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August 10, 2023
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With changing times and the onset of digital practices, it was only a matter of time before paper-based and manual processes were set to be eradicated. Not only are these processes complex and time-taking, but due to the scope of human error, the desired result is often compromised. Not to mention the grunt-work, limited control, lack of visibility, and redundancy involved. These limitations were enhanced in the case of workflows, as each step requires its own set of information and approvals. If there is a roadblock at any step, it hinders the completion of the entire process.

The change came in the form of workflow automation, which allowed for the replacement of manual processes with digital tools. By doing away with most human interventions in the process, workflow automation ensures that a company does not lose its valuable resources in the process.

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In fact, 60% of the current occupations can have 30% or more of their activities automated, according to McKinsey. The benefits of workflow automation are plenty, and the most crucial ones are listed below:

  • Increased Productivity: As automated workflows save a ton of time and effort, team members are allowed to focus on productive tasks instead of getting caught up in a mechanical series of steps. Another side benefit, upgradation of tasks leads to better employee morale which in turn leads to a better work culture!
    By automating their workflows using Quixy, Navayuga Infotech was able to greatly boost employee productivity by 20%, and the satisfaction improved by an impressive 40%.
  • Reduced Costs: Redundant tasks not only take time, but they require additional money too. A study by Unit4 states that repetitive tasks cost $5 trillion a year globally. Hence, a variety of precious resources are saved by the adoption of workflow automation and by the elimination of repetitive tasks.
  • Reduced Errors: While to err is to human is natural, these errors might cost quite a lot to organizations. Thankfully, automated applications don’t make any mistakes or blunders that a worker is bound to do. Reduction of administrative errors leads to increased effectiveness of workflows and gives a push to the success of any organization.
  • Rich and Insightful Data Collection: Workflow automation completely revolutionizes the way data is captured. Reports with graphic aids and actionable insights allow organizations to understand bottlenecks and to allocate resources accordingly. This leads to an enhancement in key performance metrics as timely and useful action is taken based on these reports.
  • Effective Task Management and Multitasking: As it has been implied, workflow automation greatly enhances the quality and speed of various processes. In addition to that, it also makes it super easy to onboard multiple employees or manage numerous IT tasks as neatly organized and streamlined processes also increase the potential of multitasking.

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We can keep going on about the benefits of workflow automation, but we think you get the gist. While the process of workflow automation might sound like a complicated task, with Quixy it is simplified beyond measure.


Workflow Automation in 6 simple steps with No-Code

With Quixy, the process of workflow automation is quick and easy. Many of our clients have used our platform to achieve unmatched results by leveraging on the power of automation. Let’s take a look at our 6-step process that will get you started in no time:

As you can see, with Quixy, you can get started on workflow automation within minutes. The process is quite simple:

Step 1: Label the process


You begin by labeling the process you are automating.

Step 2: Build forms to capture information

Form builder

Using our 40+ user-friendly drag and drop field controls, build forms to capture any kind of information.

Step 3: Configure and customize your workflow


Configure and customize your workflow with sequential, parallel, or conditional action steps.

Step 4: Set up business rule

Business rules

Now, you set up your business rules and validations.

Step 5: Configure access permissions

Access permissions

Easily configure access permissions down to the field level.

Step 6: Publish the app


Publish the app for use with a click of a button. Use it anytime from anywhere using any device, even in the offline mode (yep, you read it right.)

In the case of any modifications or changes, all you need are a few clicks here and there without any downtime.

Watch the webinar: Learn how to Automate Processes 10X faster with Quixy


The merits of workflow automation are endless, as are the merits of using Quixy for the same. When the process has become so simplified and quick, it is imperative that digital-ready organizations should leverage the power of Quixy’s workflow automation features to scale to the next level.

Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your processes. Take the first step and get started with Quixy today.

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