Digital Transformation Conferences
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December 5, 2023
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You no longer have to be restricted by your geographical location when attending conferences. Instead of attending a local conference, you can now participate in virtual conferences in India, Canada, Taiwan, and more. Below you’ll find a mix of virtual and in-person digital transformation conferences to consider in 2024. Take advantage of professional learning opportunities to kick off the new year.

What is the Importance of Digital Transformation Conferences?

As technology advances, business processes can be streamlined, and production increases.
Businesses must stay one step ahead of their competitors while remaining relevant to the public as the world becomes increasingly digital. Companies must learn to think outside the box, go against the grain, and accept failure as part of digital transformation.

It is for this reason that Digital Transformation Conferences are so important. In these conferences, current and future trends related to the digital business are discussed in depth.
To accelerate growth and innovation, incorporate cultural change in organizations, and ultimately elevate the customer experience, carefully-selected guest speakers share their industry knowledge and experiences through various platforms.

Is there a formula for a Good Conference?

The importance of Digital Transformation Conferences has been discussed, but what makes a good conference?
Having a clear goal or topic, appropriate speakers with relevant experience, and different content is important. It is still essential to think about many other aspects of a conference to succeed.

A conference organizer must understand their target audience and how to reach them when organizing a conference.

The conference should also be scheduled at the best time and place. In addition to the top CIO conferences, they can also benefit from attending top Digital Transformation conferences. What is the best place to reach the most people?

When is it too late for a conference to begin? Are you planning to hold the event inside or outside? If admission is to be charged, how much should you charge? The answers to all of these questions, as well as many others, are essential to the conference’s success.

The Best Digital Transformation Conferences of 2024

1. Digital Transformation Summit 2024

Digital Transformaiton Summit- Digital Transformation Conferences

Date: Thursday, February 22, 2024 – 08:00 AM – 05:00 PM EDT

Location: Reston, Virginia 20190

Website: Digital Transformation Summit

The third Digital Transformation Summit, hosted by ACT-IAC and MeriTalk, focuses on culture, customer experience, and the essential training needed to implement new digital technologies successfully.
As a result of attending this workshop, you will better understand how data is crucial to selecting the right digital technology and the steps and processes you should follow when evaluating the benefits of digital transformation in your company.

The Objectives

  • Choosing the right digital technology requires an understanding of how data works.
  • Find examples of successful use cases and technologies.
  • Analyze the benefits of digital transformation in your agency or company using steps, processes, and methodologies.
  • Learn why leadership skills, culture, customer experience, and training are essential to successfully assessing and implementing digital technology.
  • To develop the right details of this procurement, understand what the acquisition team and related processes need.

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2. Forrester Technology & Innovation North America

Date: September 9 – 12, 2024 


Website: Forrester Technology & Innovation North America

The Forrester Technology & Innovation North America event is a conference that brings together tech leaders and experts to discuss the latest technological innovations and trends. It’s like a big gathering where people share their cloud computing, cybersecurity, and digital transformation insights. Attendees can learn about new technologies and solutions, get inspired by keynote speakers, and connect with peers from different industries. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of technology.

Why Attend?

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the fast-paced world of technology.
  • Build new relationships and expand your professional network
  • Explore new ideas and get inspired to innovate in your organization.

3. Digital Workplace Transformation Live – A Virtual Conference


Date: 19 – 20 June 2024

Location: The conference will be held virtually.

Website: Digital Workplace Transformation Live – A Virtual Conference

This year, they have become virtual! For those who are interested in taking action, this three-day conference is for you. Digital Transformation executives and leaders will share critical solutions to current & future business challenges at this premier gathering. Find answers to your pressing challenges for creating a workplace built for collaboration by joining a global community of 2000+ digital workplace leaders and IT executives.

If you cannot attend the live sessions, you can watch them on-demand for free. Several industry professionals will speak, including Hewlett Packard, Peloton, Ricoh, and Cisco representatives.

4. New York 2024 Digital Transformation Conference

New York 2023 Digital Transformation Conference

Date: October 23 – 24, 2024

Location: New York

Website: The Digital Transformation Conference

Engage brilliant enterprise leaders in discussions about business transformation, innovation, and strategy to drive digital transformation efforts.

The Digital Transformation Conference has been running since 2016 across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe, welcoming leaders and practitioners within enterprise digital transformation, innovation, and strategy. The event has become a meeting place and learning environment for many professionals seeking to succeed in digital transformation.

To highlight these three core pillars of transformation, the conference builds an agenda to include an array of industries and speakers who will share their insights and learnings in a complex business area.
Come and learn about best practices, solutions to challenges faced, lessons learned, success stories & more on Sep 21st in New York. Look out for the final event schedule in Spring 2024.


5. Digital Transformation Conference TECHEX


Date: 5-6 June 2024

Location: Santa Clara Convention Center, CA

Date: 1-2 Oct 2024

Location: RAI, Amsterdam

Date: Nov 30th– Dec 1st, 2023

Location: Olympia London, UK

Website: Digital Transformation Week

An enterprise-level forum for senior decision-makers interested in exploring and evaluating the latest technologies and strategic approaches to drive innovation. Learn critical strategies for making your digital efforts successful from leading digital experts.

Featuring solo presentations, expert panel discussions, and in-depth fireside chats, over forty speakers will share their industry knowledge and real-life experiences. Under one roof, this unmissable conference co-locates with Edge Computing Expo and Tech Ex Events exploring IoT, AI, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, and 5G.

6. B2B Connect on Digital Transformation


Date: 26th to 28th March 2024

Location: Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, CA

Website: B2B Connect

The conference is invite-only for Senior B2B Executives, pre-qualified based on their job function, responsibility, and budgeting authority.

It’s an exclusive event for North America’s most successful and innovative manufacturers and distributors, brought to you by the producers of B2B Online.

In an intimate setting of 75 executives, you’ll discuss current trends, challenges facing B2B leaders (including the impact of COVID-19), and other forms of risk. As the B2B market and its implications change, you’ll also learn about best practices and technologies. In the past, attendees have reported that networking and smaller groups led to more meaningful conversations.

7. 8th Edition Global OPEX and Business Transformation Summit


Date: January 29 – 31, 2024

Location: Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes, FL, United States (Hybrid)


A global summit dedicated to operational excellence and business transformation in cross-industry sectors is being held at the 8th Edition of the Global OPEX and Business Transformation Summit.

Topics covered in the 8th Edition of the Global OPEX and Business Transformation Summit include:

  • Establishing a management system that supports innovation continuously
  • Using digital transformation to improve operational efficiency
  • Incorporating an agile mindset into an organization
  • A strategic tool for achieving goals with intelligent automation

Participants in the 8th Edition of the Global OPEX and Business Transformation Summit will be involved in or interested in:

  • Enhancing performance
  • Excellence in operations and processes
  • Improvement of business processes/continuous improvement
  • Strategy & Quality
  • Control & Planning
  • Management of Change
  • Innovation in technology
  • Transformations in Agile/Digital/Cultural
  • Six Sigma Lean & Lean Initiatives
  • Transforming businesses
  • Engineer/Architect for Business/Processes

8. The IDC DX Summit Digital Transformation: Symphony in a Digital

IDC SUMMIT List of Digital Transformation Conferences

Date: March 13 – March 15, 2024

Location: ASEAN

Website:  IDC DX Summit

You have the opportunity to attend a Digital Transformation conference in ASEAN virtually! During this year’s conference, the theme will explore how businesses must adapt to a digital-first world post-pandemic. As a result, future-oriented enterprises can demonstrate this through various examples ranging from operations to partnerships to customer engagements. 

IDC, the world’s leading provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events in the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets, is hosting this conference. With over 1,100 analysts worldwide, IDC provides global, regional, and local expertise on technology and industry opportunities and trends in more than 110 countries.

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9. Digital Transformation World

Digital Transformation World series

Date: 18-20 June 2024

Location: Copenhagen

Website: Digital Transformation World

The Digital Transformation World Series is a global event that brings together experts and executives from different industries to talk about the latest trends and solutions related to digital transformation. It’s like a big conference where people discuss topics like 5G, AI, and IoT and how they can be used to improve businesses.

The event offers a chance to learn from others, connect with potential partners, and see new technologies in action. It’s a great opportunity for anyone interested in digital transformation who wants to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

Final thoughts

We have covered the most significant Digital Transformation events taking place in 2024. However, there are many more across the country and worldwide. In light of this, it is clear that digital transformation has become an increasingly relevant topic for businesses. 

Even though each conference covers a wide range of topics, the underlying theme is to teach businesses how to remain relevant in today’s fast-paced digital environment.

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