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August 9, 2023
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Would you agree? If I say,

Coding is one of the most hard-earned, time-consuming, and tricky skills to learn.

Coding or programming is also the most difficult to acquire as one of the most needed skills in this quickly changing tech world.

Programming sometimes creates barriers for aspiring business users and their desire to create. Due to a lack of technical expertise, they either abandon their ideas or postpone them until they have the funds to pay developers.

Enters no-code.

No-code allows business users to create applications and build solutions 10x times faster without writing any code. No-coding is a wave that has given every business individual the power to go above and beyond with their ideas.

Every business user who has jumped on this joyride terms it differently. For some

No-code is an art.

For some, it is a superpower.

For some, No-code is a magic wand.

Or it is a revolution.

No-code is a modern tale of application.

No-code is a beast; this quite literally came out when we asked our users to associate no-code with an animal. Let us look at some interesting no-code definitions, where we connect them with their benefits and real-world examples.

So, bearing this in mind:

Here are some of the amazing answers we got

Cheetah, it’s fast!

No-code is fast; how many of you have heard this statement? Now, how many of you agree to it? 

Imagine one of the world’s leading Food and Support Service companies operating at thousands of client locations worldwide to reduce the application development time by 60% and bring in visibility, transparency, and traceability across various processes.

Coyote, for its adaptability 

No-code development platforms are creating a significant shift in the business, allowing users to develop applications independently and at breakneck speed.  

Can you use COTS for all your business processes? Or would you choose to create workflow apps according to your business needs?  

A leading bank that followed many processes unique to its operations took the no-code app development advantage to create a single source of truth for all the non-core financial processes.

Swordfish, for its agility 

No-code is a blank canvas, and you decide what you want to build.  

A construction and infrastructure company automated many and varied business operations, including budgeting, equipment and material management, vendor management, procurement, logistics management, and HR with No-code app development.  

Amoeba, for the ability to take multiple forms 

Imagine a tool that takes shape according to your need and not the other way around! 

For example, a seafood company leveraged the power of no-coding. It was able to automate all HR and payroll procedures, including onboarding, performance management, leave management, payroll management, and separation. 

Elephant, for its reliability 

How reliable is no-coding? Can be simply proven by looking at this example. A leading business turned from high-impact paper and Excel-based activities to automation.  

The automated solution established a single source of truth, which helped minimize human data entry errors and reconciliation concerns, increase productivity and efficiency, and bring transparency to operations. 

Mimic Octopus, for adapting quickly 

Is no-code helpful for only a particular type of business or process? Well, no.  

A port automated its CFS(container freight station) system, which helped them reduce cargo dwell time by 25% and increase the process efficiency by 40%. Furthermore, all key stakeholders now have real-time access to their requests’ status, significantly increasing customer satisfaction. 

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The Condor, for its efficiency 

When it comes to efficiency, no-coding platforms are running ahead in the race and winning.  

For example, a pharmaceutical company fully automated and streamlined their procurement operations and eliminated the use of manual and paper-based processes, which enhanced overall operation efficiency to more than 30%. 

Maybe dolphins,🐬 because they are considered to be very smart and logical 

No-code is a smart technology; why? Because it allows you to make smart decisions.  

The dashboard and customized reports provide real-time insights into field staff status, productivity, and utilization. An insurance company improved field staff utilization by an impressive 40% while reducing the cost related to manual task allocation and tracking.  

Lion King- for its confidence to face everything 

No-code does it all, be it an improvement in efficiency, bringing in the required transparency, or easy tracking. 

For example, you can automate critical processes such as requirement gathering, identification of bills of material, planning, and installation. A company in the solar energy field was able to improve lead conversion by more than 20% after automating the above-mentioned tasks.  


The power that no-code brings to business users is unimaginable. It is fueling the paradigm shift of transferring the power to develop from software developers to business users. Quixy is a feature-rich no-coding platform that lets you create applications with simple drag-and-drop designs at 10x faster speed. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your processes. Take the first step and get started with Quixy today. 

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