Sandbox Branches
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June 7, 2024
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Effective management of multiple artifacts and solutions is essential, yet it can be quite challenging. Quixy’s Sandbox branches offer a systematic and organized solution, enabling developers to create, store, and manage artifacts in isolated spaces before deploying them to various stages. This article delves into the concept of Sandbox branches, highlighting their benefits and providing detailed instructions on creating, managing, and deleting branches to streamline your development process. 

What is a Branch in Sandbox? 

In the context of Sandbox, a branch is a secluded space where created or modified artifacts—such as apps, data tables, lookups, and functions—are parked temporarily before being deployed to the subsequent stages (QA, UAT, or Live) from the Dev stage. This ensures a structured workflow and prevents premature deployment of artifacts. 

Default Branch: The General Branch 

Both Basic Sandbox and Advanced Sandbox feature a default branch known as General. This is where artifacts are stored by default, ready for deployment. The Basic Sandbox includes only this branch, while the Advanced Sandbox allows for additional branches. 

Multiple Branches in Advanced Sandbox 

In Advanced Sandbox, up to 9 additional branches can be created beyond the default General branch. These extra branches serve a similar purpose to the General branch, enabling users to manage and park their created or modified artifacts independently. This functionality is particularly useful in organizations where multiple artifacts or solutions are created concurrently. 

All about Branches in Quixy

I. Creation 

  • Go to Admin menu -> More -> Branches 
Creation of branches
  • Locate the Create Branch option at the top right corner and click on it 
Creation of branches
  • A Create Branch pop-up will appear. Complete the necessary details and click Save. 
Branch details

II. Storing Artifacts in a New Branch 

To store created or modified artifacts in a newly created branch, you need to switch from the General branch to the new branch. 

Note on Branch Privacy 

When a workspace admin creates a branch, it remains private and is not accessible to other workspace admins unless they add collaborators. However, an organizational admin can access all branches created by workspace admins. They can also switch to these branches and store artifacts in them. 

III. Switching Among Sandbox Branches 

Go to Admin Menu -> More -> Branches. Hover over the desired branch and click on Switch

Switching Among Sandbox Branches 

A Switch Branch popup will appear. Click Yes to proceed. 

IV. Deleting a Sandbox Branch 

  • Hover over the branch you wish to remove and click on View Artifact Summary. 
  • Access the Three Dot Menu and select Delete 
  • A pop-up will appear, prompting you to enter the Branch Name. Provide the branch name and click Delete 
  • Note: Before deleting a Sandbox Branch, either deploy the artifacts within that branch to the Live stage or delete them 
view artifact summary

Benefits of Multiple Branches 

1. Avoid Over-Accumulation

Storing multiple artifacts or solutions in the General branch can lead to an over-accumulation, making it difficult to identify and deploy them to the next stage.

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2. Streamlined Management  

Creating distinct branches for respective citizen developers (organization admins or workspace admins) allows each developer to manage their artifacts independently 

3. Time and Effort Saving  

This approach streamlines the process, saving valuable time and effort for developers 


Example: Using Multiple Branches 

Consider an organizational setup with one organization administrator and two workspace administrators. If all their artifacts are stored in the General branch, identifying ownership becomes challenging. To prevent this, the organization admin advises the workspace admins to create separate branches for storing their artifacts. This ensures clarity and allows each admin to access their own artifacts without interfering with those of others. 

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Sandbox branches offer a robust mechanism for managing and deploying artifacts in an organized manner. By utilizing multiple branches, organizations can streamline their workflow, prevent artifact over-accumulation, and ensure clarity in artifact ownership. This structured approach enhances efficiency and facilitates smoother deployments across various stages. 

Learn more about Branches and their implementation in Quixy.

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