Quixy year in review 2022
Quixy Editorial Team
December 30, 2022
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As we bid goodbye to another year, it’s time to take stock of all the highs and lows. It is essential to remember the lessons learned and the ways we have grown. In this Quixy year in review blog, we’ll take a closer look at some of the year’s biggest moments and how they’ve impacted Quixy. Let’s start with the recap:

Quixy’s year in review 2022.

1. We rose with the Rising Leaders📈

PMI’s Make Reality Challenge for students to create solutions to current societal challenges was a fun ride! It was thrilling to be one of the participating platforms that helped students win 5 top awards, including the global winners. Thank you, PMI, for the opportunity. Read what all students made–>

2. App creation at Lighting speed⚡ 

The introduction of Snap2App was another way of making app creation super-fast for our users. It allowed users to process and extract form fields from Paper, Digital forms in PDF or image format and photo captures of Napkin sketches. More about Snap2App–>

3. Ads and Videos and some more Videos🎥▶️ 

Introducing someone to the world of no-code can be challenging, but not for us! We’ve got a lot of ads and videos to help you out. Plus, we had a blast making them. So go ahead and look at the ads we made this year. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed–>

4. Your Productivity, Our Aim🎯

With the introduction of the OCR tool and Quixy for Microsoft Teams, we took conscience efforts to bring your productivity to a new high. And we aren’t stopping; there’s a lot more coming in 2023. Take your productivity to the next level with OCR here–>>


5. We were Golden🟡…baby, we were Golden with PMI 

Yes, we are Harry styles fans, and no, this isn’t about him. Quixy’s association with PMI took a leap, and we became their first-ever gold partner in India. Now, we are better armoured to lead the Citizen development movement. See us Golden–>

6. The day of coming together and Thriving👭

Quixy lives in the heart of its people. On the day of Quixy’s anniversary, we all came together to reflect on the past and look ahead to the future. It was a day when we saw Quixy come alive in its people. See for yourself here—>

7. GITEX and the Fun of meeting in person! 🤝

If there’s one thing we love more than technology, it’s people! And the past year has been a blast in terms of meeting some truly amazing folks at various offline conferences and events. We can’t get enough of that face-to-face energy! GITEX was one of the highlights – we had a blast. Check out what all we did- ->

8. Celebrating excellence, one Award at a time

A wise person once said it’s not bragging if it’s true. Keeping that in mind, IT Excellence from FTCCI, Gartner’s Voice of Customer, Leader in Spark Matrix, and G2 Leader are some of the awards we have won this year. The list is long; check all here–> 

9. The World of Quixy Comics🐈‍⬛

This series aims to bring the world of no-code to life in a fun and entertaining way, making it accessible and relatable for readers of all ages and skill levels. Follow the adventures of our protagonists as they learn about no-code and use it to solve problems and achieve their goals. Keep an eye out for new issues! Here’s where it began–>>

10. For you, the Quixy Community🚀

We created a place to meet fellow Quixy users, have intense discussions, post questions that are nagging your mind, and have a pleasant community to interact with. In case you are not in yet, join here–>

11. Build without limits, now in Style😎

It’s been a year since we launched our swag store, and we couldn’t be more excited to continue offering high-quality merchandise that represents the No-Code swag. Here’s to many more years of swag-filled success! Check the latest styles–>

12. Learn. Create. Prosper🧑‍💻

Empowering you is our greatest aim. Quixy Academy launch was our attempt in the same direction. The courses offered to enable users to get familiar with the intricacies and fundamentals of no-code app development on Quixy. Enroll in the Academy here–>>

13. Quixy webinars: Where creation comes alive🪄

With over 25 webinars, lives, and online catchups with you this year, we have tried creating an app creation and No-code learning as an ultimate experience. In case you missed them, watch them on-demand here–>

14. 300 and Beyond✍️

Well, we did it! We published 300+ blogs this year and lived the tale of No-Code (just barely tho). But seriously, we’re so grateful to you; thanks for sticking by. Here’s to more great content in the future! Please read our latest here–>

15. Becoming the Go-to resource for 4k+ No-Code Enthusiasts

From beginner’s tips to advance strategies, our no-code newsletter covers everything. We are super proud to have become a go-to No-Code resource for more than four thousand people! If somebody forwarded this email to you, here’s how to join the clan–>> 

16. 240+ individuals United in purpose💪

Our team is now 240+ members strong, each contributing to our success. We are a diverse and talented group working together to achieve our shared goals. Become one of us here–>> 

17. eBooks & Meme book📒

Yes! You got that right! Along with some very informative and helpful ebooks published this year, we have also published a Meme Book that contains some good laughs for those who love no-code. Find it here–>

18. Thousands of Followers & Millions of views

Our social media is where the party never stops, and the No-Code gospel spreads far and wide! We’re excited to have reached so many milestones this year, and we’d love for you to be a part of our growing community. Join in on the fun–>>

19. Who was Startup of the Year? Oh yeah, that’s us!

Well, it looks like Hackernoon has finally figured out what we at Quixy have known all along: we’re a startup that’s changing the business world! Kidding aside, we were thrilled and humbled to have won the startup of the year award from Hackernoon. Check our cool badge here–>

20. A Year of Multiple Releases⚙️

At Quixy, we constantly strive to improve and enhance the platform to provide the best possible experience for our customers. We are proud to remind you of the multiple releases we made throughout 2022. These releases brought new features, functionality, and improvements that helped our customers get the most out of our platform and made it easier to use. Check it here–>>

21. Bringing the party (and the motivation) to Work

At Quixy, we believe in bringing fun and motivation to work every day. There’s never a dull moment, from the team- sports activities and outdoor adventures to employee empowerment workshops and team bonding events. Check out the fun here–>>

22. Leading the No-Code conversation everywhere

Our dynamic and innovative leader, Gautam, is a sought-after expert, regularly sharing insights on a range of topics on top podcasts. Recently featured on Forbes, Gautam is at the forefront of industry conversations and driving change in No-Code. Tune in–>>

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2022 has been a year of adventure, exploration and change for Quixy, as what we can see from the recap above. The number of Quixians keeps growing; today, we hail from all parts of India. The skillset diversification and learning it brings to the team are insurmountable. From Sales to marketing, accounting to HR, we have witnessed growth as a product and team. These advancements give us hope for a brighter future, and we are excited to see what the next year will bring.

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