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August 11, 2023
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No-code and Low-code development is an innovation that is changing the landscape regarding coding for applications and websites. This type of coding is perfect for non-technical individuals, including entrepreneurs and those with big ideas. However, due to the novelty of this type of coding, it can become a little overwhelming for newcomers. In this blog, we’ll discuss a good way to grasp the basic thought behind no-code without disrupting your busy schedule.

Do you want to know more about a topic like no-code but don’t have the time to sit and study the concept? Podcasts may be perfect for you. This new medium is an easy way of gaining knowledge while being engaged in other tasks. We’ve rounded up the top no-code podcasts for you below!

Top No-Code Podcast for Citizen Developers 2024

Indie Hackers by Courtland Allen

Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers is the top no-code podcast on our list. Indie Hackers is a platform where founders of successful businesses can freely share their stories and teachings with motivated entrepreneurs who want to read and learn more from these stories. Indie hackers are defined as anyone generating revenue directly from customers and not through an employer. If you’re interested in creating a business directly involved with customers, this might be the perfect community for you!

The Indie Hackers podcast consists of conversations between Courtland Allen, the founder of Indie Hackers, and other individuals who have created profitable online businesses. With 345+ episodes lasting more than an hour each, this podcast can be a great way to get some insights into how people have created their businesses and their motivations behind launching these successful ideas.

The podcast offers three shows for curious listeners i.e., Indie Bites, Software Social, and Indie Hackers. There are in-depth conversations about how these founders have gotten away from the 9-to-5 grind and found innovative business models that have turned into successful online businesses.

Where to listen:

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Visual Developers by Matt Varughese, Lacey Kesler, and Ben Parker

Visual DevFM

The Visual Developers podcast is hosted by Matt Varughese, Lacey Kesler, and Ben Parker, experts in the no-code field. They each have their own initiatives and bring their own unique qualities to the table in this podcast. The Visual Developers podcast is a great source of information when it comes to learning from the hosts and the guests they invite to the podcast.

Matt, Lacey, and Ben often discuss different upcoming tools in the no-code space and various learnings they’ve gained throughout their professional careers. With 80+ episodes ranging from 30 minutes to over an hour, this no-code podcast can be perfect for you if you want to know about everything in the no-code space.

Where to listen:

No Code No Problem by Ryan Myher

No Code No Problem

No Code No Problem is a podcast hosted by Ryan Myher, the Head of Community at V/One. This podcast aims to help engage creators in conversation regarding the thoughts behind creating applications and websites using no-code.

No-code development doesn’t have to be difficult for newcomers, and this podcast could be perfect for you if you want to test the waters a little. This podcast can help you understand how no-code tools are changing the technological landscape in terms of development for applications and websites. No Code No Problem is also a great podcast if you don’t have much time in the day since each episode lasts 6 minutes or less. No Code No Problem is a great short-form podcasting resource if you’re starting with no code.

Where to listen:

No-Code Wealth by Abdulaziz M Alhamdan

NoCode Wealth

No-Code Wealth is mainly focused on finding out more about money, marketing, and mindset from the founders and creators of no-code tools. Abdulaziz M Alhamdan is the host of this podcast. After starting this podcast in January 2020, he’s created a program that helps newcomers to the no-code community understand how the no-code leaders got to where they are. He’s able to connect with top individuals from companies like Bubble, Lloyd, Indiestack, etc, and draw valuable insights from them.

No-code Wealth has 188 episodes which may range from 45 minutes to 1 hour in duration. In these episodes, Abdulaziz M Alhamdan invites guests from prestigious and prominent companies in the no-code sphere to understand their journey into no-code and how they became founders who can create wealth by using no-code tools. This podcast is normally updated daily.

Where to listen:

The LowCode Podcast

The LowCode Podcast

The LowCode podcast is a very interesting and helpful low-code podcast. Jesus Vargas is the host of the podcast and also the founder of the LowCode Agency. In each episode, he talks to business owners and founders, and they answer questions like; where did the idea of the app come from, how do they validate their product And, how one can successfully launch and run a business. The latest podcast ranges from 30 to 40 minutes.

Where to listen:

My NoCode Story

My NoCode Story by Ayush is yet another very interesting no-code podcast. Every episode is unique in its way. In each podcast, Ayush talks to creators, founders, and no-code builders about their no-code journey, idea, and tools. Every episode is 30 to 35 mins long, loaded with insightful no-code information. If you are looking for no-code stories that inspire you, My NoCode Story is the place to go!

Where to listen:

Low-Code Ninjas by John Koetsier and Peggy Anne Salz

No-code ninjas

Low-Code Ninjas is hosted by John Koetsier and Peggy Anne Salz and is focused on highlighting popular mobile apps with great functionalities and have been made using low-code tools. John Koetsier is a journalist, author, analyst, and executive who writes for Forbes and is the CEO of $SMRT. Peggy Anne Salz is an expert in the mobile marketing space and the Chief Analyst and Founder of MobileGroove. She has also written 9 books and frequently writes for Forbes. This podcast has been created for FollowAnalytics, an all-inclusive platform for building mobile apps easily and efficiently through low code.

The hosts have a segment, with 7 episodes so far, called Low-code Ninjas Legends, in which they speak to popular personalities in the low-code and no-code industry for a quick 5 minutes. Otherwise, Low-Code Ninjas has 11 episodes of around 30 minutes each, where they get in-depth insights into the minds of successful no-code and low-code users from companies like Fitness SF, Bain, Salesforce, DoTERRA, etc.

The guests on this podcast also discuss how no-code and low-code are being integrated into their companies and how they benefit from using these technologies. They generally post a larger episode once a month and post the Low-Code Legends segment intermittently.

Where to listen:

Tech for Non-Techies by Sophia Matveeva

Tech for Non-Techies

This podcast began on the 2nd of June 2020. Tech for Non-Techies aims to simplify and demystify the confusing world of tech for new entrepreneurs and individuals interested in learning more about technology. This podcast is hosted by Sophia Matveeva, the founder of Enty, a retail tech platform. She started this podcast to make understanding the jargon-filled tech world easier. Tech for Non-Techies is an educational community aimed at helping non-technical professionals succeed in the tech world by giving them valuable insights regarding building tech products. This podcast is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and innovators with unique ideas who want to enter the digital and tech world.

This podcast has 130+ episodes that vary from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Each episode is jam-packed with valuable insights based on Sophia’s own experiences in the tech world on topics like no-code, APIs, app economy, developers, etc. She also has interviews with the founders of companies like Aizen, Ivy, and HomeMade, who come from a non-technical background. This podcast is generally updated 3-4 times a month.

Where to listen:

Makerpad Podcast by Ben Tossell


The Makerpad podcast is hosted by Ben Tossell, the founder of Makerpad. Makerpad is the world’s large community of individuals interested in and enthusiastic about building tools without code. As a platform, Makerpad is unmatched in terms of the different tutorials and helpful peers available to help solve any problems you might come across as you embark on your no-code journey.

The Makerpad podcast is a highly informative no-code podcast where host Ben Tossell talks to the founders of no-code tools and professionals using different tools and solutions based on no-code to help grow and expand their businesses. In each episode, which lasts about 30 to 60 minutes, there’s an in-depth conversation with a professional in the no-code industry regarding how this form of development helped automate workflows, increase overall productivity, and set up processes to allow for more time and creativity at work.

Each individual gets the chance to share their story giving you a chance to see what goes on in the minds of the founders of the best no-code tools.

Where to listen:

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The High Tech – Low Code Podcast

The High Tech- Low code

The High Tech – Low Code Podcast offers the latest trends and updates in the low-code industry. The podcasts with low-code insights, digital transformation, and more are released monthly. Their most recent series covered every industry one at a time and talked about the state of low-code technology under that. Their talks are informative, and in-depth, and have value to offer.
Their podcasts are 30 to 45 minutes long and are jam-packed with quality information. With 23 episodes on the list, it is a good source of adding low-code knowledge for enthusiasts.

Where to listen:

The No-Code Hustle by Bubble.io

The No-Code Hustle

The No-Code Hustle is a podcast hosted by the team at Bubble. Bubble is a popular tool that helps individuals to create websites without the need for coding. Their no-code platform is useful and intuitive, allowing users to create various applications using a simple drag-and-drop interface. This platform is one of the most popular no-code tools on the market.

The No-Code Hustle is a podcast where the team at Bubble has real conversations with Bubble builders who have created successful applications and tools using the platform. They have 24 episodes ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour in duration. These conversations are a glimpse into the thoughts and ideas that went into creating successful applications and tools, as well as how Bubble was able to help them reach their goals.

This is a great podcast for you if you want to look into the inner workings of the minds of entrepreneurs that have made it big using a no-code platform.

Where to listen:


CodeLess: A Narrative on Visual Development (No-Code) by Edmund Amoye


The Codeless podcast is hosted by Edmund Amoye, and it is a narrative podcast that focuses on the stories of the guests. The Codeless podcast is aimed at the dreamers curious about no-code solutions, makers of popular no-code tools, and non-technical individuals interested in building the future. The Codeless podcast is geared toward people interested in understanding how no-code makes automating workflows and redefining productivity easier. This shift in the capabilities of technology is decoded and analyzed in conversations with the people behind large applications and tools built using no code.

The Codeless podcast currently has 21 episodes that are for 30 minutes or more. This no-code podcast is perfect for individuals interested in learning about no-code development, regardless of their level of expertise in no-code or low-code development.

Where to listen:

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No Code Podcast by Alex Karpinsky

No Code Podcast

The No-Code podcast is hosted by Alex Karpinsky, a NoCode expert and user. He began this podcast to build a good resource for other individuals who want to know more about no-code development. This no-code podcast aims to welcome the builders, companies, platforms, and people behind no-code and the surge in no-code development.

This podcast aims to give non-technical individuals a resource to refer to as they journey into the no-code world. This podcast currently has 7 episodes of varying lengths, including guests like Mark Magnuson, the CTO of Bildr, and Ben Tossell, the CEO of Makerpad.

Where to listen:


We hope you like these top no-code podcasts and enter the world of no-code development with a better idea of the minds behind this concept. At Quixy, we aim to simplify no-code development through an intuitive interface and a drag-and-drop builder. We want to make automation easier for you by simplifying and demystifying the process by using no-code tools. Begin your journey towards streamlined operations and tailored apps – all with the simplicity of our platform. Get started today to harness the potential of automation. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is No-Code Really That Good?

No-code is pretty awesome for certain tasks! It empowers non-techies to build apps and automate processes without learning coding. It’s fantastic for saving time and democratizing software creation.

What is the Low-Code No-Code Concept?

Low-code and no-code are about making software development accessible. Low-code uses minimal coding, while no-code requires zero coding. Both simplify app building, helping non-developers participate.

Difference Between Low-Code and No-Code Platforms?

Low-code involves some coding, offering more flexibility and complexity. No-code requires zero coding, making it super user-friendly for non-tech folks. Choose based on your project’s needs.

No-code rocks because it democratizes tech. It lets anyone turn ideas into software without coding. Businesses love it for speedy solutions, cost savings, and empowering employees to innovate.

Is No-Code Better Than Coding?

It depends on the task and your skills. No-code is faster for simpler projects, while coding offers more control for complex apps. Both have their strengths; it’s about choosing the right tool for the job.

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