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August 10, 2023
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This article (Say Goodbye to Your Software Hassles with No-Code) was first published on The Next Tech

You want to be efficient and productive when you go to work every day. You want to work on innovative stuff that adds value to you and the business. Don’t you? But what is the reality? Instead of innovating, are you stuck in manual processes? Do you spend a lot of time on spreadsheets and other software hassles? If your answer is yes, then this blog may provide you with a solution to get out of the work rut you find yourself in.

But before we get there, let’s ask a few more questions and ensure we understand the problem correctly. Let’s start !!

How much time are you spending on repetitive tasks and data entry type of activities? Trying to manage data in spreadsheets. Tracking tasks manually. Breaking your head in figuring out if you are working on the latest version of the document. Searching for important information in emails.

Let’s take an example. Mark has a team of 5 employees. Each of his team members currently spends 4-5 hours daily on the above activities. That’s a total of 125 hours a week and 500 hours a month for a small team of 5. Let’s say the average full-time employee costs about $30 an hour. That said, inefficient processes cost Mark approximately $15,000 a month. Yikes !!

software hassles - yikes
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Now, anyone would say let’s build software for this. But don’t you always have to wait for the IT department to get back to you? IT departments have their own set of challenges. They have their IT backlogs growing in size every day. Every software requirement goes through the “Buy Vs. Build” dilemma. Ready-to-use one-size-fits-all solutions are usually not customizable and rarely meet all business user requirements. On the other hand, custom-built software takes time to develop as IT departments face a shortage of professional developers. According to a study, tech talent shortage will swell to more than 85 million tech workers by 2030. Yes, The shortage of software developers is real. On average, building, designing, and deployment of software takes around 4-9 months. Finally, when the software is ready, it’s not uncommon that it does not mean business-user expectations. Due to the nature of the software development processes, business requirements are often lost in translation as the business users are not involved throughout the development life cycle.

software hassles - unmet expectations
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There is no end to the software hassles. Even if the solution is delivered as per expectation, does it adapt to the changing business needs at the speed required?

For instance, Mark wanted software that reduces his team’s time on managing spreadsheets. Each team member manually updated their share of data in the spreadsheet, making it difficult to consolidate and keep track. Mark asked the IT department to build software where employees can enter the data directly into the system.

By the time the software was ready, the team had already moved on to a new project with different requirements that needed them to upload pictures, signatures, and geolocation! That too on the go using a mobile device. The software developed did not meet the new requirements. This will now require changes to the software, which means more software hassles and more coding, which means software developers who are either not there or busy with other projects, which means more time, and more cost. Aargh !!

software hassles - frustration
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More headaches for managers and frustration for business users.

Now here you are, thinking, “I have a problem, and IT is unable to help fast enough. I wish I could do something about this software hassles and get out of this rut.”

Employees today have innovative ideas which, if implemented promptly, can bring innovation. But businesses are losing out on these ideas because of the dependency on IT for any kind of software. What a shame!

But wait, we have GOOD NEWS. We finally have a solution. It’s called NO-CODE, the answer to all your software hassles.

No-code app development will save you from all the hassles you’ve faced until now! And you don’t even have to be into tech or know how to code!

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Finding it hard to believe? Read on.

No-code development uses simple mechanics such as drag-and-drop and easy-to-use visual interfaces to build applications 10X faster without writing any code. The platform is a visual environment wherein individuals with absolutely no knowledge of coding can create a fully-functional application.

Managers have consistently been looking for a way to overcome the IT burden by allowing their staff members to build apps (citizen developers) without prior tech knowledge or the need for training. This is why no-code development is a boon, and the market is growing rapidly. Gartner estimates that it will hit $10 billion by 2024. That number isn’t just huge; it is impressively gigantic. In its recent Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms, Gartner predicted: “By 2024, three-quarters of large enterprises will be using at least four low-code development tools for both IT application development and citizen development initiatives.” And “By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65 percent of application development activity.”

Can you believe it?

Source: TENOR

No-code platforms are awesome! They offer endless possibilities to build any kind of application based on business needs. All you need is an idea; with the right no-code platform, you can implement it in minutes and hours.

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With no code, you can say goodbye to paper-based processes, manual tracking of tasks, and searching for information in emails. You can automate all your workflows and processes and build enterprise-grade applications.

With no code, everyone’s a developer; everyone’s a maker, everyone’s an innovator.


Benefits of No-code, answer to your software hassles

1. Automated & Custom Workflows

Workflow automating and modeling is not just fast; it’s much more seamless. It lets you manage all your data seamlessly without ever indulging in the language of code.

Say bye to spreadsheets and repetitive manual tasks by creating custom apps for team use.

For example, Mark can create a customized app for all his projects and teams, record data in real-time that can be accessed from any device, task management apps that create tasks for him and his teams, and customize them to be repeatable or ad–hoc.

2. Anyone can build No-code apps!

That’s the beauty of them! You won’t have to wait for IT departments, and you don’t need technical experience or knowledge about code. Anyone (or, as we like calling them, citizen developers) can build functional applications within minutes and hours!

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3. Enhanced innovation

You won’t have to let go of ideas and will have the power to create your own apps the way you aspire to and like. This encourages everyone to get their creative juices flowing, making workplace innovation a part of your company’s culture.

4. Exceptional agility

With no-code apps, change is not only adaptable but also profitable. According to a McKinsey Study, agile organizations tend to be healthier, more profitable, and more innovative. No-code apps check this box by automating everything from building to testing. Thus, the teams have more time to get the work done instead of wasting it preparing for work.

5. Reduced time

No-code development eases the burden on IT and builds apps in lesser time than other software. One can build, design, and deploy no-code apps within minutes and hours!

traditional coding vs low-code vs no-code

Quixy – for your hassle-free digital workplace endeavors!

Quixy is a leading no-code app development platform that will help you through hassle-free digital transformation and leverage it without burdening your pockets, your teams, or your IT department. With Quixy, you get the flexibility to build great solutions with ease!

Regardless of your business, Quixy can help you automate your processes 10X faster. It is also remarkably easy to use. Get started with our platform, and experience the ease of automated processes and personalized app building.

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