Legacy Systems
6 Signs that your Legacy System is an obstacle for your business’s Digital Transformation!
Reading Time: 6 minutes

With a pacing, agile, and ever-changing market, only the businesses that are capable of adapting to such environments can thrive and achieve greatness. And this adaptability can only come through the right kind of Digital Transformation strategies. Digital transformation not only automates the workflow and lets things happen faster but also provides a better customer

Top CIO Conferences & Events to attend in India in 2021
Reading Time: 7 minutes

When the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown stopped work and life, technology found an enormous relief as individuals were in a position to attempt to do too many things essentially. Official meetings and conferences were held utilizing different online stages, instructions on the web, utility administrations, and working with online classes, meetings, bits of preparation, and

CIO Conference
Top 20 Tech Conferences CIOs cannot miss in 2021
Reading Time: 9 minutes

If the world is changing every minute then technology is changing every second. Owing to the pandemic, the entire world has realized the role that technology has to offer and the extent to which it can change our lives. As a CIO of an organization, it is important to stay up to date with the

Data Management
8 Telltale Signs that your Data Management System is failing you
Reading Time: 6 minutes

For any Business, Data Management is as important as Data Collection and Data Analysis. It not only minimizes the potential errors but also makes the data more credible to be used for major decision makings in the organization. Only with reliable, up-to-date, and accurate data, companies can adapt to the market changes and provide the

Digital Transformation Questions
Digital Transformation: 7 Important Questions for Your Organization
Reading Time: 5 minutes

This article (Digital Transformation: 7 Important Questions for Your Organization) was first published on Customer Think Digital transformation has become more important than ever, as it’s the only way to navigate the waters of the post-pandemic world. While digital transformation used to be something that organizations had planned to adopt in the long term, the

Innovation Questions
Is Your Organization Innovative Enough? Answer these 7 Innovation Questions.
Reading Time: 5 minutes

This article (Is Your Organization Innovative Enough? Answer these 7 Innovation Questions) was first published on Customer Think. We have all heard the benefits of innovative thinking. It makes us think out of the box, see things in a new light and reach solutions that don’t seem too obvious at first. The same applies to

tech upgrade
8 Essential Tech Upgrades your Enterprise must consider in 2021
Reading Time: 5 minutes

This article (Eight essential tech upgrades enterprises must consider for improved productivity) was first published on ITProPortal Technological advancements keep changing the face of today’s fast-changing business environment. Nothing can stop this. Take the COVID-19 pandemic for instance; if nothing else, it ended up boosting the use of technology to keep businesses going. First, it

Digital Transformation Mistakes
8 Common Digital Transformation Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs
Reading Time: 6 minutes

This article (8 Common Digital Transformation Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs) was first published on Customer Think We discuss common digital transformation mistakes that leaders need to avoid if they want to lead their organization into a successful future.  The merits of undertaking the process of digital transformation for an organization are more profound

Business-Led IT
Business-Led IT is crucial for your Business Success: Here’s Why!
Reading Time: 11 minutes

It is estimated that IT spending has grown significantly over the last decade, to the tune of $3.8 trillion in 2019, according to Gartner. With an upsurge in the number of applications used by the average business user, it has become important to address the fact that these applications aren’t always vetted by the IT

Business Leaders
From Paper to Paperless: How No-Code Digital Transformation made this Exec’s Life Easier
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Meet Suvarchala Chakravadhanula. She works as an Accounts Officer at Navayuga Infotech, a leading global information technology solutions and services provider offering innovative, flexible, and affordable software solutions to customers across the globe. Established in 1997, Navayuga Infotech is the arm of the business conglomerate, the Navayuga Group, with group revenues close to USD 1.2

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