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Have you ever found yourself struggling to process a large volume of documents within a tight deadline? If so, you know how time-consuming and stressful it can be to extract and organize the data you need manually. Fortunately, Quixy’s Document Parser can help you streamline this process and save you countless hours of manual work. Let’s take a look at how Quixy’s Document Parser helped an organization streamline its workflow & provide efficient operational agility to all data entry chaotic workloads.

Viajar tours & travels is a travel agency based in Mumbai, and recently they planned to extend their company to other places. The Unique selling point of the agency is the easy-going process they have for their customer. They always focused on the process of the customer being aware of the brand to become a potential customer.

On the other hand, Sara, a travel blogger, has only two hobbies: traveling and writing. She always tries and reviews new travel agencies and places, and Sara also likes to be updated on new technologies for her knowledge.

This time Sara thought to try Viajar tours & travels for her next trip to Kerala and contacted them for further processing, and guess what? Her booking was made in 10 minutes, even though she was astonished about her booking process.

Are you wondering why a traveler who used to book her trips was astonished? Let us take a look at what exactly happened.

A smart approach

When Sara finalized her package and was filling out the online form for further details and as usual, she asked to fill in her Adhar card and passport details. Still, the surprising thing is without writing a single word. Her details were filled in by just uploading the file on the portal. Are you also wondering how is this even possible? Sara, who was prepared to fill that lengthy process, completed her work in 10 minutes. She was so curious she contacted Tara, the travel agent of Viajar Tours & Travel, to learn more about it.

Introduction of Hero

Tara smiled and said, “It is the platform that made our business run easy its Quixy, and the feature where you can upload documents is called Document Parser, which extracts the details needed from our customer by uploading the document and saving time for our customer which Vaijar promise to provide as a travel agency.”

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Follow your Curiosity

Sara remembered the quote, “Curiosity is the hunger of the human mind,” by Rose Wilder Lane & took the conversation forward by wanting to know the procedure and how Document Parser works.

Let us take a look

Step 1: Choose Document Parser

Select the Advanced option and go to Document Parser.

Document Parser
document parser

Step 2: Select the Document

Drag and drop the option and select the document from which you want to extract details.

document parsing software

Step 3: Select the Field

You can rename the Field as the document name, for example, “Adhar card,” or if you want pan card details, “Pan card,” and select the Field you want details of and save it.  

Document Parcing
Document parsing

Capture or upload a legal document whose content you want to extract.

Document parser

Step 5: Process it

Process the document.

DOcument parser

Step 6: Details will be Fetched

The details are auto-fetched and save a lot of time.

Auto-fetch content document

Strengths of Document Parser

Wait a moment Tara! I believe understanding the concept of a document parser could also be valuable in many other aspects too. Such as,

1. Automation of your business. 

The core of successful businesses is automation. Workflow automation software will lessen the amount of manual work your organization does.  

Thanks to Parser, data entry operations, and other repetitive jobs may now be completed automatically, accurately, and without any human error. Without human interaction, your documents will be gathered, processed, and data will be transmitted instantaneously to each of your applications. 

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2. Enhance the speed of your process. 

Give Parser instructions on what data to extract, then let the technology works swiftly and autonomously! Your documents will be processed by Parser in real-time without the involvement of a human, and you will have access to the data right away. 

3. Strengthen your output 

The accurate data will be presented, keeping your customer happy and you being able to deliver what you promise. Document parser knows the importance of documents and details.  

It will never disappoint you.  

You are on point Sara! These are the document parser’s key strengths.  

Where to use it? 

How Quixy’s Document Parser Can Streamline Workflows Across Diverse Sectors

Quixy’s Document Parser, PDF Extractor, can help businesses streamline workflows, minimize errors, and improve overall efficiency.

1. Banking  

Want to avoid long queues? So why not a process where it will take just a few minutes? Document parser helps automate processes and increase operational efficiency in Loan applications, credit card application, KYC documents, etc.  

2. College Admission  

Say hi to new technology while learning, upload documents, and wait for the magic. Institutions can improve the application process and save time and money by utilizing a document parser in the college admission system. 

Legal documents can be categorized via document parsing according to their purpose or content. It could be used, for instance, to identify documents. 

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Setting an example of being different and delivering on what organizations offer is a key factor for any organization in the age of new technology and competition in every industry. Travel agency Viajar Tours & Travels already uses Quixy’s simple platform and features to maintain their business. Sara recognized how a document parser might simplify and save her time in her travels. Nonetheless, as we have discussed, some industries can use document parsers to streamline operations. 

With Quixy, any business can be easy.  

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