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ricky davis
February 3, 2022

Hyderabad, India, February 03, 2022 – Quixy, the cloud-based No-Code Enterprise Process Automation and Application Development platform, today announced that it has launched its own community platform. The community platform can be used by the Quixy platform users to connect and interact with each other.

Quixy community platform will act as a unified forum for the members to come together, inspire each other with their innovative apps and discover the true potential of no-code in augmenting the robust foundation of businesses today. The community will enable members to get quick answers related to the platform from other community members, request new features, provide feedback, and much more.

Users will also have the opportunity to spotlight other makers and showcase their own no-code projects to inspire others. It will also act as a source of information for users to know about upcoming events, company announcements, new platform updates, and participate in many other fun activities.

“We see Quixy community as a great opportunity for our platform users to collaborate, share knowledge, build meaningful relationships and successfully adopt Quixy’s no-code platform to meet their organizational objectives. The portal will enable community members to naturally discover and educate themselves and inspire each other with what they build with our award-winning platform,” said Vivek Goel, VP Marketing and Evangelism, Quixy. “The platform will also facilitate users to have their voice heard in terms of requesting new features and even prioritize features on the product backlog,”

The Quixy users can access the community through the “help ❔ menu on the platform.

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Quixy community platform is yet another channel to help Quixy users achieve their objectives in addition to the several other options available today including chat and email support, and access to the self-service knowledge base.

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About Quixy

Quixy is a cloud-based no-code application development platform that allows business users with no coding skills to automate workflows & processes, and build enterprise-grade applications, using simple drag and drop design, ten times faster compared to the traditional approach. Quixy provides dozens of pre-built solutions for various use cases such as CRM, Project Management, HRMS, Travel and Expense Management, Service Request and Incident Management, and much more.

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