Quixy and Zapier Integration
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August 10, 2023
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We, today, are a part of an always-on, connected world. Digital Workplace initiatives have revolutionized the way we live (where personal and professional boundaries are melting away). It is no surprise that an average enterprise user typically uses 9 to 11 apps daily. While the overall productivity has increased multifold, the riddle of data centralization and hyper-automation is still baffling for many.

Having multiple apps raises yet another problem – Maintaining a single source of truth. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. For instance, implementing too much software is time-consuming as well as expensive.

Plus, with so much software and data dissipated at different platforms users are only left with switching between apps. Let alone the dysconnectivity comes without integrating numerous software. Furthermore, when the data is scattered all over the place it becomes tricky and cumbersome to determine the performance of a certain period.

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Let’s take another example to understand how having multiple apps consumes employees energy on manual tasks; you may onboard your vendors via Google forms, generate leads on your website via Chatbot, receive your purchase order updates from suppliers on Google Sheets, receive tender responses on email, perform marketing qualification on Hubspot, and move sales qualified lead info to Quixy to name a few.

The right question to ask is: How do you extend the automation capabilities to workflows outside Quixy.

Introducing Quixy and Zapier Integration

The answer lays in Quixy and Zapier integration. The duo brings more than 3000 hassle-free possibilities to integrate Quixy apps with other enterprise systems. With Quixy Zaps, it is now easy to achieve end-to-end workflow automation at scale.

Let’s explore further how you can use Quixy and Zapier integration for smoother-than-ever workflow processes.

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Identify what you wish to automate

Some of the use cases have the potential to bring immense value to your employees and users alike.

a. Sync new vendors to Quixy

Simply sync vendors to Quixy whenever a new vendor fills in the onboarding Google form.

b. Add contacts to Quixy

Gone are the days when you had to feed data into your CRM manually. Automatically add a new contact from your CRM, such as Hubspot or Salesforce.

c. Push Website leads into Quixy

Are you generating leads on your website via Chatbot or forms such as Typeform or Google forms? No more worrying about gathering information, capture the lead’s information in Quixy.

d. Transform your emails into tickets

Do you receive feedback and requests from your clients to your support inbox? Create a Quixy ticket based on the email received on Outlook, Gmail, or any other email client.

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Steps to create and configure your Zap

1. Log into your Zapier account. You will be presented with the dashboard.

Zapier Dashboard

2. Add the app that you wish to connect with Quixy in the “Connect this app” field.

3. Add the Quixy in the “with this one!” field.

Zapier Workflow

4. Choose the Trigger from Google forms i.e. When this happens… and action to be performed on Quixy i.e. then do this!

5. Sign in to Google account and Quixy when prompted for.

Zapier_connect google forms
zapier_connect quixy

6. Choose the form that acts as a trigger and the Quixy app where the action has to occur.

7. Test the zap.

8. Turn on the Zap.

turn on zap_googleforms_quixy

Your Quixy Zap is ready to rock & roll. Yes! It is that easy with Quixy now!



Integrating apps have n number of user benefits. It will enable you to eliminate data silos, provide you better data visibility, save your time of switching between apps, will give you better work flexibility and so much more. An organization should not compromise integration or else it will end up putting unnecessary time into processing tasks and might lose the opportunity.

With Quixy and Zapier integration, find all that you want in one place with powerful, secure, and easy. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your processes. Take the first step and get started with Quixy today.

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