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August 10, 2023
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We all have been in a situation where we wanted tasks to be managed automatically, and it is all natural to be in such a circumstance. Whether our life or our business, we all look up to automation.

And lately, with handling multiple tasks together, time, efficiency, etc., becoming major constraints for most businesses, workflow automation is becoming the need of the hour. And it is rightly said, “Automation is solving the problem once and putting it on auto-pilot.” According to McKinsey, 31% of surveyed businesses have fully automated at least one function.

The above quote is apt, and Quixy offers a similar solution. Before getting to know the features of the workflow automation tool by Quixy, we shall first understand what workflow automation is.

Introduction to Workflow & Automation

Workflow is the series of steps that are followed to process data. Indubitably, workflows are the heart of any business, making any business process possible. 

It is imperative to identify, manage, and monitor your business workflows to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization. In simpler terminology, a workflow is generated any time the data is passed between humans or systems.

Meanwhile, automation is making the systems work without the need for excessive human inputs. It is the development of applications capable of working on their own without the need for instructions regularly. 

Together, workflow automation is the defined approach to making business processes work automatically according to the set targets of the organization. It is a feasible and efficient alternative to daily humans performing the same tasks.

Today, workflow automation is applied in almost all businesses and industries. It optimizes efficiency and allows the business stakeholders to focus on an even more important task. It is generally executed through a workflow automation tool or software.

Choosing a workflow automation system should be well-thought of the task to be performed. Quixy, The workflow automation tool, uses no-code or low-code systems of operation so that all the stakeholders find it easy to use. Quixy is one of the most prominent workflow automation software that allows you to leverage all the organization’s resources and put them to best use by making workflow automation possible. 

What is Quixy?

Quixy is a no-code digital transformation platform with cloud-based and user–friendly characteristics that help businesses make automation possible without the need for traditional coding. Using simple drag-and-drop features, Quixy allows enterprises to build applications and software ten times faster and thrice as efficiently as conventional systems.

Quixy focuses on enhancing –

  • Efficiency
  • Transparency
  • Productivity
  • Time management
  • Ease of use

Quixy has developed a platform that includes an integrated cloud database, a no-code visual application developer, high security, regulatory compliance, and scalable global infrastructure with these qualities.


Why should you choose Quixy?

With the increasing requirement for an organization to be quick and efficient, multiple platforms offer workflow automation systems. But certain distinctive features make Quixy a better choice. 

The following is a list that will help you make an informed choice.

1. Easy workflow design

With multiple processes, stakeholders, and databases in an organization, it becomes essential to have workflow automation software that is easy to use. Unlike traditional coding techniques, Quixy uses a no-code workflow design, and getting programmers to design your workflow is an added stress. With the no-code workflow automation software by Quixy, business users can create workflows themselves, avoiding the long development cycle.

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2. Drag and drop form feature

Every workflow is incomplete without a form, and they act as the interface which helps stakeholders interact with your organization’s workflow. With the drag-and-drop form designing feature by Quixy, you can effortlessly make dynamic forms that make workflow efficient. With different field sections, ensure the collection of accurate data.

3. Automated and powerful validations

Every time your employee waits for validation, there is time being wasted. Your workflow automation tool must have auto-validation features that are powerful and accurate. Workflow automation by Quixy allows you to save time by avoiding waiting for approval of redundant tasks. These validations may come in various forms, including the following.

  • Pre-built form fields
  • Having necessary and optional fields
  • Instructions, help, and hints
  • Validation via SQL database

4. Cloud-based platform 

Cloud-based workflow automation software is the best way to reduce storage costs, enable stakeholders to access their data anywhere and prevent data loss. Quixy’s cloud-based automation tool ensures that your organizational data is secured and your stakeholders can access it anywhere.

5. Security at its best

Data security is paramount, and it is essential that the tool you use can prevent any unforeseen data breaching. With the ability to host on cloud or private hosting, security risks are always there. Quixy is hosted in a safe environment that is certified to comply with the strictest security controls like ISO 27001 and SoC 2 Type 2.

6. Integration with other systems

Businesses rely on multiple applications to function productively. Organizational data is diversified across various systems, and your workflow automation software must be able to integrate data throughout the platforms existing in your organization. Quixy offers 3000+ Zapier integrations, making third-party app integration super easy to execute.

7. Built-in audit trails

As audits are essential for employees, your software also needs audits. But having human resources to execute these tasks adds redundancy. Quixy offers a solution that entails built-in trails that troubleshoot the troubles as and when identified. Whenever there is a bug in the tool,  this feature provides a solution.

8. Push notifications

Receiving notifications from applications is mostly irritating. But when you receive important notifications from the workflow automation tool, it would be a boon. Quixy’s workflow automation software sends notifications for pending tasks, reminders, and approvals, and you can execute necessary steps immediately without having to delay further.

9. KPI reports

This feature involves sharing your automation tool’s key performances and bottlenecks, including the breakdowns, snags, and tasks taking more than usual time to get completed. These insights help you know the scope of improvement and the best policies and procedures you can follow to enhance work. 

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10. Role-based access

Your application must predetermine access. It is essential to know who gets access to what to avoid any breach of data amidst multiple people operating through the same admin portal. Data related to payroll, finances, confidential clients, etc., is crucial, and Quixy helps you in securing who to show, what data

11. Understandable dynamic visual behaviour

Business applications and workflows are dynamic, and your workflow automation software must have integrated engines that enable you to make additions to your workflow depending on the need. With Quixy, you can rest assured that your forms are dynamic and suit multiple devices and portals.

12. Intuitive UI and Mobility

Your tool must be flexible enough over mobile also. Today, carrying a smartphone has become as important as breathing. With software that runs smoothly over all the devices, access to the field also becomes easy. Quixy allows the application to be suitable across devices without involving extra effort.

13. Offline connectivity

The Internet is one such thing that is not always static. There might be circumstances where the Internet would not be accessible. But this should not impact your workflows. Therefore, the workflow automation system you choose must have offline connectivity too.

14. SLA Indicators

Your workflow automation tool may have multiple processes and workflows running simultaneously, and it must be able to showcase all of them together on a dashboard. And Quixy makes sure that the SLA indicators let you know what tasks should be on priority and what can be shifted. 

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15. Pricing and customization 

With the rising need for software and applications for any business, the business owner thinks thrice before investing in a tool. Since Quixy offers a customizable solution, the pricing varies accordingly. It is an excellent feature of any workflow automation tool that you only have to pay for what you take.

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There are varied numbers of tools in the market, and Quixy also exists as a workflow automation tool that offers business solutions and makes operations effective and efficient. We understand the need for automation in your company and provide a suitable solution that enables the processing of the workflow smoothly. 

Managing employees individually is challenging in real businesses, and workflow automation acts as a troubleshooter. Being a business owner, you must analyze all the features and choose a suitable customized plan. With Quixy, you can build an application that fulfills all the requirements and expectations. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your processes. Take the first step and get started with Quixy today.

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