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August 10, 2023
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No-code Low-code has, in recent years, garnered immense curiosity globally due to its rapid application development (RAD) and Workflow automation capabilities. Ever imagined that you can build your applications at 10x speed that are enterprise-grade (secure, reliable, and scalable), it is a reality today. Few industry analysts predict between 5x and 7x productivity gains for enterprise users due to LCNC adoption.

Who are we to argue? Refer to the article on LCNC statistics

The unique selling point for a No-code platform such as Quixy is that “Anyone can build apps.” These app builders go by “Citizen Developers,” business users, and domain SMEs. These citizen developers with zero or no coding knowledge can build smooth and robust solutions that ease their work and help them focus on crucial business activities. Quixy empowers Citizen Developers with an intuitive platform to start building apps at scale from Day 1 onwards.

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What can you accomplish with Quixy?

At its best, Quixy enables users to build custom applications without having to write any line of code. Build your apps on your terms that are fulfilling your needs and enable you to do more with no complexities. Check out the list below of what you can do with Quixy.

Here is the list of all the things you can do at Quixy

  1. Add and manage users
  2. Add and manage enterprise roles
  3. Enable SSO or active directory integration for your enterprise users
  4. Create and manage workspaces
  5. Build and manage applications
  6. Integrate applications to build solutions with Triggers and Actions
  7. Download and configure pre-built solutions and apps from the app store
  8. Accomplish process automation with workflows
  9. Enable role-based access to apps in your critical workflows
  10. Integrate with enterprise systems to push and retrieve data based on user actions, schedules, etc.
  11. Store application data in backend (database)
  12. Build data views and reports on the stored application data
  13. Automate document report generation
  14. Manage notifications (emails & SMS), strategize communication plan
  15. Create visualizations for business stakeholders
  16. Extend the applications to the mobile channel
  17. Enable offline access for critical apps

Get Started

There are three broad concepts, also considered prerequisites, which you should be aware of before you build your first app.




Our newfound wisdom tells us that, with Quixy, you build apps at such a swift pace that it takes just a few weeks to clutter the Applications view. Therefore, the concept of Workspace has been envisioned for two broad reasons, namely:

  1. Logically group the applications to have an uncluttered view
  2. Differentiate apps based on the access levels and departments in the organization

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You wouldn’t want your HR personnel managing Finance related apps and vice versa, would you? With Workspaces, we have effectively managed to bring order to chaos. Every Workspace can then be handled by one or more users from within the same department.

That leads us to the concept of Roles such as Organization Admin, Workspace Admin, General User, etc.

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Every person in the world plays one or more roles in their life at any given point in time. Likewise, any user can be assigned one or more roles in the platform. Roles safeguard a designated user accesses the right set of assets, resources, and applications in the platform, i.e., authorization. One user may be just an app user in one Workspace while an administrator in another workspace. For example, the director of Human Resources can view and use Finance apps while having complete control over all the HR-related apps.

We cannot stress enough that having roles configured rightly eases 99.9% of unforeseen governance-specific situations down the road.

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Any individual registered with Quixy is a valid user on the platform. Users can be employees of an organization, partners, contractors, etc. When assigned a role, Users would be able to access apps and other resources they have been authorized to.

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UsersRoles, and Workspaces – form the power trio for you to get started with creating your first app and automating your critical workflows. It enables you to design the app on the platform however you want and configures it the way you need.

Ready to transform your business? Get started now and experience the power of automation and app creation, all without the need for coding skills.

Good luck with building your first app!

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