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October 11, 2023
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Optimizing workflow processes in today’s fast-paced business environment is crucial to stay competitive and meet customer demands. One of the key elements of a streamlined workflow is an effective management system. Quixy, a no-code platform for agile business process automation, offers a comprehensive session management solution that can revolutionize your workflow. With this, you can efficiently manage user sessions, enhance security, and improve user experience.

APJ (Asia Pacific & Japan) is at the forefront of digital transformation initiatives, reimagining its entire operations by adopting new-age technologies. The Organizations have to ensure their IT infrastructure is stable and scalable to support their  Digital initiatives, not just now but for the foreseeable future. 

While so much attention is being paid to technologies and how AI is changing the world, the truth & capability of no-code is still a mystery for many individuals. Any technology starts with an idea to solve many problems and simplify users’ lives. Therefore, Quixy has its own way of making our users’ lives easy with low and no codes.   

Imagine you are back from your short break to start work again with a hot cup of coffee ready on your table. You open your system to begin your work, but guess what? Before starting your work, you have to log into the platform from different browsers again! We know how frustrating it is to log in every time, and oftentimes it affects productivity too! And after the log-in process, you can surely enjoy your hot coffee, which has turned into cold coffee now.  

But thank god for Quixy’s Session management solution, you don’t have to worry about it! Let us walk you through the features we offer.

Quixy Session Management

In Quixy, multiple sessions are the lifeline that allows users within an organization to log in to the application from various browsers or devices simultaneously. Picture this: you’re at your desk with your laptop, but you also need to access Quixy from your smartphone or tablet. With sessions, this is a breeze. It enables you to stay logged in across all platforms, ensuring a seamless experience. 

Multiple Session 

Sometimes we experience that some unauthorized individuals use the credentials of legal users without permission. This may lead to security risks or using someone’s personal information without consent. At this point, Multiple session allows you to decide if the user or organization can log into multiple browsers or devices. It helps you to enable respective stakeholders to be confident about their data and security by giving access to the right individuals.   

For example, a team of engineers is working on new data. They are uploading data from one browser but need another screen to check whether it’s working smoothly. With the help of multiple sessions, they can log into different browsers or devices and check the whole process & workflow without any hassle.   

How does it work? 

1. Go to the admin menu, click preferences, and select the option “Session” 

Session management

2. Authorize Multiple sessions  

session management

3. Select your choice level  

  • Enabling multiple sessions in an organization permits all users to log in from multiple browsers or devices. 
  • Enabling a user base, you can permit authorization to either a single individual or multiple individuals by specifying their user ID. 
session management

Session Idle time 

Adding to multiple sessions, we have session Idle time, which will help you set time for any user or organization as a whole. If the platform is unattended for a specified amount of time, the user will be automatically logged out of the platform. This ensures account security and prevents data breaches. A small step to secure the data will make sure that your 10 minutes break and hot coffee, which is still hot, is a good choice of break.   

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Let me explain you in a better way. Let’s say you are working on something important, and your manager calls you for a 5 minutes discussion which turns out to be an hour, and you are not near your system, isn’t it risky? 

Anyone can access your account, data, or anything which is important. Here at this point, features like session idle time play a very important role, you can set a time, and it will log out, making sure the data is secure.  

session idle time

Follow three simple steps to enable this:  

1. Go to the admin menu, click preferences, and select the option “Session” 

session management

2. Enable the session idle time  

Session idle time

3. Set the time you want and level of preference, organization base, or User base. You are all set now!!  

Idle session

Benefits of Session Management: How it Can Simplify Your Work Life

1. Enhance security

Using multiple sessions and idle sessions allows you to keep important data separate from other operations, lowering the risk of data breaches and unwanted access.  


2. Level of choices   

What is a better way to adapt technology that gives you choices, on Quixy, you can choose the level of preference. It can be an organization base or a user base. You can give access to the whole team or just the team lead. It’s all a game of choices.   

3. Off or on?  

You will have the flexibility to enable or disable session management, depending upon your preference of work and the workflow of the organization. For example, there Is a requirement where some team is working continually, and it is taking more than 30 minutes to upload some data. You can turn off the Idle time field at that moment but can turn on multiple sessions so that the team can work on different browsers smoothly.   

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Quixy Session management can help your organization to run smoothly, preventing any abuse of personal information or any unlawful act and increasing productivity. There is no limitation here. Any user on the Quixy platform can enable the option and work seamlessly.   

It is important to recognize that prioritizing security measures while maintaining a seamless workflow is crucial for organizations in the current technological landscape. 

Begin your journey towards streamlined operations and tailored apps – all with the simplicity of our platform. Get started today to harness the potential of automation.

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