Top 21 Hits from 2021
Quixy Editorial Team
December 23, 2021
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We couldn’t be more excited for 2022. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we would like to thank our workforce, customers, and partners for such a great year! Here’s a snapshot of hits from 2021 looked like for us!

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Our Top 21 Hits from 2021

1. We bagged “Emerging Product of the Year” by HYSEA!🏆

It was the best thing this year! (Okay, one of the best things). Here’s a glimpse of the proud moment.

2. We made it to the top! Woohoo!🥳

We were ranked leaders by G2 three times in a row- for Summer, Fall, and Winter and
received numerous badges that decorated our shoulders. Read the press release here.

3. Still in AWW of these AWARDS!🥺

We were named in Gartner’s Voice of Customer Report, Forrester’s Now Tech Report, and in Gartner’s Market Guide for BPA tools– all of it just the tip of the iceberg, there’s so much more.

4. The 2M milestone✨

If it was the year 2020, you wouldn’t find No-code GIFs or stickers on the internet, but in 2021 we took charge and created No-Code stickers and GIFs. We have achieved 2M views on the GIFs until now (Yay!). You can use them in Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other applications using Tenor or Giphy.

5. We are all around the world🌍

This year, we are serving 22 countries in total, and we know that this number will only grow with your support. Check out the wonders our customers are doing using Quixy.

6. The Growing Quixy Community🤝

We have welcomed 35+ customers to the no-code bandwagon this year. Read what they have to say about Quixy.

7. Stronger than ever!💪

With five key new partnerships this year, we are all set to step into 2022 with a stronger foot. You can be the next one.

8. Growing Bigger and Stronger📈

This year, we grew from 65 to 120 employees strong company, and our bonds rose even stronger. Find out what makes working at Quixy so special. If you would like to be a part of our happening team, then check out our job opportunities.

9. The. Best. Day😍

The anniversary day was filled with love, laughter, friendships, and, most importantly, pride. We have a team that we are very, very proud of!

10. Employees’ safety first!😷

At Quixy, it’s always employees first. To address the COVID-19 situation, we set up a task force, revised our leave and insurance policy, conducted vaccination drives, and continued working in a hybrid model based on employees’ preferences. Take a look.

11. Quixy and Zapier: The best duo!👯‍♀️

With this feature release, our users can now connect Quixy with 3000+ platforms using the Zapier integration. Know more.

12. Themes Studio, Offline Mode, MFA, and much more!🪄

We came with some really great features this year; check out!

13. Disruption for Social Impacts

We partnered with PMI to enable students worldwide to design innovative solutions to current societal challenges using no-code.

14. Blogs! Blogs! Blogs!📝

We have successfully published 200+ educational blogs on our website around no-code, digital transformation, business process automation, and so much more! Take a look.

15. We answered all your burning questions around No-Code

Our latest ebook is a must-read for somebody new to no-code. No more need to hunt the internet for all your queries, just refer here and you will have everything in one place.

16. We hope you didn’t miss our Webinars!💡

We did a lot of webinars this year, including some great webinars with senior Forrester analysts and our customers! Watch them On-Demand here.

17. Batting for Citizen Development

Be it creating the citizen developer emoji, reels, or the citizen developer stories– all of it are just efforts towards recognizing the true potential of citizen developers and bringing them to the mainstream.

18. The No-Code Fun🧩

You don’t really have to access your citizen development capabilities the hard way; here is a fun assessment we created for it. Check out!

19. Preparing the business leaders of tomorrow

Because the business world is changing and future company leaders need to be prepared, we have held and will continue to hold free no-code workshops for top business schools. Check details here.

20. We are one big ethnic mosaic

Most of our workforce is remote, so we only relate to each other on the fact that we are all Quixians. The events and workshops for pride month, emotional wellness, women leadership, culinary month celebration, etc., were attempts to build ties of kinship.

21. A reward for both you and your friend🎁

We created this referral program so that you and your friend both can reap the benefits of no-code. If you know someone who can benefit from Quixy, tell us about them and win rewards.


2021 has been a year full of learnings and growth for us. Quixy and Quixians are ready to step into 2022 with a stronger passion to deliver higher value as a no-code platform. If you are not currently part of the Quixy community, we invite you to join us today and we’re sure you’ll enjoy being a part of it.

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