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August 10, 2023
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Technology has always been the fastest change bringer in any industry. Unequivocally, technologies that were only a dream a few years ago are a reality now. One such applied science is no-code citizen development.

The current era is the time of automation, and you might have encountered the term “no-code” a lot. No-code software development is usually used by businesses to automate their processes. Indubitably, there is heavy pressure on the IT department to execute critical tasks.

Therefore, there are a lot of searches for alternatives that allow organizations to work through no-code software in liaison with IT. Many no-code ebooks also mention the everlasting impact of not using code to develop software.

As the name suggests, no-code is a technique that does not require composing code. Even a person from a non-technical background can execute software without writing a series of codes. Gartner predicts that 65% of the app activity will result from no-code low-code development by 2024. 

No-Code vs. Low-Code

Although similar, no-code is different from low-code.

Low-code development is a technique that requires some knowledge of coding languages to create software. Using elementary logic and drag-and-drop capabilities, visuals can be created. Low-Code is primarily meant for pro-developers who can build apps much faster than traditional development methods.

On a no-code platform, even non-technical users can create software without using coding languages. Programmers or non-programmers can create apps and software using an easy graphical interface. No-Code is primarily meant for non-technical business users to enable them to build applications for their unique needs without coding and without burdening the central IT teams.

Citizen Development

Business users who create applications using no-code low-code platforms approved by IT are popularly called citizen developers.

To help you understand better we have compiled a list of no-code low-code citizen development ebooks that will help you dive deep into various nuances of no-code low-code citizen development.

1. The Whats, Hows, and Whys of No-Code

With the buzz created about no-code, it generates several queries in listeners’ minds. This ebook contains the ins and outs of no-code. Along with everything about no-code, it also tells the readers the potential and prospects of no-code.

2. Driving Rapid Enterprise Innovation with Citizen Developers

This ebook focuses on the benefits of no-code. Traditionally, all the technical issues in the team were a concern of the IT department. But today, with the emergence of no-code, tables have turned. The ebook showcases how no-code’s visual drag-and-drop approach has created effective business solutions, and it brings answers to several questions about automation and citizen development.

3. Handbook for Creators and Changemakers

This ebook intends to explain that citizen development is certainly faster and better. Today, when every business performs multiple tasks, it is imperative that automation is included efficiently. This book contains the latest ideas about citizen development for organizations to deliver projects and automate them. 

4. 10 Top Reasons for IT to Consider Low-Code No-Code App Development

IT is that part of the business that makes things smooth. But with the advent of no-code and low-code, we can say that things can become smoother as well—this must-read book on no-code development states reasons why IT should consider low-code no-code app development.

5. Do you have what it takes to be a Citizen Developer?

Citizen development is a thing of today. So many organizations are turning away from deep-rooted IT and combining information technology basics with citizen development. That is why they need to understand the role of a citizen developer. This ebook contains what it takes to be a citizen developer. After reading the book, you can solve IT problems and even automate workflow.

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6. An Introduction to Citizen Development

This book about citizen development begins with explaining Shadow IT and carefully explains the ins and outs of citizen development and IT. A survey by Gartner shows that 38% of the global IT spending storage is managed outside the organization. This is what comes under shadow IT. In simple words, it uses the IT ecosystem without explicit approval from the IT department. After reading the ebook, you would understand how IT & no-code/low-code citizen development can avoid shadow IT. 

7. The No-Code Revolution

This ebook has a view to democratize the availability of no-code and low-code platforms to every business owner. It contains comprehensive details about the importance of accessibility of new generation software development for all. After completing the ebook, you will thoroughly understand how no-code/low-code citizen development will change the future of businesses.


8. No-Code vs. Low-Code

Today’s businesses are multi-directional. Plentiful tasks are happening throughout the organization. And there is a constant need for automation. This is a must-read no-code and low-code citizen development ebook by Unqork. It lets you learn about the automation of tasks and IT and no-code citizen development.

9. Aiming High with Low-Code

People still believe that the development of applications and software is a lengthy task, and the time is near when low-code development will be the backbone of application development. With this low-code development ebook, one can understand the trends in low-code adoption and the statistics in favour of low-code.

10. The Citizen Developer’s Journey

To begin with, one must understand who a citizen developer is. The role is specified as someone involved in creating app capabilities for themselves or others using tools that IT forbids. In this ebook, you would learn about the entire process of being a citizen developer using low and no-code facilities.

11. The Rise of the Citizen Developer

Read this citizen development ebook to learn about how citizen developers are solving the explosive software demands and skills gap. And, how you can use no-code to enable citizen developers to reduce the IT backlog and also keep a check on shadow IT.

12. The Power of Low-Code and No-Code

Indubitably, it is a must-read no-code and low-code ebook on citizen development. This book carefully explores the need for business process automation using the two techniques. You would learn that regardless of the expertise in languages and coding, any organization can build applications and software to automate its processes.

13. Accelerate Digital Transformation With a Low-Code Digital Factory

One can learn the best from the experiences, of oneself and others. This ebook combines previous customers’ experiences and introduces a new term, “digital factory,” of low-code that organizations can use to accelerate their activities.

14. The Ultimate Guide to No-Code

The eBook: Ultimate Guide to No-Code” delves deep into every aspect of No-coding. From fundamentals of no-code to use cases in the real world. With this eBook, learn exactly how you can leverage the potential of no-code into your business. Find out what application you can build using no-code. And get insights into specifics of no-code, low-code, and citizen development.

15. The Speed of Low-Code

Digital transformations open doors for various businesses to reach and perform a notch higher. This ebook entails how low-code citizen development is a faster alternative for the future. Not only is it more accessible, but it also can bring results sooner. After reading the ebook, you will understand the power of low-code and its ability to deliver solutions.

In the end

There are a lot of ideologies behind traditional IT and new-age citizen development. And to find a solution, one needs to dive deep into the details. The no-code, low-code ebooks mentioned above are the best among the various sources of knowledge. So, if you are one of those looking for a better future for your business, this guide is the best to begin with.

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