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August 9, 2023
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Many managers find it challenging to manage field service, and using paper-based FSM to maximize workforce productivity is challenging for field managers. Businesses must have dedicated field service management software to manage their workforce, equipment, and other resources.  

In contrast to managing company property, field management involves the management of company resources employed at or en route to client properties. Work orders are scheduled, technicians are dispatched, labor hours and job status are tracked, and invoices are issued. The field service industry includes repair, maintenance, customer support, inspection, and consulting. In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of benefits of field service management solution. But before that, let us dig deeper into understanding Field Service Management Software.

What is Field Service Management (FSM) Software?

Field service management (FSM) software allows you to meet your business goals and increase productivity. Business owners aim for profitability by achieving essential goals: optimizing resource usage and increasing customer satisfaction.

As customer expectations increase, excellent customer service is becoming increasingly important. Your business can benefit from FSM software by gaining practical solutions, such as better communication with employees, customers, and management.

Choosing FSM software gives businesses an advantage over their competitors. As your business grows, FSM connects the essential parts of your business to provide an impressive customer experience.

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12 Benefits of Field Service Management (FSM) Software

Integrates multiple systems into one

Field service management software converts paper files, spreadsheets, whiteboards, and calendars into easy-to-use digital formats. 

With this, you can access important job or service ticket data from anywhere, at any time. It is easy for anyone in your organization to access all information regarding your field technicians. Using fewer software solutions also saves businesses money, and field service businesses can be managed using one platform.

The proper scheduling of events

Companies offering field services face challenges such as a lack of workflow and dispatching issues that cause scheduling overlaps.

Using GPS, you can assign tasks to specialists closer to your clients. In addition to saving time, this improves order within the organization. A real-time scheduling system enables personnel in the field to adjust quickly without being delayed.

Remote work, for example, has become quite essential to the construction industry with the current business developments. Builders, supervisors, and managers can share ideas, work on projects, and even assign jobs without necessarily being present at the same time.

Productivity increases

Automating all processes with FSM software eliminates the need to fill out forms, enter data, and update logs at the office. Employees and technicians can spend more time on their actual job profiles, which enables them to do their jobs better. As a result of such time utilization, your crew can perform more daily jobs, directly increasing productivity while improving dispatch accuracy.

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Automation of work

Field service software can help individuals in automating repetitive tasks. It also enables a smooth flow of tasks that work as a sequence of numerous events and takes place outside of the office workspace.

The smooth flow of tasks reduces the wastage of resources and ineffective activities and helps in focusing more on critical tasks.

Optimization of resources

As a result of the field service management software, companies are more profitable by effectively managing the basic aspects, such as assigning and routing field personnel according to their level of expertise.

For instance, the field service management system of Source refrigeration & HVAC replaces manual dispatch with a more impressive and practical method. Only one region has a reduction of 35% in field technicians to maintain excellent service levels.  

Tracking equipment

Telematics technologies help the organization monitor the location of each piece of equipment using FSM software. For example, Kärcher installs SIM cards on its machines to gather information about them.

Therefore, with M2M technologies and 4G, the mobile app can easily communicate with each machine and collect accurate data to maintain the data and the people who access it.

A reduction in costs

An FSM program not only helps to save money but also helps to earn more. Your crew can perform more jobs by digitizing all paperwork and aligning forms in one network. In addition to this, no-code field service management software will enable business users to create forms and collect data themselves. It reduces IT dependency and results in efficient process. As an outcome, you can perform more jobs, earn more profits, and pick up more work.  

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Securing cloud data

The security of cloud storage is much better than the security of on-site storage due to advanced encryption. According to Salesforce, over 90% of businesses reported increased security after switching to the cloud and an easier time adhering to government regulations. Management software with a business-specific security strategy can minimize risk and prevent security breaches.  

Dealing with emergencies

If a technician is available, FSM systems will identify him immediately. Dispatchers can easily view the map’s location thanks to the complete functionality on the map. To reach the final destination, the technician quickly rerouted the distance.

Without automated field service software, emergency service calls can cause workers to panic.  

benefits of field service management software infographic

Knowledge Bases and Client History

Investing in a database containing all the information about your clients, their history, and some necessary technical instructions is the most valuable asset of any business. There will be no loss for the company if employees are unavailable, leave the job, or are sick.

As long as the company has the previous job history of that particular employee, the work process will continue.

Fast invoicing

A field service organization’s invoices are one of its most important assets. As part of the field service management system, field service technicians can send all information related to the job, such as time spent, tools and materials used, work status, the client’s digital signature, and even upload job photos.

FSM generates invoices, calculates prices, and automatically identifies warranty products, outstanding commitments, and discounts based on information provided.

Waste minimization

Waste management is the primary responsibility of the FSM system. Incorporating the FSM system into your organization reduces waste by promoting the system’s essential functions. As a result, field workers can work more efficiently and systematically, which immediately improves the business sense of the organization.

Additional benefits of FSM that directly enhances productivity

Process work orders more efficiently

Many industries still use paper for documentation or old software to capture daily work order details. This causes scheduling delays, overlaps, dispatching problems, inaccurate data entry, and high-cost demands.

FSM software sends each task to a worker’s mobile device, such as the best routes to the site, tools used, inventory management processing, customer history, and service reports (description, address, photos) to provide the best service to the client.

In addition to eliminating paper-based field service processes, it allows the organization to streamline field service processes efficiently.

Team Coordination

You can enhance team coordination by incorporating FSM software solutions into your business. Team coordination is excellent with this solution.

If the customer doesn’t have FSM software, his manager will notify someone else to handle the task. It becomes much easier to manage data validation once it is available on a central platform.

So, field service software has the advantage of enhancing the user experience by performing additional tasks and field operations to increase efficiency, productivity, and cost savings.

An improved innovation process

To fuel continuous improvement, FSM systems analyze statistical data, receive feedback from employees and customers, and use software/hardware. As a system collects more information, it becomes easier to identify where services are lacking. It’s also easier to recognize how long it takes to complete a task, thus aiding in workforce planning. Processes will become more efficient when feedback loops are in place.

Industry Examples of Field Service Management

  • The telecom industry uses mobile devices to access cloud-based work order management. They can use these products to complete tasks, report problems, and indicate the time and method used to complete them.
  • Using GPS rerouting, shipping organizations can ensure delivery times through service level agreements (SLAs). Fuel cost savings can be achieved through proper scheduling and routing. Visibility of packages is improved with detailed tracking.
  • Using FSM, utility engineers can find out how jobs are progressing, when customers are available, and how local delays affect them. This information aids their ability to adapt to changing environments.
  • Maintaining properties: By providing tenants with an online portal for reporting problems like water leaks and heating issues, maintenance requests can be handled more efficiently. Professionals responsible for property maintenance will be able to respond to matters responsibly and safely with the tools they need. With field workers available, property owners will feel confident about moving forward.
  • The mining industry requires internet-connected devices that report safety problems. Workplace injuries can be reduced by using FSM software.
  • The healthcare industry treats patients in-home without costly hospital visits. Coordinating with providers, pharmacists or therapists increases patient care and confidence. 
  • With FSM, technicians and engineers can access local delays, customer availability, and job status. This helps them to react to changing environments without depending on the outcomes.

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Field mobility solutions are changing how business processes and customer experiences are managed. No-code field service management solutions are a good option for businesses looking for quick and reliable options that also enhances productivity.

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