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Quixy, the No-Code App Development and Business Innovation platform, has excelled as a high performer in 5 categories on G2. G2 is the place where businesses and potential clients review business software and services as well as SaaS products (Software as a Service). Quixy is a top performer in Workflow Management Software, Business Process Management Software, No-Code Development Platforms Software, Workplace Innovation Platforms, Digital Process Automation (DPA) Software.

Quixy is a cloud-based, user-friendly digital transformation platform. It empowers business users with no coding skills to automate workflows & processes, and build unlimited enterprise-grade applications, using simple drag and drop design, ten times faster compared to the traditional approach. It specializes in no code and low code app development and citizen development, where a non-professional developer builds applications for use by other people.

The platform has won its clients’ hearts and helped transform their digital journeys by providing the most efficient and easy-to-use platform. It also helped to monitor and optimize processes with the help of its various capabilities in the sphere of Business Process Management (BPM), Document Generation, Workflow Management and Workplace Innovation. The platform allows easy creation of apps using a visual and intuitive interface that graphically replaces the lines of code behind it, making it easy for the end-user.

Mr. Prudhvi, COO, AssetMonk said with the help of Quixy, Assetmonk could cut down the overall application processing time by 70% and our resource cost for on-field executives by 80% while offering improved customer experience. The platform is safe and secure.

Ms. Sushma in her review talks about how the platform offers endless possibilities and, how they used the platform to automate processes at their organization. Data Tables and App referencing are some of the best features in this platform.

Quixy offers solutions to enhance efficiency in workflow, optimizing automated processes, and productivity of business operations. The platform includes an integrated cloud database, a visual application builder, enterprise-grade security, regulatory compliance, and scalable global infrastructure.

With organizations shifting focus to digital workplaces and remote working due to the current pandemic, businesses and organizations are looking for going fully digital and remote to initiate and implement hassle-free but efficient work. Organizations are searching for and reviewing software and services on platforms like G2 that can help them find these services and innovations. Quixy plays a crucial role by not only being present on these platforms but also achieving good reviews by aiding businesses in their digital transformation journeys and implement workplace automation and innovation in that sphere.

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