Themes Studio
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August 13, 2021
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General-purpose No-code platforms help enterprise users quickly automate processes and build apps without writing any code. These platforms give the power to business users to innovate and build custom solutions for their unique problems without burdening the IT teams.

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However, considering the fact that these no-code platforms are not built by the internal IT team, they often fail to give users the feel of their own organization because of a lack of custom themes. As every brand and organization has its own personality that is defined by its choice of distinct logo, colors, fonts, etc., that symbolizes the firm, user adoption is higher with software platforms that look like their own.


Quixy’s themes studio feature allows the organization administrator to customize the platform based on the organization’s branding so that the platform users can feel at home while working on Quixy. With themes, you can customize the UI and aesthetics of the entire Quixy platform, such as the platform’s background colors, text color, font size, and font style, among other things.

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To get started with bringing in the feel of your company, access the Themes settings through the Admin menu.

Using these settings, you can quite literally change the whole landscape of the platform. You can choose from several ready-to-use theme options available or customize any of them to build your own.

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You can literally manipulate the style for every element available on the platform, including the top header, left menu, grids, action buttons, popups, error messages, help text, toaster messages, etc.

Themes Studio

Watch Webinar: Internal Branding made easy with Quixy’s Theme Studio

The Takeaway

The themes studio tool empowers your company to infuse the platform with your brand’s individuality. By enabling and customizing the theme option on Quixy, employees no longer feel as if they are working on a third-party platform.

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