Processes and Pandemic
Quixy Editorial Team
August 11, 2023
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Processes and pandemics don’t really go well together, right? We all know 2020 has disrupted workplaces but not in the way we wanted, but what if we tell you that you can turn things around the way you want? Especially get your business processes smoother than ever and accelerate growth?

The last two years have given us enough circumstances to re-think our business models, modes of operation, workplace practices, processes, and policies.

No-code applications are the vaccines of hassle-free business processes! And here’s where we tell you how you can turn around your processes amidst this pandemic.

Processes constantly keep changing and transforming. And no-code apps can be the power that smoothens processes and accelerates businesses to reach new heights.

The idea is simple: using technology to build and deploy applications within minutes and hours and transforming processes that deliver higher value in these times. And the best part is that no prior coding knowledge is required because of features such as drag-and-drop!

No-code applications are very much today’s revolution and are no longer far-fetched in the world of process excellence. But with processes and the pandemic, the industry is seeing an emerging trend of a shift to no-code apps.

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Here’s a crash course in no-code applications and what can help you achieve process excellence amidst the pandemic!

All about No-code Apps

As said before, no-code development is the process of using simple mechanics such as drag-and-drop and choosing from the given options to build an app. The platform is essentially a visual environment wherein individuals without coding knowledge can create a fully-functional and easy-to-use app.

No-code processes

They offer endless possibilities to build any kind of application based on business needs. All you need is an idea and with the right no-code platform, you can implement it in minutes and hours.

You can literally, very conveniently automate processes and workflows and build custom applications 10X faster with no-code and remain agile, react quickly to business opportunities and provide solutions to unpredicted industry disruptors such as the current global pandemic.

They allow the hassle-free transition into remote working and respect social distancing policies. By building no-code apps for your processes, you can totally ensure the safety of your employees! Trust us, organizations are looking into no-code platforms to implement apps as quickly as possible and ensure business continuity to remain competitive and drive growth!

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And the benefits of these apps will go beyond processes and pandemic in the future! Here’s how!

1. Literally, anybody can build a No-code app!

The best part about these apps is that you can make these apps sitting remotely. You don’t need technical experience or knowledge about code. Anyone (or as we like calling them, citizen developers) can build functional applications under an hour!

We know Zoom calls can get the best of you and hence, the minutes of the meeting app is going to be your savior amidst this pandemic! You can build an app the way you want, according to your organization’s needs! And voila, you have an app that lets you not miss any meeting details and agendas and can be updated in real-time!

Check how to build one here!

2. You’re saving up!

Well, firstly onboarding a professional developer remotely is quite a hassle and it is very expensive.  No-code apps save you the time and costs in a jiffy and also are much more efficient! Moreover, because it is fast, it saves man-hours and that translates to saved revenue in the long run.

Processes and pandemic result in a not-so-cost effective situation especially with legacy systems and them being in one-location, in systems in offices only! No-code apps safely and easily integrate into devices since they sit on a cloud system and can be safely accessed through any device! This saves so much of the costs, even when you’re onboarding new employees since you won’t have to provide them with a legacy system from the office!

And guess what? You’re also saving up on paper by going paperless! No-code apps allow paperless processing and allow smooth working from home! Not only you’re saving the cost of paper but also the risk of damaged files, misplaced documents, and the risk of paper-trails!

3. You’re driving with excellent agility!

Agility is always a plus, whether it is in the context of humans or development platforms. No-code apps check this box by automating everything from building to testing while sitting at home, away from the software hassles and chaos! The teams will, thus, have more time to actually get the work done instead of wasting it preparing for work. Also, making changes will be quick!


Imagine procurement processes after the pandemic for businesses- not a very pretty picture right? But deploying no-code apps have taken care of it all! Purchase order & invoice management is automated, communications are streamlined- ensuring smooth processes and driving excellent agility, that too with an ongoing pandemic!

No-code apps for the win!

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4. Well, obviously you’re enhancing and embracing innovation!

Your IT team will thank you for reducing its burden and giving citizen developers the power to create their own apps. This creates departments to think of strategic ways to build and deploy apps that they need during the pandemic to streamline processes!

This in turn encourages them to get their creative juices flowing, and continuous innovation has already become a part of the company culture!

For example, HR realizes that they need to onboard employees virtually and hence need a process that enables a hindrance-free onboarding. All they need to do is build a no-code app as per their needs and bam!- you have enabled innovation in your HR department and also have happy employees because of a hassle-free and as-per your needs onboarding process, and as-per your requirements employees too!

Check this article out for more secrets of a hassle-free onboarding process.

5. Business Process Alignment

Well, when the core workforce takes up the task of app development and streamlines processes, inefficiencies reduce because they have worked across departments and know what’s expected. This helps you align business goals and increase productivity and unlock an enriching innovative future!

And these are some benefits in the sea of the boons and perks of no-code apps. Regardless of the department, regardless of the industry, no-code apps are re-engineering business processes during the pandemic! More so, they are paving the path to a healthy, and promising post-pandemic recovery plan to drive growth and deliver value.


Processes and Pandemic: Tips to Transform

We understand these are trying times, especially when it comes to processes and the pandemic! Revisiting goals, revising plans, and most importantly also taking care of the workforce- it can be daunting! And that is why we have a few suggestions (if you’d like them, obviously) as to where and how you can start implementing no-code apps for processes and pandemic-related complications-

Processes and Pandemic - Tips to transform

1. Rethink & Restructure

We are aware business is being impacted, and hence, rethink your goals, roles, and structures. Make space for processes that you know are beneficial long-term and are value-driving.

It is natural that the shift of team members working remotely will have many businesses create new positions to adjust. We understand that it does get tricky when typical workflows get disrupted. Consider implementing regular meetings, and updating information within departments, and restructuring processes.

2. Revisit, Revise and Re-purpose

As you come to grips with working amidst the pandemic, try revisiting your goals and ask yourself if you’ve rethought your goals. This includes your goals for profit generation, team members, and all other things that have to do with your processes. By revisiting these goals and you can revise them properly and ensure that business stays afloat now and will thrive long after the pandemic passes.

3. Optimize & Enhance

As you start implementing changes by revisiting and revising goals, restructuring roles and processes, you’ll certainly see changes- good and bad. Use them to eliminate things that aren’t working out and optimize and enhance the processes that are doing well! Soon you’ll see that working remotely is a breeze and you’ll also have a post-pandemic recovery plan ready to deploy because of the use of no-code apps!

4. Lastly, but most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself!

We all know the last two years haven’t been easy on us. Let’s make it a point to drive self-growth too, little by little. Don’t expect to get everything right the first time. Learn by practicing often and making mistakes. In some ways, you will be rebuilding your business in a new light and way.

And we are here for it. For you.

Quixy: For Processes and Pandemic

Every crisis brings challenges but opens up doors full of opportunities. And we, at Quixy believe in grabbing opportunities as they come, whenever they do.

Quixy is a cloud-based digital transformation platform that empowers business users with no coding skills to automate processes and build unlimited applications, using a simple visual interface, ten times faster using 60% fewer resources.

Quixy will help you enable the transformation you and your organization demand with processes and pandemics disrupting our lives. Quixy can provide comfort amidst this crisis and help you shift gears to remote working.

Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your processes. Take the first step and get started with Quixy today

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