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Quixy Editorial Team
August 11, 2023
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While automation and digitized processes provide a much-needed breakthrough from traditional manual processes, they often function in the constraint of internet connectivity. These solutions work perfectly for the in-office or work-from-home staff, not so much for field staff who have to travel and work in areas that have major connectivity limitations. Quite often, they are left with no other option than to resort back to paper-based processes which are error-prone, redundant, and ineffective as we all know. 

There are various situations where a constant internet connection is not guaranteed. Work at construction sites, underground operations, offshore oil rigs, hospitals, or activities in rural/remote areas are a few instances where online solutions cannot be accessed by the people deployed. However, this should not lead to the loss of valuable productivity and resources. 

There might be a provision for an offline situation in some solutions, but most of these have limited functionality with constraints on storage and accessibility. To ensure that your field staff keeps on track, there is a dire need for “truly offline” solutions that are just as robust and useful as their online counterparts. 

Offline Mobile Apps by Quixy

If you’re looking to build solutions that do the job just as effectively with or without the internet, Quixy is just what you need. 

Apps built on the Quixy platform can operate seamlessly in both online and offline modes. 

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Whether you have internet connectivity or not, you can continue to do your work; be it completing an inspection, updating your work status, capturing survey data, adding notes, entering job hours, or any other work order-related information. Once the internet connectivity is restored, all the data collected is automatically uploaded and synced with the central server.


Benefits of Offline solutions

Offline solutions lead to a ton of benefits for the productivity and efficiency of your organization’s processes, which include:

  • Uninterrupted and continuous functioning with or without a strong internet
  • A seamless experience for everyone (including field reps)
  • No information or data at risk due to loss in connectivity
  • Constant storage offline and automatic synchronization of data once the network is available. 

The results of offline solutions reflect in updated service history records, on-time invoicing and billing, improved customer service, and optimized cash flows. In short, higher success and productivity for your organization. 

Watch Webinar: How to build an Offline Mobile App for Construction Survey using Quixy


With Quixy, you can make sure that no employee is left in the lurch and is empowered to carry our processes seamlessly even in unfavourable conditions. Our pioneering no-code platform allows you not only to build custom applications without a single line of code, but also ensures the functionality and accessibility of these solutions in every imaginable situation. 

Ready to transform your business? Get started now and experience the power of automation and app creation, all without the need for coding skills.

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