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A community is where a group of people who share a common interest come together. The word community conveys a sense of strength and togetherness, and it is a simple yet effective way for people to establish a meaningful relationship with shared views.

Similarly, an online community is a place where people from all over the world can engage, communicate, seek help and build their understanding. With a specific set of guidelines for information management, people can freely share their views and thoughts and extract the best from the platform for themselves and their organization.

Online community brings people together and facilitates a wide range of conversations among individuals, and enables them to come forward to share their thoughts.

Leveraging the Community Platform for our Users

Understanding the importance of people coming together and contributing towards growing together, we at Quixy have decided to extend the same benefit for our users. Quixy community is a place for our users to connect with each other and experts, interact, and suggest features that can be added to our IT backlog when approved.

No-Code is a fairly new concept and is extremely powerful, and we wanted people to leverage its capabilities in the best way possible. Our users can quickly ask for help from other citizen developers through the community. And not only that, but by sharing their stories, they can also inspire other users on the same path. Quixy Community is a great place to showcase the different use-cases of no-code that can also benefit other users and organizations.

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The platform provides users with dedicated ‘Spaces’ that cater to various areas of interest to stimulate specific conversation around certain areas. This translates into members exploring pre-determined groups on how to ask for help, which are the current tools available for information, learning about the trade tricks from the Product owners and other users alike, and so on.

Quixy Community

A few of the most popular as well as helpful spaces in the community are mentioned below:

Ask for Help

Ask for Help

Users can openly share concerns, report issues, and ask questions under the “Ask for help” space platform. Get answers from makers and builders who use the Quixy platform and get answers to your queries with just a click of a few buttons.

Give Feedback

Give Feedback

Here, users can share feedback about the platform, prioritize features, tell us which features you like/ love and which are the features that need improvement, which, when approved, can also be added to Quixy IT backlog.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

In addition to exploring Help Center for doubts, users can share queries and feedback regarding Knowledge Base in this Space.

Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Through this Space, platform users can share ‘their way’ of building with Quixy. Users can learn tips, tricks, and interesting things on the platform. Members from the Product Team at Quixy regularly share handy tips which the customers can leverage.

Company Announcements

Company Announcements

Here, customers can stay up to date and get information about the Company’s latest news and announcements.



Platform users can highlight the achievements of other makers and get inspired by fellow no-coders.

Makers Club

 Makers Club

This Space can be used by our customers to discuss a topic that is of interest to them, start a thread around a view or thought, share ideas, brainstorm about a feature, and more!


A new way for our members to flaunt their contribution, hard work, and success. These badges correlate to the involvement of our members when it comes to staying up-to-date with company-related information and events.

Community Badges


Quixy community is open for all platform users to connect and inspire each other. All you have to do is go to the “help” menu and select community! Yes, it is that easy!

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