Chrome extensions for productivity
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August 9, 2023
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Google Chrome is the primary browser of more than 2.65 billion internet users. It goes to show how good Chrome is to us. What if we tell you that you can extend its functionalities with extensions? There are over 137,000 Chrome extensions available right now. This means there’s an extension for any task you can think about.

Whether you want to quickly create flashcards or find the colour code on any element on a web page, these Chrome extensions for productivity can save the day.

Google Chrome Extension FAQs 

What is a chrome extension? 

Google Chrome extensions are small software programs installed into Chrome to extend the browser’s functionality. This allows you to customize the Chrome browser as per your specific needs. These extensions are built on HTML, JavaScript, and CSS web technologies.

How to Install a chrome extension? 

Steps to install chrome extension -  

Step 1: Go to Chrome Web Store 

Step 2: Select the extension that solves your needs 

Step 3: Click on Add to Chrome 

Step 4: Allow permissions and click on Add Extension. 

The extension will be added to your browser, and you can use and manage them by clicking the extensions 🧩 icon.

Are chrome extensions safe? 

When you install an extension, you’re allowing it to live in your browser and potentially capture whatever you’re doing as they can do so. Although there is a permission system, some extensions can steal your data, change basic system settings, or redirect your searches to specific websites. Nevertheless, extensions from developers who follow the Chrome Web Store program policies are generally considered safe.

How to remove a chrome extension? 

Steps to uninstall chrome extension -  

Step 1: Open Google Chrome 

Step 2: Go to More Tools, then click on Extensions 

Step 3: Select the extension you wish to uninstall. 

Step 4: Click on Remove

Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity in 2023

In this article, we have listed top Chrome extensions divided into seven categories for different individuals including employees, students, and freelancers. Continue reading to find the best chrome extensions for productivity.

Chrome extension for Developers

1. Usersnap 

Usernap Chrome Extension for Productivity

Usersnap helps capture screens, collect user feedback, and track bug reports on any website, prototype, or application. It allows developers to send feedback and report bugs on any website by taking screenshots and annotating them directly in the browser. This tool helps product teams conduct user acceptance tests (UAT) and share design and development feedback.

2. Web Developer 

Web Developer

Web Developer adds various developer tools to the browser. This extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers. The features offered by this tool include clear session cookies, display element information, display image file sizes, display typographic information, and edit CSS. 

3. Loom 

loom chrome productivity extensions

Loom is a screen recording and screen capture tool. It helps developers record their screen and camera simultaneously and create picture-in-picture videos. They can share their videos by simply sending the shareable link to people who can watch the video without logging in or creating an account. Besides, developers can add emoji reactions, time-stamped comments, and other interactive features to keep the team connected.

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4. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer productivity extensions

Wappalyzer, is smart productivity extension for any developer. It instantly tells developers the technology stack of any website. It is more than just a CMS detector or framework detector. Wappalyzer finds more than a thousand technologies in numerous categories, including programming languages, analytics, marketing tools, payment processors, CRM, CDN, and others. Inshort, taking developer’s productivity to the next level.

Chrome extension for content marketers

5. Grammarly 

Grammarly chrome extensions

Grammarly is a communication assistant and one of the best productivity extension. It helps content writers and marketers improve their writing by checking grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This tool can also identify the tone of the written material and suggest alternative words to make the content sound better. Moreover, it identifies wordy sentences and sentences written in passive voice and gives suggestions to improve them. 

6. MozBar 

Moz Productivity Extensions

MozBar is an all-in-one SEO toolbar that helps with site audits, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and keyword research. Whether content marketers want to do local SEO, enterprise SERP analysis, or API, this tool can help. This tool lets them create reports of their website’s visibility or organic traffic and share them with stakeholders. 

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7. TubeBuddy 

TubeBuddy Chrome extensions

TubeBuddy extension is for YouTube content creators and marketers and helps them optimize their YouTube channels for increased views and subscribers. It helps find high-performing video topics, and creates perfect titles and tags for the videos. It guides creators through YouTube’s best practices. Besides, it offers tools that help promote videos across the web. 

8. Notion Web Clipper

Notion Web Clipper

Notion web clipper is an all-in-one workspace where you can write, collaborate, organize and save important or relevant links and information. The Notion Web Clipper chrome extension also enables you to save any webpage, organize articles and researches. For a content marketer, this chrome extension work as a life-saver, as there is no chance you will loose your important information after adding this wonderful chrome extension on your productivity tech list.

Chrome extension for Sales Representatives 

9. Streak CRM for Gmail 

Streak CRM for Gmail

Streak helps sales representatives manage sales and customer relationships directly from their Gmail. The tool allows them to upload a list of email addresses and send personalized messages to hundreds of recipients in just a few clicks. This tool also helps you to track who is opening emails and shares the data in the form of visuals such as graphs and pie charts. 

10. Datanyze 

Datanyze Chrome Extension

Datanyze helps sales reps find and connect with B2B sales prospects. It collects contact information from LinkedIn profiles and company websites, including email addresses and mobile numbers. This tool ensures all the legal requirements are met as it is CCPA and GDPR-compliant. 

11. AdBlock

AdBlock Chrome productivity extension

AdBlock blocks ads, pop-ups, and banners on YouTube, Facebook, or any other website. It also helps block video ads on any website. Moreover, this tool can block third-party trackers and help protect the privacy of the sales representatives. Sales reps can use this tool to block malicious ads that may contain malware, scams, and crypto miners. 

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Best Chrome Extension for Students 

12. Zorbi 

Zorbi Chrome extensions

Zorbi helps students prepare for their exams by allowing them to create flashcards from any website or PDF document. This tool can be integrated with Notion – a note-taking tool – so that students can collaborate with friends while taking notes of their lectures and Zorbi automatically converts those notes into flashcards. Students can customize their cards by changing the fonts and colours and inserting images, equations, audios, and more. 

13. Quixy 

Quixy Toolbox

Quixy extension is an intelligent text extractor. It helps students extract text from images and videos. Students can use this tool to extract text from video tutorials and any image. The tool will capture the text, process it, and will allow the students to copy and paste the extracted text to their note-taking app. Quixy toolbox currently supports more than 75 languages.

14. StayFocused 

StayFocused help improve productivity and increase efficiency by limiting students’ time on certain websites such as Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram. It allows them to allot time to selected websites, and once that time is up on those sites, the tool will automatically block them for the rest of the day. Students can use this tool to stop the whole website, specific subdomain, or specific path, page, or in-page content.


Chrome extensions for productivity for Graphic Designers 

15. ColorZilla 

ColorZilla helps graphic designers to get a colour reading from any point in their browser. It allows them to adjust the picked colour and paste it into another program. Graphic designers can you this tool to analyze a page’s color palette. The tool lets the designers see the history of recently picked colours and manipulate them. 

16. WhatFont 

WhatFont helps you quickly identify the fonts used on web pages. It enables the designers to detect a font by simply hovering on the text. The tool also detects the services used for serving the font. It supports Typekit and Google Font API.  

17. Lightshot (screenshot tool) 

Lightshot (screenshot tool)

Lightshot helps graphic designers take screenshots. It allows them to select an area of the screen they want to take a screenshot of. It features an editor that the designers can use to edit screenshots while taking them or at any later point. The designers can also share these screenshots by uploading them to the server and getting the shareable link. Besides, they can use this tool to find images similar to the screenshot. 

Chrome extension for HR Professionals 

18. Calendly 

Calendly Meeting Scheduling Software

Calendly is a meeting scheduling tool that helps HR professionals schedule meetings by eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails. They can set rules about their availability preferences and send their Calendly link to their guests. Guests pick a time, and the meeting is automatically added to the HR’s calendar. HRs can use this tool to have one-on-one sessions and group meetings. 

19. Hunter 

Hunter is an email-finding tool that helps HRs find email addresses and connect with people. Its Domain Search feature provides a list of people working in a company along with their names and email addresses on the web. HRs can even set filters to find role-based email addresses. The tool also helps the HRs verify the emails so they can confidently send their emails to potential candidates.  

20. Lastpass 

Lastpass is a password manager that saves all the passwords. HR professionals must log in to their accounts once, and the tool will save the username and password. The next time they try logging in to those accounts, it will automatically fill the fields so that they don’t have to enter their credentials again and again. Moreover, this tool can help HRs fill out various forms by saving addresses and credit card details. 

Chrome extension for Freelancers 

21. Noisli


Noisli provides background sounds that help freelancers mask distracting voices to boost their focus and increase productivity. Some of the sounds provided by this tool are rain, thunderstorm, wind, forest, bonfire, coffee shop, seaside, and train. The tool allows its users to mix and match the sounds to create their perfect sound and playlist. 

22. Nimbus

Nimbus helps freelancers capture full or partial screenshots of any size using its screencast recorder. It allows them to edit their screenshots and annotate them using its editor. It also allows them to record videos from their screen or webcam and trim and crop the footage. Freelancers can add arrows, text, and watermarks to their recorded videos.  

23. Keywords Everywhere 

Keywords Everywhere help freelancers with their keyword research. It helps them find average search volume, cost per click, competition, and trend data of the keywords. Freelancers can also use this tool to see this data for long-tail keywords. Besides, this tool can pull “people also search for” and “related” keyword data.  

24. SEO minion

For a freelance writer, the SEO minion is nothing but a blessing. It enables you to analyze On-Page SEO, broken link checking and SERP preview and so much more. Just adding this extension from google can save the day for any SEO expert, plus with real-time data updates, the quality of your On-Page SEO efforts increases.

Top Chrome Productivity Extensions for everyone to use

25. Scribe

Scribe is one of the most useful chrome extensions for any user. Users can generate a step-by-step guide of any process, all they need to do is to click on the record. Users can also edit, remove or rename different steps and customize the images after creating the guide. Excellent chrome extensions like scribe will enable users to document processes 15X faster which means more productivity and efficiency for the day!

26. One Tab

How many times in a day do you get frustrated by looking at the number of tabs open in your Chrome? We are sure that the number is pretty high. One Tab brings a solution to that problem. This chrome extension puts all the tabs into one handy list for you. You also save up to 95% of your web browser memory.

27. Right Inbox


With Right Inbox, focus more on the things that matter and less on sorting your inbox! This chrome extension offers 11 features that can be used by individuals to effectively use their Gmail. Some of the features include reminders, email tracking, email templates, email sequences, etc.

28. Marinara: Pomodoro® Assistant

This chrome extension is your one-way ticket to time management and productivity while working on screen. You don’t need to use an additional time-tracking application while using our Pomodoro browser plugin to keep track of your Pomodoros.

29. Clean Master

Are you also agitated because of the slow running of your Chrome screen? Well, Clean master is here to take the pain away. Thanks to this Chrome extension’s clearing of the cache, which it does by emptying the data, the next time you are on a website, the images and formatting will be freshly downloaded.


Of course, these are just some of the best Google Chrome extensions for productivity. But we hope that they help you with your job. If you ask about our favorite extensions, they must be Noisli and Quixy. Tell us about your favorite ones in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Chrome extension for productivity?

The Chrome extension for productivity is a powerful tool designed to enhance your efficiency and help you make the most of your time while browsing the internet.

How does the Chrome extension for productivity work?

This extension integrates seamlessly into your Chrome browser and offers a range of features that promote productivity. It may include options such as time tracking, task management, distraction blocking, and more, all aimed at helping you stay focused and accomplish your goals.

Are there any free productivity extensions available?

Yes, many productivity extensions offer a free version with basic features. However, some extensions may offer additional premium features through a paid subscription. It’s important to explore various options to find the extension that suits your needs and budget.

Will the Chrome extension for productivity slow down my browser?

Productivity extensions are generally designed to have minimal impact on browser performance. However, it’s important to choose reputable extensions from trusted sources and keep them updated to ensure compatibility with the latest version of Chrome. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of the extension without experiencing significant slowdowns.

Can I use multiple productivity extensions simultaneously?

While it’s technically possible to use multiple productivity extensions, it’s generally recommended to choose one or two that align with your specific needs. Using too many extensions at once may lead to clutter and unnecessary distractions, defeating the purpose of productivity enhancement. Selecting the most suitable extensions for your workflow is key.

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