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Quixy helps Assetmonk cut-down overall application processing time by 70%



Customer Brief

Assetmonk is an online platform offering high potential real estate assets to value investors. Only carefully vetted assets that undergo thorough due diligence through internal assessment tools and reputed third-party partner evaluation, make it to their list of assets shared on the platform. Assetmonk allows investors to diversify their portfolio by offering investor-friendly deals and custom product solutions. Transparent structure, Digital security, along with a secure transaction procedure, makes Assetmonk a unique marketplace for real estate investment.


Investor management and tracking of investment applications manually were tough tasks for Assetmonk as the company grew. The paper and telephonic based processes followed while capturing some of the critical information such as personal details, financial details, property details, and transactions related to payments were unsafe. Assetmonk faced data security issues, operational inefficiencies, and lack of visibility into onboarding activities, making it impossible to achieve a comprehensive investor view across touchpoints. In turn, Assetmonk faced higher costs, slower investor conversions, and a loss of competitive edge.

Assetmonk needed to automate their customer-related processes on priority to enhance efficiency and security.



Assetmonk team implemented Quixy to automate their end-to-end customer on-boarding processes spanning upload, review, and approval of application and payment processing. Customers were able to submit their applications and upload their documents from phone, tablet, or computer. Once submitted, the backend team was automatically notified to process the application through the verification and approval steps. Customers had one-touch access to their application status without having to make any calls.

Benefits Galore

With Quixy, Assetmonk was able to cut down the overall application processing time by 70%, resource cost for on-field executives by 80% while also enhancing customer experience.

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