Combating Covid
Combating COVID-19 at Quixy
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COVID-19 changed the way that the world functioned when it hit in 2020. Combating a virus like this caused countries to enforce lockdowns and quarantines, which in turn affected most businesses and establishments. Many businesses had to quickly adapt to working remotely and closing down their offices to stop the spread of this virus. Social

Leader Spring
Quixy Ranked Leader in No-Code and Rapid Application Development by G2
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Quixy, the no-code application development, and Business Process Management (BPM) platform, has been named a “Leader” in the No-Code Application Development and Rapid Application Development by G2. In the previous quarter, Quixy was rated as a “Leader” in No-Code Application Development by G2. Additionally, it has gained the title of a “Leader” for Rapid Application

Forrester’s Now Tech Report
Exciting news! Quixy featured in Forrester’s Now Tech Report for 2021!
Reading Time: 4 minutes

We have some exciting news to share with you – Quixy has been featured in Forrester’s Now Tech Report for Q1 2021! With an ever-increasing number of no-code and low-code applications entering the digital world, it can get difficult to distinguish between and decide on an application that can solve your unique problems. This is

Quixy recognized in Gartner’s “Voice of Customer” Report for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms
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At Quixy, we’ve been hard at work to bring you the best service and product possible. Our work has paid off as we’ve recently been recognized by Gartner in the enterprise low-code application platform category in their Voice of the Customer report! Creating a tool that can help you with creating the applications, forms, and

Top 25 Indian Sellers and B2B
Quixy rated “Top 25 Indian Sellers” and “Top 10 B2B Companies in Hyderabad” by G2
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With many different software and vendors flooding the no-code and low-code market, it can become inherently confusing for customers to choose the correct solution. Referring to awards or highly-rated software can be the best way of getting the services that you need without it being overly expensive or dysfunctional.  On that note, we are glad

Leader Winter
We have great news: Quixy has been named a Leader in G2’s Winter Report!
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At Quixy, we pride ourselves on providing the best service possible for our customers and our aim is to become a leader in the no-code space. So, we’re excited to share that we were named a “Leader” on a worldwide level in No-Code Application Development in G2’s Winter 2021 report! Previously, in G2’s Fall 2020

All hands on deck
Quixy: All hands on Deck
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Happy Birthday, Quixy! Quixy recently turned a year old! This has come to be with an immense amount of challenges but more victories over them. The platform has a brilliant team, all with the same vision in mind, dedicated to fulfilling the same objectives.  Quixy was rapidly evolving before, but after the COVID-19 pandemic struck,

G2 leader asia pacific
Quixy Ranked “Leader – Asia-Pacific” in No-Code Application Development by G2
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Quixy, the leading no-code application development and BPM platform, has been ranked “Leader – Asia Pacific” in the No-Code Application Development category by G2. As a result of the rapidly growing market presence and high customer satisfaction reviews, Quixy has achieved the title for Summer 2020 by G2. It has also earned 8 additional community

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