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Quixy Editorial Team
August 9, 2023
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Subscribing to newsletters is mainly motivated by learning more about a topic that interests you (36.2%) and staying up-to-date on the latest content from a website (35.8%). The newsletter allows online businesses to demonstrate their expertise and authority. Tell your subscribers why certain materials are better, which styles are popular, or what your brand is all about.

NoCode is growing and still offers much to learn because it can be very beneficial, especially if you have a development problem. There are No-Code tools to help you fix it.

Resourceful No-Code Newsletters

The following  No-Code newsletters provide daily or weekly information on NoCode if you are hungry for it.

1. Quixy

Quixy Newsletter

Discover more about No-Code, Citizen Development, Digital Transformation, Business Agility, and other related topics in our weekly blog updates and insightful webinars!

How does it benefit you?

  • No-code blogs delivered weekly.
  • Learn about No-Code in our webinars.
  • Updates on Quixy’s products.

2. Markerpad by Ben Tossell

Makerpad Newsletter

Receive an email with the latest how-tos, four stories, upcoming features, maker stories, news, and community shoutouts about no-code. You don’t have to worry if you don’t want spam emails since Markerpad sends an email every Sunday. Nearly 10,000+ subscribers have signed up for the no-code newsletter by Ben Tossell. News stories are automatically compiled into a weekly newsletter.

3. The Discourse by Kavir Kaycee

The Discourse Newsleter

An emerging no-code talent brings us this one. This newsletter by Kavir Kaycee will give you insights that will help you walk the walk in product building. The Discourse newsletter is read by product managers, designers, CEOs, and venture capitalists.

By incorporating business and design perspectives, you can enhance your no-code approach.  Be relevant to startups by applying these ideas and trends.

4. Side project stack by Michael Novotny

Side Project Stack

As a result of Michael’s passion for saving you time and frustration, he created Side Project Stack. In addition to NoCode Wiki, Tool Generator, and Maker Tech Stacks, he successfully launched three NoCode projects. His mission statement says, “Makers helping other Makers, make.” And that’s it. The Side Project Stack Newsletter brings you a full package of NoCode product management insights to help you turn your idea into a reality.

Getting awareness of how NoCode can benefit you is the first step if you are considering using NoCode. Stay up to date on NoCode’s growing community by subscribing to their newsletter!

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5. No-Code Report by Parker Thompson

No-Code Report Newsletter

Weekly NoCode Reports provide high-level summaries of NoCode news. As a result, you won’t miss out on new launches, product updates, challenges, and podcast episodes. This no-code weekly newsletter by Parker, contains articles, collections, etc., as well as new resources. Every Saturday, NoCode Report publishes a newsletter.

6. No-Code Exist

No-code newsletter No-Code Exist

No-Code Exist by Katt Risen is one of the very popular no-code newsletter with more than 5000 subscribers. Even if you are a tech expert wanting to broaden your knowledge? Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur with no coding experience but eager to create your own app. Either way, the No-code Exist newsletter has got your back! With its weekly publication, you will find new no-code success stories and the acquired products built using No-Code.

Started in August 2022, No-Code Exist quickly became a no-code enthusiast’s choice with 700+ monthly new subscribers. Join this no-code newsletter and stay ahead of the game!

7. Brain Pint by Janel

Brain Pint Newsletter

This newsletter is a helpful resource for makers and marketers alike. The author is a no-code powerhouse Janel. The learnings are not limited to no code news. You can find interesting reads, tools, & learning materials in every edition of this newsletter.

Make no-code better by becoming a smarter maker. Build your adjacent skills and perspectives by combining insights from business, tech, strategy, and marketing.

With Newsletter OS, Janel has just launched a no-code dashboard that helps newsletter creators write, curate, and grow their newsletters.

8. Nocode Essentials by Quentin Villard 

Nocode Essentials Newsletter

NoCode Essentials curates only the most relevant NoCode resources. In no time, you will be able to launch your NoCode projects in the NoCode world. Quentin Villard provide the most comprehensive no-code tutorials, articles, blogs, podcasts, newsletters, communities, templates, and more to our 267 subscribers of NoCode Essentials. Sign up to receive exclusive NoCode content.

9. RadReads Newsletter by Khe Hy

RadReads Newsletter

The purpose of this newsletter is to teach you how to become a successful entrepreneur or creator. The book is packed with new ideas about work and life. In addition, it includes insights from Khe’s interviews with leading creators.

Advantage: Get hands-on knowledge to deal with money, creativity, and productivity.

10. Automate All the Things by Aron Korenblit

Automate All The Things Newsletter

NoCode news, thoughts, and tips are written by Aron. He has also released a Livestream and video review of NoCode tools. The current subscriber count is 533, and 24 issues have been tackled as he continues to learn and share relevant tools. An exclusive tutorial is shared every week, along with his thoughts on the NoCode space with Automate All The Things Newsletter.

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11. Life Design Newsletter by August Bradley

Life Design Newsletter

We must constantly reshape our thinking systems to keep up with rapidly changing technology. Getting the most out of your transformation starts with mental models, insights, and learnings from this newsletter.

This newsletter is written by a systems thinker and Notion expert, August Bradely. Learn how to think and build using ready-to-use models.

12. Low Code Future By Matteo Scarabelli

Low Code Future

Funding rounds for Low-Code & No-Code startups can be tracked here by founders and investors. Low Code Future sends out a digest of LCNC deals, exits, and must-read reports every month.

Every month, Low Code Future sends its newsletter to business professionals. The author is Matteo Scarabelli.


Benefits of building your newsletter 

Let’s first examine why someone might want to build a subscription-based newsletter outside of a platform like Substack. According to what others have said, there are several reasons for building your tech stack to manage your newsletter;

  • Your content is completely under your control. WordPress saves, backs up, and exports your content every time you publish. Plus, the options are endless when it comes to customizing it.‍
  • WordPress is an open-source tool. If the platform changes or goes bankrupt, you won’t lose your site and content.
  • SEO is under your control. If you want, your content can act as an evergreen SEO machine on your site. As a bonus, you can figure out the best-ranking strategy for your website and manage all metadata such as tags and alt texts.
  • Different newsletters can be priced differently. With a warm audience, you can even sell completely different products (such as courses or webinars).
  • Analytics can be used to your advantage. You can access a full dashboard of stats if you connect your site to Google Analytics. Continuously tweak and refine what works and what doesn’t.  
  • Growth can be accelerated by adding to your stack. Would you like to create an affiliate program? Would it be possible to track and reward subscriber referrals? Could quizzes or forms be embedded? When you’re in control, you can do all of that. You can add tools as you see fit.


Do you want to follow and get updates from no-code newsletters? The list of the most popular no-code newsletter tools and platforms is presented above. By giving you a quick overview of these newsletters in less than 5 minutes, this list can help you discover and shortlist a newsletter that will help you accomplish your goals.

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