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August 11, 2023
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Happy Birthday, Quixy!

Quixy recently turned a year old! This has come to be with an immense amount of challenges but more victories over them. The platform has a brilliant team, all with the same vision in mind, dedicated to fulfilling the same objectives.

Quixy was rapidly evolving before, but after the COVID-19 pandemic struck, companies realized the need to automate their processes and workflows, and the organization boomed consequently thereafter.

Quixy has come a long way. We have achieved more than we thought, some of which include:

quixy achievements

To celebrate this glorious year and reflect on the eventful journey, the entire Quixy team got together on a video call. Here are some of the things people had to say about their journey and experience so far.

1st anniversary meeting

Leaving the comfort zone

“Every day so many decisions challenge me to extend my boundaries. I only hope that everybody is being challenged. I don’t want anyone to be boxed by what you think is your limits or your capabilities.”

Gautam nimmagadda, founder and ceo

The team recognized the importance of continuously breaking the walls of their comfort zone. Nothing stems from your comfort zone; you need to be uncomfortable in order to grow. It is only after those barriers are extended that your journey becomes fulfilling.

Everyone involved in the platform has managed to build something wonderful; it gives Quixy a purpose, a drive to do more, and brings happiness to the employees to do what they are doing every day. Quixy started with two to three people and now has a team of over forty.

“This year has been about questioning ourselves but not giving up. It has been about introspecting, finding gaps, learning more. There is no comparable learning opportunity”

Vivek goel, Vice President – Marketing and Evangelism

It is truly very exciting, with each employee mentioning that it has been a great experience of learning.

“To have so many people on board who are passionate about the vision is amazing, to say the least. We are on the right path as of now. We are out of our comfort zones.”

santosh tarlapally, Technical Architect


Quixy has various divergent teams, all of which contribute to the working of the platform.

“When something goes wrong, people are there to help, they come up with fresh ideas, and find a solution.”

THarun, Customer Success Lead

The organization’s teamwork is great, with everyone lending a helping hand to deal with issues. Being a well-equipped team, every last-minute problem is fixed. Many teams work behind the scenes, away from the spotlight.

“The way you contribute; whether it is in engineering, development or testing, product service, sales, marketing etc. is meaningful. Just because some of you are not talking does not mean you are not contributing.”


The employees who work in out-of-the limelight teams are the reason discussions with the customers are possible. Whenever Quixy commits to a client, they are backed by a strong team to achieve the deliverables.

Perfecting our platform

There have definitely been moments of doubt; this is normal, it would be alarming if there was no doubt. Having a notion that Quixy is brilliant at everything is a delusion.

“At Quixy, I have learned that it actually helps you to doubt your capabilities. It has helped me improve myself. Once I doubt it, it makes me read more about it and learn more and then achieve beyond what we expected. This is a huge life lesson for me. ”

raveesh lingireddy, Vice President – Sales and Partnerships

This doubt in no way means a lack of confidence in the platform. Ups and downs are bound to occur in any start-up, and with Quixy, there is security with a massive support structure.

“Even when we didn’t have clarity about the specific industries and use cases that can benefit from Quixy the most, we moved forward with assumptions and continued to evolve as we learned more during the year. We perfected the platform capabilities as we got to understand the customer pain points better.”

chandra Tumuluri, Principal Architect – Emerging Tech

Putting together this confidence to find a solution to any challenge, Quixy has become unstoppable. Over the year, the platform’s capabilities grew from simple form builders and workflow solutions to building complex enterprise-grade solutions.

“It’s not that we didn’t fail, but every time we did, I told myself and the team to believe in ourselves and work towards solving the problem at hand. It is our belief in ourselves that has got us to this stage.”


Keeping our clients happy

At Quixy, fulfilling customer requirements is not sufficient; customers are shown why they should subscribe to the platform and why it would be valuable.

At Quixy, we prioritize solving customer problems over promoting our product and its features. For us, it’s not just about acquiring customers, but to see that they benefit from the platform and become successful.


Employee morale

Quixy’s team coordination is seamless. Employees keep themselves motivated by associating positive feedback and compliments at the top of their minds.

“As teams, we have each other’s backs. A team leader once said during a review that anyone who wants to say something to his team goes through him first. This gave me goosebumps and showed me the massive respect everyone has for each other.”



“After coming to Quixy, I have learned to always ask the question – Why? Why are you doing what you are doing? The answer is sure to flood in motivation and a drive to work hard.”

sashi, Technical Writer

There have been countless learnings for the team over the last year. Apart from business and technical skills, the team matured in various aspects of their personality. They now understand the importance of each of these attributes towards personal and business success.

quixy learned the importance of

How did we end up with the name Quixy?

Coming up with a simple meaningful name was frustrating. I would talk to so many people and ask them to contribute, it would take hours”, said Gautam.

Finally, Santosh came up with the name – Kwixee (Quick + Easy). This was when no domain was bought. The name was found to be difficult to spell and remember.

After this, a branding team was hired so that professionals could rename the platform. Four agencies were evaluated and one was chosen. “We went through an entire process which took a month“, said Gautam, “during this time, we went through so many names and had so many discussions. Vivek conducted surveys every day to get everyone’s opinion.

…and after all that extensive exercise we ended up with Quixy😊”

While this did frustrate the agency, Quixy’s team was very happy with the simplified name. It was an extremely expensive domain but was bought nonetheless and a good logo was formulated which represents Quixy’s ability to build together great things with infinite possibilities. 

The End?

At Quixy, how the product is built, how the customers are approached; everyone has seen everything from the very beginning and everyone treats it as if it’s their baby.

Quixy has given its employees a lot of opportunities to explore themselves and enabled a great learning experience.

“Our team is like traffic lights. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or if it’s sunny, whether it’s night or day, it doesn’t matter. We work. Despite the situation or the environment, we work diligently and thus, bring the stability, ability and efficiency to move forward. ”

Gautam nimmagadda, founder and ceo

In conclusion, the end is not even close. This is just the beginning. We have proven ourselves this year. Our crawling stage is over, now we need to walk, and then we will run.

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