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August 11, 2023
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We all know how badly the COVID-19 crisis has impacted India. Not only is the increase in the number of cases alarming, but the sight of crematoriums and burial sites also paints a bleak picture.

But even during this deadly wave, the healthcare workers of our country are at the frontline, risking their lives to save others every single day. So we, at Quixy, wanted to send out a small token of gratitude to all the healthcare workers who we consider as the heroes of our generation.

However, gratitude alone is not sufficient to fight this pandemic. We are facing an unprecedented crisis and each one of us needs to do our bit, to make a difference.

We have compiled a list of verified organizations each one of us can donate to do our part in helping those who are struggling right now.

We also compiled a list of covid resources that can help those impacted by the virus at the time of need.

If you live outside India, you can donate to the following organizations:

  1. Feeding India is a non-profit organization started by Zomato, one of India’s leading food delivery apps. Feed India has started an initiative called ‘India Needs Oxygen’ to supply oxygen to hospitals and patients. You can Donate here.
  2. Direct Relief has responded to the coronavirus crisis in India by ramping up its emergency efforts to distribute oxygen concentrators to critical patients, and medical supplies and financial resources for the frontline health workers.
  3. Oxygen for India is collaborating with healthcare workers to identify those in urgent need of oxygen and is setting up help desks at various hospitals as pick-up points of oxygen cylinders and concentrators for free.
  4. Project HOPE is a global aid organization that is supporting the healthcare system by facilitating the rapid procurement and distribution of medical supplies in India. The organization is also training communities in India about how to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19.
  5. GiveIndia.org is assisting in the procurement of oxygen supply and the distribution of sanitary napkins to women in India. The organization has reactivated its mission to offer meals and ration kits to families struggling to make ends meet as part of the India Covid Response Fund.
  6. A community-run initiative Khaana Chaiye is helping eliminate hunger in Mumbai. During the national lockdown last year, the NGO began a citizen-led campaign to assist migrant workers by providing them food and basic necessities.
  7. Goonj.org is providing meals and vegetables to marginalized communities like old age homes, artisans, and sex workers.
  8. Save the children is accepting relief fund donations for its work delivering oxygen and ventilators in India, in addition to ensuring that children are safe.
  9. Here is a helpful document intended for anyone looking to support local efforts/non-profits and independent media using international credit cards.

If you live in India, you can donate to the following organizations:

  1. PayTM has started a foundation that is looking to raise 14 crores to donate Oxygen Concentrators to people all over India. Paytm will match all donations made through this campaign.
  2. Milaap’s primary focus is to save as many lives as possible to avoid the impending financial and social crisis.
  3. Hemkunt Foundation based in Gurugram, assists people in need of oxygen by supplying cylinders for a refundable deposit of Rs 10,000 for those who can afford it. They also have a drive-through facility where COVID-19 patients can get free oxygen from cylinders at their office.
  4. Seva Kitchen is collecting donations to help offset the expenses of feeding a growing number of people now that regular wage earners are being forced to stay at home and unable to work, during the lockdown.
  5. Mission Oxygen has enlisted the help of a few hundred individuals, including 40 to 50 affiliates in major Chinese cities, to purchase certified oxygen concentrators in other countries and bring them into India through customs.

If you want to donate time

  1. Nameet and team are looking for volunteers to help build a new platform called IndiaVaccine. The aim of the platform is to real-time information on the availability of the vaccine in your area.
  2. You can contribute to this Github repo if you know code. It’s a tool that searches Twitter for real-time updates on hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, etc.
  3. Contribute to the emergency services directory here.
  4. MyGov India, in collaboration with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, is calling upon Individuals and Organisations to Volunteer or Donate towards India’s Fight Against Covid.
  5. Sheroes is organizing 10,000+ volunteers to self-diagnose low care patients.

List of essential Covid resources

  1. Verified Covid Help Resources.
  2. This app brings the most comprehensive set of resources to help Hyderabad fight COVID.

We hope that this list comes in handy for everyone seeing it. We urge everyone to stay home and we pray that you stay safe.

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