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June 6, 2024
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Digital Transformation is so widely used that businesses hardly put their energy into defining their end goals before jumping on the bandwagon. Companies are hastily grabbing technologies without proper planning and getting counterproductive results. There are two schools of thought when it comes to DX. One believes DX is about making things better with technology, and others think it is about doing things faster.

With no-code and the power of Quixy, we have achieved both by helping our clients to build apps exponentially better and unbelievably faster to enable them to enhance their workflows and automate legacy workflows.

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The question is, where does this process start from? Digitalization isn’t something that can be achieved overnight or isn’t a process of merely adopting a technology. It starts from a change that needs to be precise—a change in how you serve your customers and how you operate internally. The first step would be digitizing the entire data collection process, including forms, workflows, permissions, etc. If we double down on Forms, they are versatile and come in all shapes, sizes, and complexity.


Some examples of commonly known forms include Progress sheets, Field Surveys, Safety checklists, Compliance checklists, Onboarding forms, Application forms, Appointment forms, Consent agreement forms, etc. These represent a small subset of a seemingly overwhelming number of forms in usage within every organization. These forms could be in Paper, Digital (on portals), PDF or Image formats, or simple Napkin sketches hand-drawn by a Business SME.

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No-code has been fuelling the DX journey with quick and efficient solutions, away from the complexities of coding. Are you wondering if there is a more efficient way to digitize these files into the functional app?

Introducing Quixy Snap2App

Quixy’s Snap2App feature is exactly how it sounds. It is envisioned and built to drastically reduce the form creation lifecycle of an app by at least 50%. What typically takes an average of ~7-8 minutes for simple forms and ~30-40 minutes for complex forms to build can be achieved in less than 2 minutes with Snap2App.

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Surprised Reaction
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How does it work?

Snap2App has the power to process and extract form fields from Paper, Digital forms in PDF or image format and photo captures of Napkin sketches. All you have to do is upload the image to create an app instantly. Yes! It is that simple! Quixy’s Snap2App includes converting

  1. Image to App
  2. PDFs to App
  3. Link to App
Just Like That


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Quick steps to quickly create apps

Imagine you and your team are brainstorming the possible ways to digitize a process and have collectively captured the form details on a whiteboard. With Snap2App, you can capture a photo of the whiteboard and upload it to create a form for your app on Quixy. It is that simple and efficient.

Here are the simple steps to digitize your forms:

  1. Launch Quixy and Initiate the Create app flow (you will need Administrator permissions here).
  2. Select the “From File” option on the App name step.
  3. Select PDF or Image, or Link as an option.
  4. Upload the captured image and Submit.
  5. Snap2App will process the uploaded file/image and preview the form in seconds.
  6. Make necessary edits, if needed, to Field names and other properties.
  7. Approve the fields to view the form in Form Builder. Add or update to suit your business needs.
  8. Publish the app for your users.

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This is it


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With Quixy’s Snap2App, you can further accelerate your Digital Transformation agenda with No-code and Workflow automation. Get rid of error-prone spreadsheets and adopt automation for digital transformation!


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. How long does it take to process the form?

Depending on the size of the form, Snap2App takes between 6 and 30 seconds to digitize your form. As a word of caution, you may need a few more minutes to verify the extracted fields and make changes to your form to your business needs.

Does Snap2App support napkin sketches with label names written in cursive handwriting?

For your napkin sketches to be legible for the machine to understand, we highly recommend using all capitals while writing label names.

Q. How accurately does Snap2App process the image or file to extract form fields?

The results are dependent on many factors, such as the complexity of forms, readability, quality of the file or image, resolution, etc. Snap2App currently does not detect Tables in the form. Stay tuned for future versions.

Q. Is Snap2App a free feature from Quixy?

No. Snap2App is available to all Quixy subscribers. Get Started Today! Empower your organization with automation and customized app development without coding.

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