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August 11, 2023
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Meet Suvarchala Chakravadhanula. She works as an Accounts Officer at Navayuga Infotech, a leading global information technology solutions and services provider offering innovative, flexible, and affordable software solutions to customers across the globe. Established in 1997, Navayuga Infotech is the arm of the business conglomerate, the Navayuga Group, with group revenues close to USD 1.2 billion and an order book value of more than USD 8 billion.


Suvarchala has been associated with the organization for more than two decades.

When you have been working at an organization for that long, you are bound to see changes and transitions that the place undergoes across decades. While she witnessed the impressive digital transformation journey that Navayuga undertook, she had a first-hand experience of how digitization can drastically revolutionize various processes and upgrade the life of employees.


The before: Paper-based processes

As an Accounts Executive, Suvarchala was entrusted with a plethora of tasks which included purchase order management, invoice management, employee expense management, travel reimbursement management, and many such responsibilities. These processes were done on paper, and one can imagine the complexities involved with that method. Navayuga Infotech was using a legacy application to manage overall business processes across various departments. The system was developed several years ago and did not keep pace with the evolving business scenario. The major challenges faced by Suvarchala were as follows:

  • Manual filing of forms: Suvarchala had to fill numerous forms physically, as they were not digitized. The sheer amount of grunt work and efforts required to work with physical forms was a pain point for Suvarchala. The workflows were paper-based in nature as well, which lead to repetitive tasks, tedious manual approvals, and increased delays.
  • Error and delay-prone processes: No matter how skilled a professional is, manual processing of data is quite prone to error and slip-ups. As there was no unified system, information from multiple sources led to confusion and a high possibility of mistakes. In addition to the enormous amount of time spent on paper handling and data entry, manual cross-reference for validity becomes necessary. This led to further delays, leading to repeated concerns and queries from the concerned parties.
  • No status visibility: If any employee, for example, put in a reimbursement form they had no way of checking the progress of the processing. They had no option but to follow up with Suvarchala constantly, who was handling a plethora of such forms in the first place.

Suvarchala had to constantly answer these queries, and they seemed to be never-ending. She was expected to answer multiple questions regarding processing timelines when more often than not she herself had no idea. As one can imagine, she was quite frustrated and done with the ordeal.

“I was supposed to be answerable for a process that was so prone to delays and errors. How could I fast track the processing of one form when I had to deal with infinite forms every day?”, said Suvarchala.

The after: Digital transformation to the rescue

Navayuga Infotech decided to leap into digital transformation and chose Quixy as their digital partner. Using Quixy, most business processes across departments including, HR, General Administration, Business Development, Accounts, IT, Project Management, and Quality, were automated on one platform. A team of citizen developers was trained and under the guidance of the central IT team, automated their respective processes and built applications for their departments that were then seamlessly integrated with other department processes.

Automation was done for various processes like Application Tracking for Recruitment team, Leave & Payroll Management, Front Office Management for Admin, Travel & Expenses Management, and Accounts Submissions for Accounts, Project & Task Management, and Tender Management for Business Development, Service Request, and Incident Management for IT Operations.

No points for guessing this one, but this led to enormous benefits for Suvarchala. Using Quixy, employees can now submit the forms online. Inbuilt validations in the forms ensure that the forms Suvarchala receives are complete in all respects and she doesn’t have to call or email employees for clarifications. The employees can now check the status of their forms online without having to call Suvarchala. Suvarchala no longer has to prepare Purchase Orders and Invoices manually. feature in the Quixy platform to generate and email POs and Invoices to the respective recipients thereby eliminating any chances of manual errors and speeding up the overall process.

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The document generation feature allows the design of document templates with placeholders that can be automatically populated with information from various data sources to generate a range of documents, such as purchase orders, invoices, contract agreements, proposals, quotes, and reports without the need to create and share any of them manually.

No more delays. No more errors. No more follow-ups and frustrations. Maximum productivity and maximum peace of mind for Suvarchala. Despite a raging pandemic, she was able to deal with invoices and forms remotely in a manner that was drastically more effective than the earlier method.

The solution streamlined the overall operations across departments and eliminated the use of manual and email-based processes. The transformation boosted employee productivity by 20%, and satisfaction improved by 40%. The employees were able to save time from mundane manual tasks and instead spend it on other core business activities.


“Quixy’s document generation feature made my work easy on so many fronts that I can only wish I had my hands on it sooner”, said Suvarchala.

Now: Accounts executive turned superwoman

As she could discharge her duties effectively even in a remote setting, Suvarchala had the freedom to live up to her reputation of being a typical Asian grandparent. She’s currently visiting her son in Germany to take care of her newborn grandchild. From being irritated with piles of documents on her desk and handling numerous calls from the staff, Suvarchala is now donning two hats: handling her responsibilities at Navayuga as an Accounts Officer effectively and being a doting Granny who is helping her son and daughter-in-law with their newborn.

This situation would have been almost impossible for her to imagine a few years back, but Navayuga’s digital transformation journey yielded results that were beneficial for both her professional and personal life.

This is the story of one employee at one organization. Yet, take a look at the massive role that digital transformation played. Digital transformation can have a tremendous impact on organizations and their employees across sectors, sizes, and industries. From achieving skyrocketing productivity and success to making work meaningful for employees, a simple decision can produce results that are beyond imagination.

Suvarchala’s story should act as an inspiration for organizations and digital leaders to take digital transformation as seriously as possible and make the most out of the pandemic-led digital acceleration.

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So what are you waiting for? Begin your journey towards streamlined operations and tailored apps – all with the simplicity of our platform. Get started today to harness the potential of automation.

Your organization’s digital success is just a click away.

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