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PR to PO tracking process made trouble-free for Adani Green Energy 

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Customer Brief

Adani Green, one of the leading energy businesses in India, was obligated to use a combination of emails, excel, SAP and manual efforts to  track the PR to PO process. With more than 1400 PR raised in a month, keeping track and ensuring the information was up-to-date was challenging, and it would affect the turnaround time and sometimes lead to data loss. The company employed Quixy’s purchase requisition to up its digital transformation game and has successfully transformed its PR process.


Every month 1400+ PR are raised in the company from different types of businesses belonging to domains such as renewable energy, green energy and transmission. And all these businesses have various running projects regarding which the PRs are raised.

At Adani Green, employees either use the semi-automation method, including emails, excel, and SAP, or SAP Ariba for the PR to PO process. The communication and follow-up would happen via email or other methods, making it super hard to track the status of the PR raised.

The nature of every PR was different, i.e., O&M, project or other and the criticality, for example, on priority or usual. Depending upon the criticality and nature, SLAs for every PR were also different. It took a lot of work to determine the turnaround time of requests. Keeping track of n number of elements regarding the bidder details, estimates, advances, and nature, in addition to the business type and domain, could have been clearer and more complex.

Not fulfilling the purchase requisitions raised would end up affecting the project life-cycle of the business and leading to delays in project execution. Mismanaged processes and poor data quality with zero visibility would only add to the never-ending list of follow-ups.


To keep track of the PR raised, Adani Green was looking for a solution that could help them reduce the chances of errors and delays and increase data transparency. Quixy’s no-code capabilities enabled them to create a workflow for their end-to-end purchase requisition tracking needs within a month.

The PR to PO module under Quixy was configured with various elements and more than 80+ business rules and field types to ensure that business needs are met.

It starts from category buyers or field in-charges raising the purchase requisition requests. It allows users to add information like business types, domains, nature and projects. Once the buyer selects the package type and criticality of the project, the different SLA days, including the tender enquiry, PO and NFA days, are reflected in the system.

Quixy team went ahead and configured the Adani calendar within the system to ensure the SLAs days of different stages are reflected. The SLAs days reflected cannot be manipulated by any users, and it can be done at the next step if the employees want to change the details from the previous section regarding the NFA date. Plus, information regarding the category buyer, internal estimation, senior buyer etc., are all fed into the system, i.e., the route for the particular PR is decided.


The next stage is where all the details regarding the bidders are added. For example, name of the bidder, tender enquiry date, offer received date, EMD, EMD amount etc.

After that users i.e., Category Senior Buyer, Category Leaders or Category Buyers, can  fill in the commercial details, including the final date of NFA approval, final signatory and nature of the bid example, single vendor (development) or single vendor (balance) and repeat orders etc. 

In the end, the user can add the required remaining details of the approval of signatories based on which the note will move in the organization to different selected signatories whose approval is needed.

Benefits Galore

With Quixy’s intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities and schedulers, the solution was created and went live after a few quick iterations. The transparency of data and real-time availability resulted in higher employee satisfaction because of reduced chances of errors and manual work. Certain benefits from the module:

  • At every stage, a reminder email to the respective stakeholder is sent, which makes it an even more robust solution. And if any stage crosses the required date, the deviation is reflected in the report.
  • At every stage, the requisition form can be saved, and details can be filled in later once received.
  • With real-time data availability, request status can be known, eliminating the distress of doing that manually.

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