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How often have you walked back from a meeting and forgotten the details about the action points you discussed? How often have you attended meetings without any action points? Meeting complaints like poor preparation, disorganized notes, no agenda, and improper tracking of action items is common in workplaces. The best way to avoid them is by recording the Minutes of the Meeting. But is there an easy-to-use, customizable Meeting Management solution that can solve the problem? That can streamline everything from scheduling to the closure of all action items?

Using apps is one thing but are they in-tandem with your organization and team workflows? That’s the issue with ready-to-use apps.

Let Quixy take note of this. (Pun Intended)

Quixy’s no-code platform provides you an easy-to-use, flexible, and customizable Meeting Management solution that can be easily and seamlessly integrated with other business workflows you automate on the Quixy platform. Whether it’s a board meeting with attendees from remote locations or a small internal team meeting, you can use Quixy’s Meeting Management solution to set up and manage any kind of meeting.

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How? Let’s see.

Using Quixy’s customizable Meeting Management solution, you can create meetings and track the action items generated in the meetings with the automated reminders and escalations that can be configured according to your organization’s needs.

You can create groups comprising of team members attending the meeting and save it. These groups can be project team, development team, testing team, sales team, compliance team, change management team, etc. An admin can be assigned to each group.

From now on, while scheduling a new meeting the user doesn’t even have to add all the members, instead, they can just select the group that has been created.

Create Group

Meeting Management solution - create group

The user can create a new group and select the members in the group and assign an admin to the group.

Create Meeting

Once done, the business user can create or schedule their meetings at any point in time.

Meeting Management solution - create meeting

The user can enter the meeting title, date, and time of the meeting and the meeting location.

They can also add the points to be discussed or the agenda of the meeting.

Create Meeting

Users can create recurring or a one-time meeting. One or multiple reminders can be configured to remind the attendees about these meetings.

Users can select the group type and all the members in the group will be displayed. The user need not select individual members who are attending the meeting.

Once the user creates the meeting notifications will be sent to the group admin to approve the meeting. Once approved all the attendees are notified about the meeting.

Manage Meetings

All the meetings can be accessed through an actionable report that gives an insight into the meetings scheduled, conducted, and closed.

Meeting Management solution - managing

Meeting reminders can be sent to all the attendees with just a click of a button.

Meetings can be edited, canceled and closed using this screen.

Add Action items

Meeting actions can be added here. Action item owners can be added and due date assigned for each action item.

Add action

Action item information e.g. due date etc. can be edited at any time. The action item owners are notified of any changes in case the change is not done by them.

Meeting Management solution - edit

Action item owners can view and update the status of the action items. Remarks and progress can be added to each action item without having to necessarily change the status.

Reports and Insights

Using Quixy’s customizable Meeting Management solution, managers can use the dashboard to access to action items from all their meetings with the option to send reminders to the action item owners. They can also use the document generator feature in the Quixy platform to build reports with the minutes of the meeting, adding the action items and the corresponding status dynamically.

reports & Insights

Employees can also access their action items and update the corresponding status using the mobile app or from their computer.


With Quixy’s customizable Meeting Management solution, you no longer have to worry about missed action items from your meetings!

Quixy, is an innovative no-code platform that helps you automate any business process and build simple to complex enterprise-grade applications in hours and days instead of weeks and months. All without writing any code. Sign-up for a free trial now, explore its features and get started with ready-to-use MoM solution along with many other free-to-use solutions.

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