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No-code development is no longer far fetched. It’s the present and everywhere- buzzing and growing with its unbeatable features. No-code apps are booming and have transformed the industry with their ability to solve software hassles within minutes without any coding knowledge!

No-code’s simplicity in mechanics such as drag-and-drop and choosing from the given options to build an app makes it a visual environment to create a fully-functional and easy-to-use app.

Communities are thriving on No-code. We have deeply researched and curated a list of the “Top 7 No-Code Communities” for you to not only connect with enthusiasts but also start accelerating your digital transformation now! 

This article aims to connect with no-code enthusiasts and evangelists with each other and ask questions, explore platforms and products, and gain insights into the no-code world.

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nocode founders_no-code community

A community of 2000+ no-code founders across the globe, NCF is a community you must follow to get answers to all No-code related doubts you have.
Made by Joshua Tiernan, an avid no-coder, NoCode Founders is his dream of bridging software and innovation come true.

Instead of going mainstream, NCF has taken another route to reach out to evangelists. They have a Slack community where no-code enthusiasts can voluntarily join in different channels related to no-code. They organize a monthly AMA (ask me anything) for their Slack Community where they speak to influential people who give out trends and insights in the no-code community. This AMA is a well-thought initiative and an opportunity for you to build your knowledge and get any queries about No-code solved.

They have something for everyone. They have channels for different countries and platforms to help and support each other. Every Friday, they share a perk with their NCF community that includes discounts for various no-code platforms and tools.

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NoCode 3.0


A plate full of dishes to choose from, NoCode is such a platform that lets its community thrive with the help of options and recommendations it provides. One of the Top 10 No-code Communities, NoCode meticulously curates a list of the best no-code tools to build apps and software. 

A 500+ member community, NoCode lets you explore more than 200 tools for developers, designers, and employees so that they can create their dream apps without coding. An add-on is the tutorials they provide for the curated lists so that you can find your fit and software that suits you!


nocode devs_no-code community

A community founded by Art West, a No-code enthusiast, NoCodeDevs is a community made to connect, interact, explore, and discover everything about no-code! You must follow them to ask questions, start discussions, comment, like, and share content.

The best much of their content is community-powered! You can post quizzes, polls, tutorials, articles, webinars, product launches, stories, and press releases linked to no-code, low-code, and automation.

NoCodeDevs has 750+ members in 50+countries. Their member-base includes CEO’S, freelancers, marketers, founders, and business executives. The community believes in open and meaningful discussions and diversity.  The NoCodeDevs community includes people from numerous skills and backgrounds exploring ideas, sharing success stories, and discussing lessons learned. You can find members near you, online or by category too! They believe that exploration & discovery don’t have boundaries.

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No Code Makers

No Code Makers

One of the largest forums to discuss No-code, No Code Makers is one of the few communities that offers courses in no-code too! For the ones who want to dive in deep and discuss no-code to another level, this is for you.

The community has created a place for itself by offering insights and the latest developments in no-code. They offer tactical solutions and always look for ways to overcome the burden by imparting the community with knowledge about no-code.



Ben Tossell is the brains behind Makerpad. Makerpad is a leading destination to learn, share, and work together to create software—without writing code.

The most unique aspect is that they provide one of the best-in-class education paired with a supportive community and accountability. Their aim is to break-down the real business process, across hundreds of tools so that you can understand what platforms you can leverage for your workflows.

In the community, members can present new no-code products, ask questions, watch video tutorials, attend workshops about no-code, and also create challenges to push their limits to solve various use cases using no-code!

“Makerpad is hands down one of the best communities I’ve been fortunate to be a part of—I’ve never been more confident that I have the tools, resources, and support needed to build and grow my business,” says Tessa Thomas, Founder of Recruit-HQ, fitness instructor and tinkerer.

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NoCodeHQ Community 

NoCodeHQ Community

Noel Lorenz, a tech enthusiast and a no-code builder from Berlin, is the Founder of NoCode HQ. NoCode HQ helps the no-code communities to learn how to build without code, showcase newest no-code creations, learn more about the no-code movement, and engage with fellow coders. 

The NoCode HQ community provides members a platform to watch and learn from no-code tutorials to help them accelerate the app development process. If you’d like to discuss, explore, and discover the right no-code apps and know the entire process, you must follow NoCode HQ! Their templates help you to create and launch your no-code apps easily!



Nucode is a community with 3000+ makers that help you learn & build apps with no-code tools. It’s a platform where you can find an expert to help and guide you through no-code projects and also search for no-code events. 

Moreover, you can challenge other no-coders to create apps for challenging situations to develop a sense of competitive spirit along with learning.

No Code Club

NoCode Club

With 600+ members, No Code Club is one of the more unique no-code communities on the internet. This community focuses on giving its members a platform through which they can connect and help others with overcoming problems regarding their no-code builds. Their members can post their issues with no-code and other No Code Club members can help lead them in the right direction, towards a great solution. This fun community has been founded by Pierre Tillement and Laurent Pantusa, who are the co-founders of Hello Tyro.

The unique element in this community is that they’ve gamified their entire process. The experienced members who have been extending a hand to the newer members can earn karma points while helping their fellow members. These karma points (which have a clear scoring system) count towards a gamified leaderboard which helps identify those individuals who are talented in figuring out the intricacies of no-code. This community aims to basically be the StackOverflow for no-code users!

Nocoders Academy

nocoders academy

Nocoders Academy is a no-code community for Spanish-speaking No-coders. Their goal is to spread the no-code knowledge by providing tutorials, courses, and other no-code resources to the Spanish community. With 40+ free tutorials regarding no-code tools and over 200+ free resources on their website, this community is incredibly useful for Spanish no-code enthusiasts!

Becoming a part of Nocoders Academy community means that you can join a Slack community where you can get your no-code questions answered quickly. Their website also has a lot of references and resources to help aspire and create your next no-code project. With informative blogs and a weekly newsletter full of tips and growth hacks for your no-code efforts, Nocoders Academy can help you achieve your no-code goals and create your projects confidently!

How can I boost my business by following these communities? 

There’s no rule or pre-written instructions per se. What people often seem to miss is to gain an understanding of how to convert information to knowledge. And worry not, we’re here to help you with that! Baby steps they say. 

So start by following these no-code communities. Check them out. See what’s in it for you. These are some amazing communities that have tons of useful, insightful, and trust-worthy knowledge to offer. To make use of it is to accelerate and transform your business. And we’re here to help you with it! 

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