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August 10, 2023
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Are you using emails and Excel to manage your recruitment activities? Are you looking for an efficient, transparent, and customizable recruitment solution? Look no further!!

Quixy’s ready-to-use recruitment solution helps automate the end-to-end recruitment process from raising a requisition to the issuance of the offer letter. The solution can be customized based on individual organization needs. The recruiters can effortlessly schedule interviews and track applicants throughout the recruitment workflows while providing an improved experience to all the candidates.

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Let’s take a closer look at Quixy’s no-code recruitment solution.

Job Requisition Application

The first step in any recruitment process is the job requisition.
The process starts with the hiring manager creating job vacancies and submitting the job requisition forms to be approved by their respective managers. The requisition includes all the job requirements, including the title, job description, location, number of open positions, offered salary, etc.

recruitment solution

The number of approvals may be configured as per the requirement. Conditional workflows can also be configured based on the offered salary or any other parameters; additional approvals can be made mandatory.

recruitment solution - workflow

Once approved, the request is forwarded to the recruitment team. At any stage, if any clarifications are required, the request may be sent back to the concerned person in the previous workflow steps.

The dashboard provides insights into the requisitions. Managers and recruiters get their own dashboards with information based on their access privileges.

Applicant track snapshot

Recruiters can also generate comprehensive reports on requisition status from the system for their weekly reviews.

Sourcing Candidates

sourcing candidates snapshot

Approved requisition requests are assigned to the recruiters. A recruiter can source candidates against the requisition and upload their resumes against the approved requisition.

Note: Optionally, recruiters can either integrate with career pages on their websites, job portals or provide an interface to recruitment services to source candidates.


Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Each uploaded resume is then put through the application tracking workflow in the recruitment solution.

Applicant Screening

Each sourced resume undergoes a screening process. This includes the first round of HR screening, followed by the technical screening. This is based on a review of the resume based on the job description. No interview is conducted at this stage.

recruitment solution - applicant screening

Interview Tracking

Once the candidate has been successfully screened, the interviews can be scheduled. This may include any number of interview rounds. Conditional workflows can be set to have additional rounds of interviews based on offered salary, the position, etc.

recruitment solution - interview tracking

For each interview scheduled, the candidate and the interviewer are notified through email notifications.

assessment snapshot

At each interview stage, the interviewer can enter his assessment into the system. This includes the assessment against the soft skills and technical skills requirements.

evaluation snapshot

The HR interview is scheduled once the candidate has cleared the technical rounds. HR Assessment and any negotiations with the candidate can be captured at this stage.

negotiation snapshot

Once cleared, the resume is sent for final approval.

If, at any stage, the candidate is not selected, a regret email is sent through email notifications.

Once the final approval is obtained, the workflow moves back to the recruiter, who can now generate an offer letter with a click of a button. The letter is generated with the data already available within the system, thereby eliminating the possibility of any manual errors. Hassle-free offer letter generation will save you from the pain of typing each letter out and also help you store them for future use.

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Reports and Insights

Simple and Complex reports can be generated for any reviews. These reports may be printed or emailed based on the requirements.

recruitment - reports snapshot

Dashboards provide each stakeholder, including the hiring manager, recruiter, and recruitment head, access to the necessary insights through the use of dashlets that can be configured as per the needs. The dashboard provides an overview of the entire process with charts and graphs that summarize data like the number of department-wise requisitions, the number of applications for each open position, their respective status, etc.

recruitment dashboard snapshot

At this stage, a feedback process may be triggered to get the candidate’s feedback on the recruitment process.

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With Quixy’s no-code recruitment solution, the entire process is a breeze!

Quixy is an innovative no-code platform that helps you automate any business process and build simple to complex enterprise-grade applications in hours and days instead of weeks and months, all without writing any code. Get Started Today! Empower your organization with automation and customized app development without coding. 

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