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August 11, 2023
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Business users form the crux of any company, as they are spread across various departments and carry out the processes that keep an organization running. However, due to digital transformation, there has been a sharp increase in expectations from them. They are not only entrusted to carry out their core roles and responsibilities but they are also expected to find avenues of digital innovation. 

Whether big or small, companies are looking at digitally transforming their operations to improve productivity, stay competitive, and adapt to the changing business environment. These companies rely heavily on their IT department to meet their software application needs for digital initiatives. Overwhelmed with software requirements from across business units, IT departments are unable to fulfill their requirements. The rising cost of software developers and the lack of skilled professionals’ availability further adds to the woes.

The brunt is faced by business users as well, as they are not able to get their solutions built on time. In addition to this, they also have to explain their requirements to the IT department, and very often, important details get lost in the ensuing rounds of communication. This is where no-code steps in. 

No-Code for business users

No-code technology enables business users to become citizen developers, who have the skills to build their own solutions without writing a single line of code. Citizen developers are business users who are integrated into businesses as non-IT employees but are empowered by the ability to build applications to satisfy their needs. When these citizen developers build applications for a business using no-code tools approved by IT, the process is known as citizen development.

According to Gartner, by 2024, 80% of the technology products will be created by non-IT professionals. This is nothing but a testament to the true potential of no-code and its usefulness to business users. 

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Below, let’s take a look at how business users can become citizen developers and bring about digital transformation for their organizations. 

Benefits of no-code

Benefits of no-code for Business Users

1. Automated processes

There is no need to indulge in coding to automate and customize the workflows and processes as a business user. Even without technical knowledge, you can create just the type of automation you need. Citizen development will eventually automate all the routines of your organization. This allows business users to focus on creating value and spend their resources in the meaningful aspects of their role. 

2. Customized applications

No one understands the business problem and the exact solution needed to solve that problem more than the business user. However, earlier, they did not have any option but to depend on IT departments and face inefficiencies and delays. With the elimination of code, citizen developers can create a highly customized application at least ten times faster.

With no-code, business users can save precious time and money while making sure that all the business needs are met and customized for within the application. This highly customizable application is an upgrade from the traditional one-size-fits-all applications that are hard to customize and create clutter in the IT setup.

3. Data management

Manual data entry and processes often lead to major challenges and inefficiencies. With the automation of data management, business users can eliminate human intervention entirely through accurate real-time recording of data.

In addition to this, business users can also build dashboards with consolidated data from the automated processes. This makes reporting and analysis easy. Alongside, it provides actionable insights into trends and resource utilization, which leads to informed decision-making by business users and an increase in the success of their business unit.

4. Seamless collaboration and communication

Business users are often required to interact with other business users and work towards organizational goals in tandem. Automated processes alongside an integrated application lets teams work together in real-time. Each team member is constantly updated without the need for emails and other communication forms.

Agile and collaborative digital solutions (built through no-code) allow business users to avoid any silos and make the most out of their group work with other business users. This ensures higher efficiency and better results for businesses. 

5. Fostering a culture of innovation

The beauty of citizen development is that it involves no or minimal coding. Business users working across different verticals now have the opportunity to use their problem-solving and creative skills to make an actual change in the organization. 

Consequently, by strategically involving different departments, innovation is not confined to one part of the business. This promotes a culture of innovation and digital dexterity, immensely helping businesses in the long run. 



It is becoming increasingly clear that the roles and responsibilities of business users won’t stay limited to what’s on paper. They will be required to constantly upskill, drive innovation and enable digital transformation for their organization. No-code is just the perfect tool, and Quixy is just the perfect platform to enable that. 

Reap all the benefits of citizen development with Quixy as it is a leading No-Code Process Automation and Application Development platform. Quixy offers super-convenient and affordable tools that can completely transform the way business users work. Begin your journey towards streamlined operations and tailored apps – all with the simplicity of our platform. Get started today to harness the potential of automation.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is an example of a Nocode?

A prime example of a no-code tool is Quixy. It allows users to create automated workflows between different apps without writing any code, making it accessible for users without coding knowledge.

Can low and no-code be used by business users without coding knowledge or training?

Absolutely, low-code and no-code platforms are designed for users without coding expertise. Business users can leverage these tools to create applications, automate processes, and implement solutions without extensive coding training.

Who uses no-code platform?

A variety of users benefit from no-code platforms, including business analysts, marketers, project managers, and entrepreneurs. These platforms empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to build software solutions without relying on dedicated development teams.

Is no-code profitable?

Yes, no-code solutions can be profitable. They enable faster development, reduce costs, and empower businesses to bring ideas to market quickly. The profitability depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of the solutions created using no-code tools.

What are no-code startups?

No-code startups are companies that leverage no-code platforms to develop and launch their products without extensive coding efforts. These startups often focus on agility and rapid innovation.

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