In this webinar, we’ll look at how Quixy’s business rules help address complex business scenarios with ease.

For example, in a typical invoice generation process, there are many business parameters at play. The process is laden with variables such as tax deductions, invoice value, item level tax rates, year of purchase, general deductions, state or central regulation premiums, payment terms etc. that drive the complexity of calculating and generating an invoice. Based on these variables, the Invoice and Tax amount is calculated that is then saved into the database for future reference and auditing.

Now imagine this process repeating for hundreds or thousands of suppliers. The complexity increases by many folds.

However, building these complex business scenarios is simple on Quixy with the help of business rules that help citizen developers define logic suited for their needs.

Let us dive into how Quixy’s business rules can help you address multiple real-life scenarios quickly and easily.



Krishna Keertana

Platform Consultant


Nishitha Kovvali

Platform Consultant