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January 30, 2024
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When the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown stopped work and life, technology found an enormous relief as individuals were in a position to attempt to do too many things essentially. Official meetings and conferences were held utilizing different online stages, instructions on the web, utility administrations, and working with online classes, meetings, bits of preparation, and a lot more.

The virtual world meetings also allowed us to keep up with various informational and educational events. In this blog, we have listed the top conferences CIOs can attend virtually. Through these conferences, one can acquire capacities and prepare to lead on a timetable of vulnerability. Likewise, discover drive frameworks to more sufficiently lead composed gatherings and fortify courses of action between the business and IT workplaces.

Top 15 CIO Conferences & Events in India

1. Gartner Symposium 

Gartner it symposium xpo

Date: 11 – 13 November 2024

Location: Kochi, Kerela

Technology, industry, and society have all changed dramatically due to the digital era. CIOs are expected to lead and inspire their teams and stakeholders through disruptive business models, processes, and cultures and manage IT. Gartner’s IT Symposium focuses on enterprise CIOs and their executive teams’ strategic needs. This conference aims to connect with CIOs worldwide and learn about the challenges and opportunities of business transformation.

2. Gartner Data Analytics 

Gartner data and analytics summit

Date: 24 – 25 April 2024

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Among the many reasons CIOs can’t miss this event, the best is getting one-to-one guidance from Gartner experts specific to your challenges. Other than this, the attendees can get access to on-demand conference content during and after the conference to complement live sessions. Also, with Gartner Data Analytics one gets an opportunity to be a part of new sessions on developing a resilient data and analytics strategy for an AI-ready data-centric organization along with the latest data and analytics trends and technology to stay ahead of the competition.

3. NASSCOM Technology & Leadership Forum

Date: February 20-21, 2024

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Through policy advocacy and assistance in setting up the strategic direction for the sector to unleash its potential and dominate new frontiers, NASSCOM is focused on establishing the architecture critical to developing the IT-BPM sector.

Nasscom Technology & Leadership Forum is known as Asia’s largest leadership conference and brings together the who’s who of various sectors from around the world. The event attempts to draw a roadmap for the way ahead towards building a better future and bringing out the importance of trust and responsible tech in this hyper-virtual world.

4. Nasscom Tech Innovation Conclave

CIO India confereces

Date: January 18, 2024

Technology will play an essential component in daily living in this decade and is predicted to be adopted quickly. Businesses need to be agile and respond swiftly to changing conditions if they wish to flourish. At the Nasscom Tech Innovation Conclave Mumbai event, businesses will have the chance to observe firsthand how technology affects enterprises, economies, society, governance, and the environment.

Why should you attend?

  1. To get your brand noticed.
  2. To witness innovative product showcase.
  3. Learn from experts, and listen to deep discussions and sessions.
  4. Connect with industry equal.

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India CIO conference

Date: 17-19 January 2024

Location: New Delhi

INDIASOFT, an international exhibition and conference, the flagship IT event of the Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC), will bring 500 foreign ICT buyers from 60 countries. Around 200 Indian IT firms of various sizes and work will display their products and services to potential buyers. It will have three parallel shows- the IT global exhibition and conferences, India IoT World, and India Electronics Expo, which are participated by Indian exhibitors and foreign buyers.

6. Convergence India Expo

Convergence India CIO events India

Date: 17th-19th January 2024

Location: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Convergence India announced the telecom revolution in the nation in 1992. With new use cases in the fields of telecom, Satcom, broadcast, 5G and 6G networks, IT solutions like cloud, Big Data and analytics, AI, smart homes, M2M, IoT, Embedded, Blockchain, FinTech, and digital gaming – the full spectrum of digital solutions – it now demonstrates the shift towards a digital world.

IoT India, Embedded Tech India, Mobile India, Fintech India, and Digital Gaming India are among the carefully curated co-located expos that Convergence India hosts to present cutting-edge technologies, innovations, trends, and best practices all under one roof. Convergence India will commemorate 30 years of promoting international collaboration between India and the rest of the globe and displaying India’s technological landscape.

7. Global CIO Forum 

Global CIO Forum

Date: 14 – 15 Mar 2024

Location: JW Marriott Hotel, New Delhi Aerocity, India

The goal of the Global CIO Forum is to integrate, influence, and impact CIOs and other technology professionals around the world.

Their industry-driven research and analysis allow members to delve deeper into the existing industry landscape they are working in and align it with their global counterparts. You can learn more about relevant reports, best practices, case studies, and member opinions. This will bring together the digital leaders who have gone the extra mile to meet their organization’s expectations and the nation’s. 

8. Nasscom Cloud Summit

tech CIO conferences India

Date: February 20-21, 2024

Location: Mumbai

Cloud technology is important for innovation and teamwork and is essential for businesses to succeed. In India, adopting cloud technology has the potential to significantly improve the country’s economy by making it more technologically advanced and inclusive. The NASSCOM Cloud Summit recognizes this opportunity and encourages the government and industry to adopt cloud technology more quickly.

What’s in for you?

1. Learn how to create a strong and resilient cloud strategy.
2. Hear from industry leaders about their tactics and best practices
3. Participate in discussions about the future of digitization.
4. Connect with top experts in the cloud field, as well as business owners, investors, start-ups, and government representatives.

9. Trescon Global – World Cloud Show  

Trescon Global – World Cloud Show

Date: 16th April 2024

Location: Sheraton Grand Whitefield, Bengaluru, India

The World Cloud Show is a global series of events centred on thought leadership and business in strategic locations worldwide. The Indian edition of the event will bring together pre-qualified CIOs, CTOs, COOs, Heads of the Cloud, Heads of IT Infrastructure, DevOps Leaders, Heads of Digital Transformation/Innovation, and Experts in Cloud Computing from throughout India.
The event will feature intriguing keynotes, government and enterprise use-case presentations, product showcases, panel discussions, and tech talks to address the most recent difficulties and explore the most recent applications of cloud-based solutions.

10. CIO 100 Awards and Symposium by IDG

CIO 100 Awards and Symposium by IDG

Date: To be announced 

Location: To be announced

The nation’s top CIOs and industry experts in this conference will share their success stories and unique perspectives on strategy, digital leadership, and business growth at the CIO 100 Symposium & Awards in 2021. You’ll hear about the most pressing technology topics (cloud, data, automation, and so on) and top-of-mind strategic and organizational imperatives, including workplace diversity and inclusion and business transformation. 

During the event, they’ll honour the 2021 CIO 100 Award winners and the newest CIO Hall of Fame Inductees.  


11. Trescon Global CIO Show

Trescon Global CIO Show

Date: April 11, 2024

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

The Trescon Global CIO show will have CIOs across industry areas in India who will meet, learn and draw in with a portion of the widely acclaimed innovation thought-pioneers, topic specialists, and innovation trailblazers in a helpful, open exchange climate to discover answers for issues blocking their business and self-awareness.

12. IDC CIO Summit  

IDC CIO Summit

Date: To be announced 

Location: To be announced

IDC Summit events will guide businesses looking to adapt for success in the post-pandemic, post-globalization era: digitally transformed, navigating, and creating their new realities in a changing world. This event is a must-attend for technology vendors who want to help their clients make the best decisions, investments, and alliances to lead in the future. 

13. ET CIO Annual Conclave

Date: To be announced

Location: To be announced

As IT leaders prepare for what’s next, the ET CIO annual conclave will help you complete this work by providing collective human wisdom and insight to turn possibilities into reality. This event will discuss the next action plan, New Tech Warriors, Technologies that will matter, and Implementation that, despite all odds, Traverse beyond Tech. 

14. CIO Select by EnterpriseIT World 

Date: To be announced

Location: To be announced

The CIO Select by EnterpriseIT World event will have Industry introductions and Board Conversations followed by grants for Top CIO Select Items, Merchants, New companies, and Customers. We will grant extraordinary parts in the IT business. The point of this occasion is to support and advance organizations and items which play a critical impact in fostering the market with customized arrangements and suitable techniques for the undertakings.

15. Trescon Global – World AI Show

Trescon Global – World AI Show

Date: To be announced

Location: To be announced

During the Trescon Global – World AI Show event, you will witness excellent featured discussions, studios, use-case introductions, item shows, board conversations, and technical talks – that will assist you with distinguishing the most recent simulated intelligence patterns and discovering answers for your business challenges. It is gathering some of the industry’s brightest minds to explore AI’s applications and role in the future of the Indian economy.

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The Takeaway

Organizations are regaining strength, and global IT spending is likely to increase in the future, even though they are still recovering from the economic slump by freezing or slashing budgets. Although the economy has started to turn around, there is still a long way to go. As digital continues to drive and potentially replace manual processes, the position of the CIO is more critical than ever.

Business objectives have shifted, and CIOs are now tasked with identifying new opportunities to enable digital transformation. These events allow tech leaders to open their minds to fresh ideas and get to know new people. It also helps leaders network for potential hires and learns about new opportunities. These are the ideal ways to keep up with the latest digital transformation trends, put them to work for you, meet like-minded individuals, and learn about emerging tech.  

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