Quixy Community Members get their answers from the CEO himself
Quixy Editorial Team
June 1, 2022
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Communities bring you closer, the purpose behind launching the Quixy community was to provide users with a platform to reach out to other platform users to share their no-code journey and inspire each other. Recently, as an exclusive community event, we conducted an Ask Me Anything event with our CEO Gautam Nimmagadda.

As a part of the session, Gautam was online in the community for straight 12 hours. It was an attempt to provide platform users with the freedom to connect and the platform to communicate and ask questions to the CEO himself. Platform users had a chance to get answers on Citizen Development, no-code, Digital Transformation, Quixy as a product, our plans for integration with other technologies and features lined up, etc.  

The attempt was indeed a successful one as the community was bussing with interesting questions and insightful answers. Some of them also included questions regarding the upcoming trends in the no-code industry. The answers were shared in video format which also included some candid confessions worth watching and learning from!

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We are excited to share the learnings with everyone since we believe no-code is a celebration that should not be restricted!

We had 12 questions in total. Here are the links to the videos which are a part of the series called #FromTheFounder

1. If yesterday was code, today is no-code, what’s the future?

2. How soon would a non-technical person become a citizen developer?

3. Why is no-code considered a future?

4. Can we build complex enterprise-level applications without coding?

5. How quickly can a traditional enterprise adopt a tech like no-code?

6. What is the piece of advice you count on and believe is the most important?

7. What makes Quixy different from all other No code platforms?


8. How will no code help business and IT collaborate together?

9. What would you say the first step to begin any journey is?

10. How secure is No-code when it comes to user data?

11. Will companies hire Citizen Developers in future?

12. To what extent can a no-code platform be customised?

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With the Quixy community platform, we provide a more personalized and close-knit environment to our users. You can find more such fun and interesting events and Quizzes in the community, in addition to the spaces for raising queries and asking for help. Tune in to the Quixy community, if you haven’t already, and allow us to be a part of your no-code journey.

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