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Quixy treats efficiency and immunizes procurement by 30% for Vance & Health

Vance & Health


Customer Brief

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Vance and Health is a fast-growing Pharmaceutical Company in India. The company’s line of business includes manufacturing, fabricating, and processing of drugs in pharmaceutical preparations for human or veterinary use.


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and other raw materials are critical to all pharmaceuticals. They are the catalysts that activate treatment and hence the companies spend a lot of time and money to choose the right suppliers for these materials.

It is crucial for the company to ensure the overall procurement process is efficient and the materials are sourced from the right suppliers in time and are also quality checked and assured. Vance & Health wanted to ensure a faster and efficient procurement process in order to lead in such a competitive market. Hence, it was vital that they have a customized and flexible solution to automate their procurement system and eliminate the inaccuracy and uncertainty of manual processes.

Vance & Health


With Quixy, Vance and Health built a procurement system as per their business requirements. This included the creation of indents, supplier selection, quotation management, issuing of Purchase Orders (POs), receiving materials, and associated quality check processes. This enabled a massive transformation in workflows and their functioning. All the processes have been automated and the respective executives are notified of any actions required to speed up the procurement processes.

Checklists are maintained in the system for selection and compliance operations. Purchase Orders are automatically generated with data from the system and emailed to the respective parties eliminating the possibility of any human errors.


The transformation streamlined the overall procurement operations and eliminated the use of manual and email-based processes. The procurement, accounts and quality teams have more control over their processes now. They can make necessary changes as and when required, e.g. change in information gathered from the vendors, approval workflows or the quality checklist items.

The new online system provides real-time access to procurement data at any time using any device. Employee satisfaction has improved, and the overall efficiency of procurement operations has been enhanced by a whopping 30%! 

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