Platform Updates
Quixy Editorial Team
April 3, 2021
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Quixy release 2.4 comes with some exciting platform updates. For a detailed note, please refer to the release notes in the Quixy platform.

Improvements in Web Application

Easier access to Custom Menu Configuration

The custom menu configuration option has been shifted to the Custom Menu area as a Settings icon. The admin user can now click on the settings icon to make changes to the custom menu or configure a new one.

Enhancement in the Form Builder

The app creator can now show or hide the section title in the add record page of an application using the new option called Show Section Title Bar in the Section Properties of a Form Builder.

For example, You can choose whether or not your users can see the section’s title. Uncheck the Show Section Title Bar option in a Form Builder’s Section Properties if you want to hide the section title bar.

Form Builder Enhancement

Better Navigation between Sections

You can now switch between sections with the Previous and Next navigation buttons on the app’s add record page. This can be done by enabling the Enable Previous Next option in the Publish step of the app creation process.

For example: When adding a record in an application with two sections for capturing information. You can fill out section 1 first, then move on to section 2 by clicking the Next navigation button. If you want to check the information you entered in Section 1, click the Previous navigation button to return to that section.

Page Navigation

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New ‘Open app as a report’ Option

We have added a new Open app as a report option under Data Actions in the list screen. The Organization Admin / Workspace Admin users can configure this option to open an app in read-only mode with data in the list screen.

Open app as a report

Capture Data from Mobile Devices

We have added a new Mobile Devices option under Admin Menu (Preferences). It is now possible for admin users to access the user details who have logged into the Quixy application through a mobile phone.

For example: When a user logs into the Quixy application from their mobile phone, admin users can view details of the mobile device and user along with the battery status of the mobile device, login session info, last login info, latitude/longitude values, etc.

Capture Data from Mobile Devices


If you are an existing user and have any questions about these features or any suggestions for new features, please feel free to write to us at [email protected].

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