Talent acquisition is one of the core and spirited processes of an HR function in an enterprise. The aim is to build a dynamic and skilled workforce ensuring the right people for the right job. The hiring strategy of the recruiters vary by position, organization size, allocated budgets, region, and urgency to name a few. Hence one-size-fits all strategy is a big No for organizations globally.

A great recruitment module should adapt to the organizations’ specific needs such as infusing additional layers of approvals based on the role and position, automatic communication when candidates are moved from one tier to another etc. apart from the regular screening and filtering capabilities.

In this webinar, we shall perceive how to design a flexible Talent acquisition module with the power of No-Code. We shall alter an existing seemingly simple recruitment module to the organization’s needs. We shall also showcase how swiftly and effortlessly we can accommodate changes in the existing process and design a powerful solution on Quixy.



Saumya Sinha

Platform Consultant


Joshna Jupaka

Technical Recruiter