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March 21, 2024
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Are you encountering difficulties in effectively visualizing and managing interconnected artifacts across your platform? Are you seeking clarity on dependencies between various artifacts? With the advent of Quixy’s Solution View feature, organization admins or workspace admins no longer need to rely solely on memory to track the flow of interconnected artifacts.

Quixy’s Solution View Advantage 

The Solution View feature gives admins a comprehensive overview of artifact interconnections and data flows. This capability enables admins to assess the ripple effects of changes to a single artifact on others, providing insights into the complete workflow initiated by a user. 

The Initial Approach 

Quixy’s platform now includes the Solution View feature, which allows users to access solutions for any artifact by navigating to the action items of the desired artifact. This feature offers a real-time view of artifacts without limitations on the number of interconnected artifacts. 

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Step-by-Step Guide

1. Access Solution View Feature  

Access Solution View Feature  
Access Solution View Feature  

Accessing the Solution View of an artifact is simple: you can either choose the option from the three-dot menu or click on the icon in the action column of the desired artifact. 

2. Access the Solution View Feature from Edit Pages 

You can also access the Solution View of the artifacts directly from the edit pages. 

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Advantages of Quixy’s Solution View 

1. Visual Representation

The Solution View offers a visual representation of all interconnected artifacts, enabling users to grasp the flow of information across the entire system easily 

2. Unique Icons

Each Artifact Category is distinguished by unique icons, facilitating users’ comprehension of how an artifact is linked to other types of artifacts 

3. Real-Time View

Real-Time View

The Solution View is dynamically updated in real-time with any changes in artifacts, streamlining the comprehension of artifact flow and facilitating the creation of solutions 


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Features of Solution View  

1. Export View 

Users have the option to download the entire Solution View in various available formats, enabling them to utilize it as needed according to their requirements 

2. Increase/Decrease Layers 

Users have the flexibility to adjust the layers of the Solution View to gain a clearer understanding of the interconnected artifacts. This includes expanding or reducing the display to reveal first, second, or third levels of dependency, providing a more detailed or high-level overview as needed 

3. Redirect to Other artifacts 

Users can easily access the Solution View of any other artifact by simply selecting the desired artifact and double-clicking on it. This action swiftly navigates them to the Solution View of the targeted artifact, streamlining the exploration of newly selected artifact 

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The Solution View feature revolutionizes the way organization, and workspace admins manage interconnected artifacts. With its visual representation of artifact interconnections, real-time updates, and user-friendly navigation options, Solution View empowers users to gain deep insights into artifact dependencies and streamline their workflow processes. By providing a comprehensive overview of artifact flows and offering intuitive features such as exporting views and adjusting layers, Quixy’s Solution View enhances efficiency and decision-making within the platform. This innovative feature marks a significant step forward in artifact management, facilitating smoother operations and enabling users to harness the full potential of their interconnected data. 

Learn more about creating Solution View with Quixy. 

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