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August 9, 2023
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As the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic moves, and each impacted area slowly recovers from its highest infection rate, organizations now need to prepare to restart closed facilities, reopen stores and get workers back to work.

Organizations need to put in the required health and safety measures in their workplaces to set up a safe workplace environment that employees can trust. These measures also need to comply with the un-ending list of standard operating procedures being mandated by the local authorities to manage the pandemic. If not put in place, these measures will impose huge health, safety, and liability risks for the organizations.

Quite a few technology companies like Quixy, Salesforce, Appian, Pega Systems, and Service Now have come forward with OHS apps that can help organizations resume operations while mitigating health and safety risks.

Quixy, a tech startup based out of India, stands out in this list of tech companies with their NO COST OHS offering. Quixy has come out with a complete suite of free-to-use COVID-19 command and control center apps to help organizations set up and maintain safe workplaces. Organizations can customize these apps as per local OHS requirements and deploy them within 1–2 days.

7 Workplace Health and Safety Apps

Let’s learn more about these 7 workplace health and safety apps.

1. QR based ePass/ePermits

QR based ePass/ePermits Workplace Health and Safety App

ePass/ePermit app that can be used by employees and visitors to apply for a permit online. The ePass/ePermit is approved after ascertaining the necessity of the request. The QR-based permits are scanned at checkpoints within the organization’s facilities to ensure access to only authorized personnel.

  • Online application using a photograph and unique ID proof
  • QR-code-based ePass/ePermit generated and delivered through the app
  • One-click access to ePass/ePermit

2. Employee Self-Assessment

Employee Self-Assessment Workplace Health and Safety Apps

Enables users to take self-assessment tests at any time to assess their health status and check for risks against COVID-19.

  • App-based assessment test
  • A risk score based on assessment
  • Access to data from past assessments
  • Inbuilt health alerts and notifications

3. Safe Entry

Safe Entry App

This app allows security personnel to record results from thermal screening/vitals check against each visitor or an employee accessing the facility with a valid ePass/ePermit.

  • Enter temperature, thermal screening status, or any other vitals as per requirements
  • Entry is allowed to only those who have completed their self-assessment test with a safe score

4. Contact Tracing

This app is used by individuals within the organization’s facilities to scan each other’s QR code any time two or more individuals congregate. Optionally any common areas like cafeteria, meeting rooms may also be assigned a QR code that can be mandated to be scanned by those accessing such facilities.

In case any individual is tested positive for COVID-19, all other individuals who interacted with that person are notified immediately.

  • Records interactions between personnel through QR code scanning
  • Ability to record any remarks about suspicion when recording any interaction
  • Access to past interactions

5. Facilities Inspection

This app allows Environment Health & Safety (EHS) and facilities department to ensure clean and safe facilities for their employees and visitors as per the organization’s EHS procedures or as mandated by the local authorities to handle the pandemic.

  • Setup checklist as per EHS procedures or local authority requirements
  • Set up frequency required for each inspection
  • Record activities with the option to attach picture and geo-location
  • Escalations for any checklists not completed on time

6. Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting App

This app allows users to report any incidents that they believe are a threat to the health and safety of the employees against the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Report an incident
  • Capture media i.e., picture, audio or video
  • Capture geolocation
  • Access to the resolution status of each reported incident

7. COVID-19 Command and Control Dashboard

Quixy Dashboard

This actionable dashboard provides insights into employees’ and facilities’ health and safety status.

  • EHS status for the facility
  • Incident Summary
  • Employees health status
  • # of ePasses/ePermits issues
  • # of employees and visitors within the facility
  • # of total interactions
  • Health news and alerts


Organizations need to put in the required health and safety measures in their workplaces to set up a safe work environment as they reopen their facilities amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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