your organization? Are you the database manager, the wiki creator, or the automaton in chief? Let’s connect with others who are doing the same thing!
Regardless of the tool you use, this is a space for you to share and learn how you use them and what problems you are trying to solve with like-minded no-code enthusiasts.

Important information:

5. NoCodeOps Conference

No-code Ops conference

The NoCodeOps Conf 2024 is the first annual conference to focus exclusively on the operational side of no-code development. It aims to bring together professional operators, platforms, and agencies to discuss the tactical aspects of no-code.

Here are some reasons you should attend:

As an operator, this is an excellent opportunity to gain insight and knowledge regarding everything related to internal building. Topics that will be discussed in workshops and talks include customer conversations, no-code budget approval, database architecture, and how to start and accelerate a career in no-code.
It will feature some of the largest no-code companies in the world, providing a unique opportunity for participants to interact and learn during these 2 days in Atlanta, one of the most vibrant no-code hubs in the world. The date for the conference in 2024 is yet to be announced.

Important information:

  • Locations: Atlanta
  • NoCodeOps organize this event
  • Current/upcoming edition: 2024(Date to be announced)
  • Previous edition: Non-existent
  • The cost is yet to be determined
  • Website: http://nocodeops.com/conference

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6. No-Code Summit

No-code Citizen development conference Summit

One of the most important no-code events in Europe is the No-Code Summit. It has yet to be announced when the 2024 edition will take place, but previous editions have succeeded. The No-Code Summit is likely to return next year.

Over 1,000 people attended this no-code conference last year, including professionals and international speakers, including leaders from the biggest no-code platforms (Glide, Bubble, Tally, and Make, to name a few).

Visit the No-Code Summit website to stay updated on the latest news.

7. Low-Code/No-Code Summit

LCNC Summit no-code citizen development conference

Using low-code and no-code tools, smart CTOS and other executives are achieving radical efficiency, cost, and scalability improvements.
Digital transformations across organizations can be accelerated by executives overcoming their fears of losing control. It frees engineers from endless customization of low-level tasks, empowers non-technical workers with orders of a multitude, and lets citizens build apps with unprecedented creativity.

Here are some reasons you should attend:

Discover what LC/No-Code solutions are best for your business, how they benefit your business, and what it takes to transition IT applications from IT to non-developers in the virtual Low-Code/No-Code Summit. Learn from industry case studies on the benefits and challenges of implementing these solutions.

Visit the LCNC Summit website for virtual general admissions.


We hope that you will consider these no-code low-code conferences to be a must-attend. Are we missing on any event? Feel free to write to us.

If you attend one of these low-code events or no-code events, you may meet a co-founder for your company, investor, mentor, or friend for life. There will be honest, one-to-one conversations, constructive feedback, and the opportunity to master all the new tools.

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