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August 10, 2023
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No-code, a simpler way to develop apps, is quickly making its way to stir up a movement. Technology can hinder creativity, and no-code app development is here to unfasten that obstacle and make room for ideas and innovation. No-code development enables business users to build applications without writing any code. With Quixy’s advanced platform capabilities, users can create enterprise-grade applications within hours and weeks.

Quixy’s main purpose is to simplify our customers’ lives with no-code capabilities. How we can contribute to customers’ success is a very common and routine discussion at Quixy. No-code platforms are fairly easy to adopt, but we understand that adopting no-code or understanding its various nuances might take some time; users can use some help provided in their app-building journey. For us at Quixy, it is paramount that our users benefit from our platform and move in the fastest way possible with our platform towards success.

Therefore, we offer our customers multiple strategically devised channels to address, support, and overcome any roadblock that they may encounter and get faster issue resolution. Thus, making customers successful with what they envision building in the best way possible.

Quixy Customer Success Channels

At Quixy, customer success is not just about proactively determining solutions to potential issues but is also about fostering the relationship we build with our customers and ensuring the right solution at the right time.

To ensure that users can use the channel that is up for their convenience and can move smoothly towards building their ideas into a reality, we have put the following channels that can help our users. This will also enable us to track and mitigate the issues reported.

1. Knowledge Base

Quixy knowledge base is carefully created to ensure that users find answers to their queries. Quixy product details are precisely maintained for users to get quick fixes to their issues.

2. Community

We are happy to invite our customers to the new Quixy Community portal to meet fellow no-coders, have intense discussions, post questions that are nagging your mind, and have a friendly community to interact with. Customers can join relevant spaces in the community to ask, communicate or even collaborate. Here’s a list of exciting spaces your customers will find in the community.

🤝 Ask for Help: Receive prompt assistance by sharing concerns, reporting issues, and asking questions through this section.

😍 Feature Request: Share your innovative product ideas and aspirations, and our Product Team will select promising ones to bring them to life.

🚀 Tips & Tricks: Engage with fellow users, discover unique approaches, and gain valuable insights to enhance your Quixy experience.

🆕 Product Updates: Stay informed about the latest news and updates regarding the product.

Events: Don’t miss out on captivating webinars and exciting events. Check out our upcoming events and be part of the action.

🏆 Get Inspired: Celebrate remarkable achievements, learn from community leaders, and gain insights from success stories.

💫 Makers Club: Connect with other customers, discuss topics of interest, share ideas, and brainstorm features.

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3. Submit Feedback/Report an Issue Widget

Users can provide any type of feedback about the platform; they can use it via the Help ‘?’ Menu platform. They can also record a screen or capture a screenshot and share it with us. This will help us pinpoint the issue better, leading to faster resolution.

4. Online Chat

Our team’s online messaging platform can be accessed via the Help ‘?’ Menu(on the platform), where users can chat with our experts 24/7.


5. Email

Users can reach out to our team anytime with their queries and concerns through email ([email protected]). And every time an issue is reported, a ticket is created for easy tracking and quick resolution.

6. Customer Success Representative

A point of contact support aligned for each user that will help optimum solution to the query and at priority basis.

7. Academy

Through Quixy Academy, customers can learn about different features through customized, self-explanatory, self-learning courses. Currently, we are offering four training modules as part of Academy – Fundamental, Advance (Part I and II), Expert and Admin (End-user). Very soon, customers will also get certified as part of Quixy’s certification programs.

Quixy Customer Portal

Customers can now track all the tickets raised, with one single click on the Quixy Customer Portal.

Customers can also view the progress made on a particular ticket, including communication with our customer success representative and its current status. Here are the simple steps to access it:

  • Go to the Quixy Help Centre, i.e., https://help.quixy.com/
  • On the top right corner, select the “Go to Customer Portal” section.
  • Log in with your Quixy user account (if not already logged in).

Once logged in, customers can see all the tickets that have been raised, along with other details like the Ticket ID, Subject, Date of Ticket Creation, Last Activity, and Status.

Quixy Support Help Center

Key Takeaway

At Quixy, customers come first and we have put together the necessary support channels to ensure that our customers derive value and become successful with their objectives using our platform in the fastest way possible. For our users’ help is just a click away!

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