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August 10, 2023
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The foundation of Quixy is based on making it easier for users to find solutions themselves, build them, and even be a part of the process. No-Code development enables users to create their solutions without writing any code, and it encourages innovation and empowers users to customize solutions. Through our blogs, weekly emails, newsletters, communities, and now Quixy Academy resources, we are trying to educate people about no-code and how they can leverage this powerful concept to stay ahead in the game. At Quixy, we understand that No-Code Development and Citizen Development are new and equally exciting concepts.

Launching Quixy Academy

The launching of Quixy Academy is yet again a vital step toward educating our users about the platform and its capabilities. All the courses at the Quixy Academy are meticulously designed for users to gradually understand no-code development and become successful in creating applications all by themselves.

Quixy Academy Courses

Quixy Academy has five different courses that explain the whole technical nuances of the Quixy platform and its usage. The courses have proficiency level starting from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced and Administrator capabilities. The current list of courses at Quixy Academy:

1. Basic Citizen Developer

The beginner course is specially designed for absolute beginners who have never created a no-code application before. The informative lectures will introduce you to Quixy’s basic features and provide you with a comprehensive overview of the basic app (a six-step process) creation, Database Creation, Establishing Database Relations, and Reports.

2. Intermediate Citizen Developer Level – 1

The intermediate course takes you through the complexities of the app creation process, so it is divided into two parts to brief the advanced functionalities in each step of the app creation process.

The informative lectures in Part 1 of this course focus on the in-depth functionalities in each step of the app development process and various database relations functionalities that will empower you to try developing applications for some semi-complex use cases.

3. Intermediate Citizen Developer Level – 2

Part 2 of this course will take you beyond the app creation and show you how to connect multiple apps, generate alert notifications to perform tasks, Infographic & actionable reports, Dashboards, and User Menu/Easy access menu, you can stabilize the enterprise-grade business process.

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4. Advanced Citizen Developer

The advanced course is all about 3rd party integrations. This course will provide knowledge of the features present in Quixy, which can be used to establish a connection between Quixy and 3rd party platform to push or pull data securely. This course also includes Quixy’s one-of-a-kind embed app functionality that lets you create an online form that can be accessed universally.


5. Quixy System Administration

The admin course is specially designed to give users an in-depth view of the extensive admin and platform settings. This course will enable users to manage their accounts in various ways or limit user rights.

In addition to the Academy, Quixy has also launched a community for its users to interact, collaborate and inspire each other in their no-code app development journey. It is a great place for users to showcase what they have built that can benefit other users as well as organizations.

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Currently, the academy is accessible only to Quixy platform users. They can access the Academy through the ” help ❔” menu on the platform.

Quixy Academy login


Quixy Academy will play a major role in the user journey toward building apps quickly. With the flexibility to learn and upskill themselves, Academy will enable users to move ahead at their own pace. Users will be able to take assessment exams as part of the courses and earn badges and certifications in future editions of the Academy.
Let the learning begin!

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