Email is making us miserable — Here’s what to do about it!
Reading Time: 6 minutes

It might sound silly but whenever my inbox is without any unread emails, a sense of contentment fills my heart; while on the contrary, tonnes of unread emails make my heart skip a beat! Ever since email came into existence, it has been an integral part of our day-to-day life. It was invented in the

7 Reasons why Spreadsheets are a Nightmare for your Business
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Spreadsheets have supported businesses since the beginning of time (more commonly known as the dawn of the personal computer). Versatile, easily available, and viable, spreadsheets remain one of the most frequently used tools for managing businesses and analyzing data. Perhaps, because of their widespread use over the past 4 decades, their shortcomings are becoming more

Mothers Day
Mother’s Day Special: The Ultimate Mother’s Automation Guide
Reading Time: 7 minutes

Managing your own life is taxing enough, but then having your families, children, your company’s deadlines, and endless responsibilities is definitely daunting, to say the least. Ever felt like your life has begun to revolve around everyone else and “time for yourself” has turned into a myth?  Well, the good news is that most of

working from home
Tech alone does not make working from home easy!
Reading Time: 6 minutes

This article (Tech alone does not make working from home easy!) was first published on Thrive Global Silicon Valley’s billionaire hero and co-founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel’s go-to interview question is “What important truth do very few people agree with you on?” Here is his answer: “Most people think the future of the world will

Productivity Tools
Best Productivity Tools to add more hours to your day!
Reading Time: 5 minutes

As per an industry study, 92% of employees say having technology that helps them do their job efficiently affects their work satisfaction. Most organizations suffer due to the lack of tools that effectively fulfill all the business needs of their users. While some organizations might face challenges due to a lack of access to productivity

No-Code Productivity Tools
20 must-have No-Code Productivity Tools to boost your Efficiency
Reading Time: 7 minutes

Time to say goodbye to your productivity blues! Automate your processes using our top picks for no-code productivity tools that will redefine the way you work. Feeling that your productivity has gone for a toss? You are not alone! If being productive constantly in an office was difficult, being so in a work-from-home scenario is

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