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May 27, 2024
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The world is entering a new era dominated by citizen development and no-code and with good reason.

Citizen development enables anyone with or without coding expertise to build applications within no time and at a fraction of the cost. With no-code platforms, citizen developers can customize applications according to the needs and requirements of every department or organization. This promotes workflow automation which drives business efficiency and productivity.

Top Learning and News resources on Citizen Development

If you are the kind of person, who likes to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest news and learnings on tech disruptions such as citizen development, here is a curated list of the top resources on citizento follow.

1. Project Management Institute

Project Management Institute

Project Management Institute (PMI) is the leading association in the project management industry. PMI has launched its first platform to educate organizations about implementing and using citizen development to their advantage. According to PMI President and CEO, Sunil Prashara, this leading platform provides educational resources to help organizations turn ideas into applications. PMI combines experts’ knowledge and experience to provide the top news in citizen development.

The platform offers a handbook for creators, a foundation e-learning course, the latest news and highlights, and a chance to be a part of a citizen developer community. As a low-code enthusiast, you surely do not want to miss out as the platform engages with more than 600,000 members and 1.5 million credential holders in almost every country.

2. Low-code Daily 

The low-code daily

Like its name suggests, this top news resource provides daily news digest from the world’s leading no-code low-code platforms. Nigel Warren curates the most relevant news in the citizen development industry. 

Nigel Warren is an expert researcher and writer on modern software development technologies such as no-code, low-code development platforms, and rapid application development.

This resource will surely keep you up-to-date with all the breaking news in the market’s fastest-growing tech category.

3. Gartner


As a student in an institution, you always had your teachers and mentors to guide you with the right information. Similarly, for companies and leaders, Gartner plays an important role in offering indispensable insights, tools, and advice to achieve all your goals in the low code world. 

Gartner, a  leading research and advisory company, offers a deep insight into the impact of no-code in businesses. The platform releases its famous “Magic Quadrant” report every year. The report has gained popularity among citizen developers as it analyses the high productivity building of applications, both web, and mobile. 

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4. Quixy


Quixy is a leading no-code application development platform. The platform is also known for its blogs, well-thought-out infographics, explanatory videos, news, educative webinars, e-books and so much more which are updated regularly to keep you informed on the different aspects of no-code citizen development.

These varieties of resources are managed by Vivek who is a proficient writer and a no-code enthusiast. Vivek writes extensively on citizen development and no coding and enlightens you about the latest updates in the field. You can find his articles on Quixy and Medium.

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5. Forrester


Forrester is a renowned consulting and research firm that dominates conversations in the no-code low-code community. With its analysis and evaluation of the existing no-code platforms, Forrester should be on top of everyone’s reading list in the citizen development industry with its range of resources such as blogs, podcasts, and reports.

Forrester analyses the most pressing business, marketing, and technology matters across the globe including citizen development. It is also useful to know about Forrester New Wave, which is a comprehensive no-code industry report which uses a 10 category scoring process to rank low-code platforms.


6. No-code journal

No-code journal

What started out as a digital magazine has now become a massive space for all the No-Code, Low-Code, Visual Development, and Citizen Developer news, insights, and trends. No-code Journal offers news articles written by a team of No-Code enthusiasts who belong to a variety of technical backgrounds and experiences. They share a newsletter every week to reach out to all no-code enthusiasts out there.

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The main aim of this platform is to aid in the development of the no-code industry and to introduce the industry to a larger audience. No Code Journal has a blog with interesting tool breakdowns, an event calendar, interviews, and collections, making it a very good resource for both beginners and experts. With the freshest news and latest best practices written by the industry’s smartest practitioners, you do not want to miss out!

7. NoCodeHackers

NoCodeHackers is a top community majorly having Spanish resources for the ever-growing No-code community across the globe.

They believe that the best way to learn no-code is through real examples that add value from the very first minute. They offer various courses in different and top-performing no-code tools and platforms. They also have a carefully curated newsletter and blog which have a dedicated community discussing the latest no-code trends and insights.

8. Nocodery

NoCodery is one of the top no-code communities offering unique solutions to its members. The community encompasses everything about no-code- from learning to jobs. The community not only offers the best tools for no-code but also specialized learning courses about no-code. The ‘Experts’ in the community offer their best suggestions and advice on No-code, the trends and insights, and their experience with no-code.

If you want to visit a one-stop-shop for No-code, NoCodery is the place to be! You can learn, understand, seek advice and get a job from one platform.

9. Codeless.how

Codeless.how is a super fun no-code community to follow. It offers video tutorials on various no-code app development topics. They also have an interesting 10 minutes series where you can learn how to build tools like birthday and meeting reminders. The fun part is that they have a voting system wherein users can choose what video they want to see next. Yes, you can get on-demand video content!
If you are tired of reading and want to see and implement the same while making an app or like to learn all things about no-code, this is where you should start.

10. Nocode essentials

It is exactly like its name suggests. It is a specially curated directory of the best resources on no-code. You can choose from categories like tutorials, blogs, communities, newsletters, podcasts, etc., and receive a complete list of resources and websites to choose from.
This is a no-code resource bank for enthusiasts.

11. No-code Weekly

No-code weekly

The no-code landscape has exploded last year with the variety of new products and platforms launched. No-code weekly is a free newsletter that will help you learn how to build websites, applications, and software with no coding experience.

No-code weekly believes that the No-Code Movement is on the cusp of going mainstream and the citizen development tools are getting better day by day. This is why the platform is here to help get the word out.

12. No-Code Ops

No code ops

No code ops, founded by Philip Lakin, is a community of no coders that sends newsletters to inform recipients about the use, thoughts, and strategy for using no-code platforms. No code ops is a community of over 5000 top operations professionals who wants to learn how to build world-class internal tools without writing a single line of code. The primary goal of this newsletter is to educate and assist businesses in solving problems using no code. Every Thursday, the newsletter is sent out to keep people informed about no code.

The best thing about the No code ops community is that you don’t need any prior knowledge of app development. The community is only looking for people who are excited about the promise of no-code and want to apply it to operational work. In addition to a newsletter, the platform intends to host workshops, one-on-one conversations, and surveys.

13. Modern Makers

Modern Makers is a weekly newsletter about No-code tools to help you launch & grow your projects. They carefully curate and create content around the best no-code tools that suit your need and give updates about Product updates, Projects, Tutorials, Podcasts, and Resources. They review the best tools and practices in automation and no-code and analyze how these tools can help various and unique businesses solve unique issues.

The distinctive feature of the newsletter is the detailed analysis and facts about no-code and trends that may follow. Modern Makers is one of the no-code communities that helps in accelerating digital transformation by imparting the right information to the right people. They have 600+ members and an enthusiastic social community that you can connect with instantly, making this a great resource to become a no-code pro!

14. No Code List

Drew Thomas is the no-code enthusiast behind No Code List and is a project under the Work and Whistle umbrella.

No Code List has a repository list of all the no-code tools and resources which you can easily use to create your own and transform your business.

Drew says, “My goal with the No Code List is to help people identify the perfect no-code software for their project. I want to make it easy for everyone to both discover and vet the right tools for their unique needs.”

The list is divided into five categories for ease of discovery. The repository also contains No Code Agencies that help may help you to build your no-code products or business.

15. Inside NoCode

Inside No-Code

Inside NoCode is one newsletter that will solve the problem of you being buried under viral news and not finding anything relevant to no-code. This is an amazing newsletter that goes out every week and will give you all the important news around no-code. Their newsletter content includes no-code webinar events, tutorials, guides, new no-code products, feature updates of various tools, and most importantly no-code news.

They are focused on delivering as much value as possible to their readers, in every one of their newsletters. Anything they post has undergone a thorough editing process and is a polished piece of work. The editor of the newsletter at Inside is Aaron Crutchfield.

16. 100DaysOfNoCode

100 days of no-code is an online community where users can subscribe to one of the three subscription programs that offer courses, weekly workshops, learning labs, demos and events for users willing to learn and build with no-code. No-code beginners, entrepreneurs, creators or startup operators come together from all over the world to bring their ideas to life.

They are focused on educating users about no-code and are on a mission to bring the power of no-code to the masses. Started as a challenge on Twitter, 100 days of no code has become the go-to place for users to learn and build their ideas into live products with no code. So if you are new and want to learn and create something with no code from scratch 100daysofnocode is your place to go.

17. 30 Days Of No Code

30 days of No Code is a no-code learning program. Subscribers can learn everything about no-code, application building and automation in just 30 days with 30 days of no-code. In addition to that users also gets to subscribe to The No code Pro newsletter, where the founder Sahil Khosla, shares insights about the best tools, important concepts and things to avoid on their no-code app development journey.

The website also offers informative blogs and posts regarding developments in the no-code universe and helpful information on no-code use cases.


You do not want to miss out on the pulse of the No-Code movement & tips to implement citizen development, so start by following the suitable news resources from our list. These resources will keep you up-to-date with insightful and trustworthy knowledge and news. You can also check out Citizen Developer’s Toolbox: Insights and Strategies from Our eBook-Innovate and Empower: A Journey through Citizen Development!

You can use this newly found information to help grow your business and reach your goals. With our top no-code application development platform and a variety of resources, Quixy is here to help you crush your competition and be on top of the game. Begin your journey towards streamlined operations and tailored apps – all with the simplicity of our platform. Get started today to harness the potential of automation.

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