Platform Updates
Quixy Editorial Team
March 17, 2022
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Quixy release 2.11 comes with some exciting platform updates. For a detailed note, please refer to the release notes in the Quixy platform.

Improvements in Web Application

Introducing payments gateway in Quixy

We are excited to announce that Quixy is now providing Payment Gateway Integrations for seamless online transactions from Quixy apps. Users can pay directly from the Quixy platform for account receivable use cases, and this feature’s sole purpose is to collect money based on the requirements.

Payment Gateway in Quixy

Synchronize any 3rd-party DB with the Quixy DB

Quixy’s new Data Sync functionality makes it safer and easier to import data automatically into the Quixy database from 3rd party databases at regular intervals or on-demand. With API calls and authentications, this functionality assures data confidentiality and credibility.

Learn more about Data Sync

Synchronize any 3rd-party DB with the Quixy DB

Relocate the user menu position from left to top

Depending on your organization’s needs, you can now choose to shift the user menu (left menu) from its default position (left) to the top of the dashboard. This will inevitably supply you with more area for the dashboard, which can sometimes fit the bill.

Wondering how? Go to Admin Menu -> Preferences -> General -> User Menu Position

Relocate user menu position from left to top

App Integrations: send grid data to 3rd party platforms

Previously, we could only push data from individual elements (but not Grid elements) into third-party systems using App Integrations; however, this will no longer be the case; you will now be able to push data from grid elements alongside individual elements.

App Integrations - send grid data to 3rd party platforms

Integrations: New ability to map and handle API response data in Quixy

Real-time monitoring of an API call’s response is essential in some business use cases, but it can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Users of Quixy need not be concerned about the time-consuming process, as we have upgraded Integrations so that you may easily capture the API response data.

Refer to the Integrations article for more details.

Integrations - New ability to map and handle API response data in Quixy

If you are an existing user and have any questions about these features or any suggestions for new features, please feel free to write to us at [email protected].

Get started with our platform, and experience the ease of automated processes and personalized app building. 

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