Quixy knowledge base to empower users
Quixy Editorial Team
September 15, 2023
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No-code platforms like Quixy constantly seek ways to improve enterprise efficiency, streamline processes, enhance productivity, and innovate without the hassle of traditional development cycles. As a no-code platform, Quixy enables business users to achieve all these and go above and beyond.  
At the heart of Quixy’s user support lies the invaluable resource, its Help Center – the Quixy Knowledge Base

Quixy Knowledge Base to empower users & breaks down the barriers to learning about its feature’s functionality, process, and the nitty-gritty of the platform. It is a treasure trove of knowledge that serves as a guiding light for users navigating the intricacies of the platform. 

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Gateway of Self-Reliance: Quixy Knowledge Base to empower users

Tucked within the Quixy ecosystem, the Help Center acts as a hub of information accessible through Quixy’s platform, community, and academy. With its user-friendly interface, this resource is designed to empower users to harness the platform’s full potential independently, negating the need for frequent customer support interactions. Here’s a glimpse of what this repository of knowledge has to offer: 

The knowledge base is divided into 11 distinct parts, explained below 

  1. Introduction: Learn about Quixy and how you can register on Quixy. 
  1. Get Started: It contains everything about what you will need to get started on the Quixy platform.  
  1. Pre-requisite: Learn about setting up your Quixy instances, workspaces, roles, etc.  
  1. App-creation: Learn about how you can create and build apps on Quixy. 
  1. Database: It contains everything you need to learn about creating & maintaining the database.  
  1. Build reports: Learn how to create 40+ types of reports in Quixy that helps the stake holders to make informed decisions. 
  1. Manage Apps: It will help you learn about diversifying the app usage to the needs of the organizations.  
  1. Dashboard: Configure and design your dashboards and global dashboards.  
  1. Admin activities: Learn about the preferences and settings that you can configure for your organization. 
  1. App Store: Learn about ready-to-use solutions. 
  1. User Activities: Learn to set your Account Profile, join the Quixy Community, and activate Chatbot. 

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The KB Assistant -Page Help 

Integrated seamlessly within the Quixy platform, Page Help or KB Assistant, is a dynamic feature that transforms your learning experience. Imagine being stranded on a particular page of the platform, seeking insights to overcome a challenge. With the KB-Assistant, a world of relevant articles instantly unfolds, providing you with tailored knowledge directly related to the context you’re exploring. This invaluable tool eliminates the need to sift through a vast pool of information, delivering precise guidance right when you need it the most. The KB-Assistant becomes your companion, reducing search time, enhancing efficiency, and propelling your understanding of Quixy’s intricacies. 

search time, enhancing efficiency, and propelling your understanding of Quixy’s intricacies. 

Quixy Knowledge base

Based on the page that you are on; the articles will show up like this 

Quixy Knowledge base

Empowering Independence, Fostering Innovation 

The Quixy Knowledge Base isn’t just a repository of information; it’s a catalyst for innovation. By allowing users to explore, learn, and apply their knowledge, it fuels the creation of unique, tailor-made applications that suit diverse business needs. Gone are the days when you had to wait for answers; with the Help Center, the power to innovate rests in your hands. 

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